Rapist gets nine years

A Bellevue man who raped two young girls pleaded guilty Tuesday to lesser sex charges, avoiding a trial.
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 17, 2013

Victor Veliz, 40, was sentenced to nine years in prison — six for a single charge of sexual battery and three for a single charge of gross sexual imposition.

He was originally charged with 33 sex crimes, including six counts of rape. One charge carried a possible sentence of 25 years to life in prison because one of the victims was younger than 10 when Veliz raped her, prosecutors said. 

Veliz made no statement to the court before his sentencing, said his attorney, Tom DeBacco.

DeBacco declined to comment further on the case, other than noting Veliz avoided the possibility of a mandatory life sentence. 

The plea agreement keeps the victims from being required to testify against Veliz, Huron County prosecutor Russ Leffler said. 

“I think we could have nailed him on the whole thing, but they don’t have to testify now,” Leffler said. 

Both girls are now in their early teens. 

“It’s a case where we didn’t have scientific evidence that was really going to cinch it,” Leffler said. “We had the word of the girls, and hope they would have done well. But we don’t know that they would have.”

The girls’ mother attended Tuesday’s sentencing but she did not make a statement, Leffler said.

“I know the girls well enough, though,” Leffler said. “I gave them a pretty good speech. The judge took it pretty seriously. He knew this was a serious case.”

Once he’s released from prison, Veliz will be required to register as Tier III sex offender every 90 days for the rest of his life.

His crimes came to light in September, after one of the victims confided in a friend, whose mother told the victim’s mother about the accusations. 



I lived by him for more than 5 years so that should qualify as "knowing him" n it's fn sickkk that these girls are the same age as his OWN daughtersssss!!!!! He had a beautiful family and really nice house! Clearly he is just messed in the great to ruin all of that! His wife is smokinnnnnn hott too so he is just twisted to want little girls with a looker like angie! His poor children have to go to school in this small town and his poor wife works in the public everyday! Plus them poor girls are scarred for life! Bless their hearts, I cannot imagine being that young n having a grown man force sex on me! Nine years aint nothing compared to the damage done to these girls' life!!! He is LUCKY he didn't have to go before a jury! I hope his cell mate gives him a righteous prison welcoming!


Okay, let me ask you this: If you were innocent, would you plead guilty to such an awful crime against CHILDREN? And spend nine years in a real prison with Bubba and all of his buddies? Just to spare those same children the trauma of testifying? Not me!

If the kids are lying, they deserve the trauma (at least!) for lying to the police and the court. If the kids tell the truth, what have I got to fear? I'm innocent, right?

This lowlife made the plea bargain because nine years is better than life. If he had any consideration for the emotional well being of children, he wouldn't have committed the crimes in the first place.

For the record, statistics show that those criminals who absolutely CAN'T be rehabilitated are overwhelmingly sex offenders, most notably those who commit such crimes against children. You can put him away for a few and pretend that registering afterwards means something, but ten to one says some other baby suffers before he's put behind bars for good! I, too, favor FAR harsher sentences for child molesters!


Nine year sentence is 4 1/2 or 5 years in actual time. That is the true shame of such a sentencing deal.


I'm not here to argue with anyone if anyone of you we're me and knew the truth and would do anything to defend YOUR FAMILY!u have right to your opinion and I KNOW my family

Erie Sniper

Get your head out of the sand! I work with a relative of this scum and this relative says he is GUILTY.


@ only god, he pled guilty, right? You're not blind ,you can read . Have you pled guilty to a serious crime you did not commit? That does not make sense.


He should have got life in prison, will we here 9 years later and be re-hashing the Curtis Clinton fiasco? The dirt bags need to be locked up for life and the key thrown away. My God, why do they make plea deals in cases like this? Wood County had a chance to put Clinton away forever, but their prosecutor dropped the ball and we had to learn about the horrific end to Heather Jackson and her children.


E-ff all those that call for neutering in cases like this. Show them a whole lot of Penthouse and when their member gets good and excited, lay it on a steel table and smash it with a sledge hammer. I'm tired of hearing about these demented dogs.

HoneyB 0124

He gets 9 years and the girls he violated get an eternity of flashbacks of the traumatic experience. Yea, that's fair. Have no problem being totally convinced he is guilty. A while back, another family member committed a similar crime but somehow dodged prosecution!


No, all child molesters and rapists should be put to death . Period. Stop wasting my tax dollars on jails that are more comfortable than a motel.

Look how much this country has wasted money on these lowlifes.


@onlygodcanjudge.. you may be his family and think you know him well but I can promise you that his cell mates are gonna know him even better sweetie! ;) bet hes glad he has atleast one person fooled!


@ only god , wheres your compassion for the little girls?


@god - You state several disturbing things as you babble about this. For starters you state that " onlygodcanjudge" in your title name. I am wondering, Have you never judged? Have you never looked at someone and judged them by their appearance? My their mannerisms? The worst types of hypocrites are spawned by this false belief of christianity and using god as a shield to protect them from the things they wish not to believe. If only god can judge, why did this GOD let this happen? Why did God send your "family" member to prison? He surely has control of the good things in life, yet he doesnt prevail when the bad happens. I understand trying to protect your family, that is logical. BUT I will ask you, are there perhaps other people in your "Family" that were involved in this? Perhaps the victims? Have you reached out to them, seen, heard or felt their side of the story? Everyone of us are biased to our blood, but when you have blood on both sides of the table how can you sit here and say you know what happened or that you know anything? lets "pretend these are your "cousins" that this happened to....peers you grew up with, girls you had spent a childhood with...would you offer the same shield for them? is it easier to believe the closest blood you live with and remain captured by blinders or would you reach out to the victims? find the real truth? no. And im sure your "cousins" are very appreciative of your support through all this. perhaps if there were testimony you would have heard the true horror of what happened, perhaps you wouldnt be so quick to "judge" innocence. People didnt want that testimony out, people didnt want the truth to be known in public, and that, little dove, is why you dont know jack squat about the things in your own family. And just to let you know, im CERTAIN the victims thank you for being there for them too..