Rapist gets nine years

A Bellevue man who raped two young girls pleaded guilty Tuesday to lesser sex charges, avoiding a trial.
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 17, 2013

Victor Veliz, 40, was sentenced to nine years in prison — six for a single charge of sexual battery and three for a single charge of gross sexual imposition.

He was originally charged with 33 sex crimes, including six counts of rape. One charge carried a possible sentence of 25 years to life in prison because one of the victims was younger than 10 when Veliz raped her, prosecutors said. 

Veliz made no statement to the court before his sentencing, said his attorney, Tom DeBacco.

DeBacco declined to comment further on the case, other than noting Veliz avoided the possibility of a mandatory life sentence. 

The plea agreement keeps the victims from being required to testify against Veliz, Huron County prosecutor Russ Leffler said. 

“I think we could have nailed him on the whole thing, but they don’t have to testify now,” Leffler said. 

Both girls are now in their early teens. 

“It’s a case where we didn’t have scientific evidence that was really going to cinch it,” Leffler said. “We had the word of the girls, and hope they would have done well. But we don’t know that they would have.”

The girls’ mother attended Tuesday’s sentencing but she did not make a statement, Leffler said.

“I know the girls well enough, though,” Leffler said. “I gave them a pretty good speech. The judge took it pretty seriously. He knew this was a serious case.”

Once he’s released from prison, Veliz will be required to register as Tier III sex offender every 90 days for the rest of his life.

His crimes came to light in September, after one of the victims confided in a friend, whose mother told the victim’s mother about the accusations. 



He deserves life!


He deserves life!


He will do it again......they always do. Once they get out it starts again...


Oh, I'm sorry, I heard you say last week you were innocent. In that case I am so proud of you for sitting in prison for nine years, just so the girls don't have to testify. That's very honorable of you.

It won't be long now until you actually feel the physical pain those little girls felt.

Tsu Dho Nimh

We can only hope.


I give it one year until he needs to have a sphincterotomy.

I'm a detective, not a doctor. Google it.


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I am glad the girls did not have to testify. I also think he deserves way more time.


me too but he deserves way more than 9 years.


3 hots and a cot for 9 years and then back on the street! Wow! He really got off! He will be back on the street in 9 years to do the same thing if he wants!

Hoss McGee

Hope he likes prison cause he always thought he was the man in school. Now your going to see some real men big boy.


When he is proven innocent all of you people are going to feel like real jacka****....it's funny that everyone of you people have an opinion on this man but NONE OF YOU KNOW HIM!!!!!!"Judge thee not and though shall not be judged"


@ only god, really? to bad you couldnt be given the chance to leave your innocent children alone w/him, yep didnt think so. He pleaded guilty, duh.


I was left alone with him as a child and nothing happen to me. You don't know him I do and u only know what u read in the paper so before you say anything know ur facts.


I'm done with ur ignorances no use arguing just a waste of time!

Tsu Dho Nimh

Just because he didn't violate you doesn't mean he didn't violate other children. Consider yourself blessed!


Also says obey the laws of the land! There for he was judged for his crime by the citizens. of this land! (Grand jury) Better go read your bible and not quotes you see on the internet!


He wasn't judge by a jury


The grand jury did! They had enough evidence against him to prosecute him! Why do you think he pleaded guilty!!! You have to educate yourself!

Erie Sniper

Other family members say he's guilty!


Racial slurs wow you most be a real winner


Well for one-I can judge whomever I want. Don't give a rat's butt of your "christian" verses that always are so conveniently pulled out of someone's arse when it's convenient. Secondly, you are really trying to convince people he's innocent? HE PLED GUILTY!!!! To avoid having those girls testify? And yet, by what you're saying is, they lied? Why would they lie? But, he's innocent? Please! Are you even believing this yourself? I think in this instance, 20 minutes alone with me and he would be begging me to let him die-guaranteed!


First off not Christian so there you go judging someone and being wrong ....and like I said before you don't know him or the girls so who are you to say anything!and is that a threat?


And where u in the court room or know anything about the case besides what is in the media NO YOU DON'T!i do and I was there


You are not Christian but you use bible quotes in your handle and comments?


Just because I not a Christian doesn't me I don't believe in What the bible says


I lived by him for more than 5 years so that should qualify as "knowing him" n it's fn sickkk that these girls are the same age as his OWN daughtersssss!!!!! He had a beautiful family and really nice house! Clearly he is just messed in the head to ruin all of that! His wife is smokinnnnnn hott too so he is just twisted to want little girls with a looker like angie! His poor children have to go to school in this small town and his poor wife works in the public everyday! Plus them poor girls are scarred for life! Bless their hearts, I cannot imagine being that young n having a grown man force sex on me! Nine years aint nothing compared to the damage done to these girls' life!!! He is LUCKY he didn't have to go before a jury! I hope his cell mate gives him a righteous prison welcoming!


No that doesn't qualify u to say u know him he is my family and have been around him my whole life!and I think that qualifies me that I know him!

Erie Sniper

You're only defending him because you liked it.


@ only god: wakeup