Sandusky school board hires Caleris to be new principal

Former school board member Richard Koonce is new varsity girls basketball coach.
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 16, 2013


Sandusky High School’s new principal isn’t officially a Blue Streak yet, but district leaders did their best Monday to ensure he looked the part.

School board members presented Ted Caleris with a shirt bearing the Sandusky Schools logo just seconds after unanimously approving his new contract.

“We’re excited for him to bring his wealth of knowledge to our leadership team,” board president Faith Denslow said. “We’re ready for him to be a Blue Streak.”

Caleris, currently principal at Brooklyn Middle School near Cleveland, signed a two-year contract Monday beginning Aug. 1.

He will replace longtime principal Dan Poggiali, who announced his retirement in the fall after 17 years at the position and 36 years at Sandusky Schools.

Click here to read Caleris' resume and here to review his contract with Sandusky Schools.

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Also at Monday’s meeting, board members voted 5-0 to hire Jason Prophet as boys varsity basketball coach and 4-1 to hire former board member Richard Koonce as girls varsity basketball coach. Board member Jeff Krabill voted against the decision, which came after board members met for two hours in executive session.




He gets 3 personal days a year, 15 sick days a year, and 20 vacation days a year. He can also accumulate unlimited sick leave. Wow! No wonder we have to keep passing operating levies. Even when the budget is tight, nothing changes in these contracts.


Is this a "year round position"? In other words, would these personal days, sick days, and vacation days be taken in the summer as well as when school is in session?


The sideshow continues. Agendas, dirty deals and all sorts of shady actions.
Richard your plan has come full circle. I wonder who will get the blame for your lack of success now?

sandtown born a...

Kind of similar to the blackmail being done by the Perkins boe vote yes or else VOTE NO


While Mr. Prophet did a good job with JV team but then again he had a lot of talent to work with. I don't think he was best choice for varsity. If you went to games he was the one always doing the coaching in time outs. But the school board who doesn't have a clue about coaching wasn't there to see that so could not make a good decision. I do wish Mr. prophet all the best I do think he will do his best to improve the team. I just think there may have been better choices.


Oh boy, another outsider,this time as high school principal. Family has no immediate plans to move here either, but it's OK if he gets his paycheck from our system!


Mr. Krabill was the only one opposed to Mr Koonce being hired as girl's basketball coach. Thank you for not being afraid to say "No".




Why didn't Mr. Krabill bring up the revolving door policy? Koonce hasn't been gone off the Board for a year and he lands himself a job with the very school that he just stepped down as school board member. Does someone need to look into a possible violation of the revolving door policy?