Sandusky earmarks $1.1M for CDBG projects

City officials eagerly anticipate spending about $1.1 million federal grant money
Andy Ouriel
Apr 11, 2013


From demolishing blighted buildings to promoting community wellness, officials are using Community Development Block Grant funds on about 15 programs and services this year.

Block grant funds, federal money Sandusky receives annually, aim to boost low- to median-income neighborhoods.

"These neighborhoods are in need of the most help," city assistant planner Anna Enderle said. "They often don't have access to quality housing or social services that people who are making enough many can afford."

About $682,000 is new federal money, while about $486,000 is money carried over from a year ago. The amount of new money the city received is significantly less than in years past, although it's not surprising given that governments across the country are receiving less federal assistance as the nation aims to address its debt, rapidly approaching $17 trillion.

In 2012, for instance, Sandusky obtained $676,000, down from $750,000 received in 2011.

Before earmarking funds for projects and services, city officials are reviewing comments residents made during two public sessions. It's unlikely any major changes will be made to the city's proposed list.




What about Sequester??


Four companies listed in the paper have been given this entitlement and not one job has been created since 2010.

Great track record. Makes me confident of their choices. Not!


Its a shame that tax dollars are having to be used by the city to tear down building that have had plants and so forth and made a profit over the years and now is left to the tax payers to take care of by way of tearing them down and cleaning up the mess , when that money should be used to help promote jobs and I mean good paying jobs to the Sandusky Area , where its needed .
One of these days people will wake up and do something to at least make the owners of said property more responsable and help with taken care of tese building after they have gone
I know that a lot of folks out here are going to agree with me about this , but the fact of the matter is that the people that owned these building and have made money should help in one way or another , it seems like they dont care , if they can make a dollar and then ship the jobs from this plant to that plant (AN MOST JOBS SENT OVER SEAS }We have lost tax base in the Sandusky as well as lost a place to work and support our families as well as stay clear from the welfare rolls
This world is so screwed up , and our goverment is not doing the right things to boost the tax base here as well as all over the country
We need to get people back to work in jobs that have a high enough wage base to support the city as well as the county right up to the country , and untill this is done , we will keep having to do the things that are cause the debt to climb and we can never be the country our country once was


I say give a loan to the Gonos family, to help them get back on their feet.

They can open a Dianna's Three on the Bay!



As a businessman I am interested in more than your rhetoric. How should all these magical jobs appear?

How about you invest all your money, house and everything else you have to start a business. Now hire as many people as you can with a "living wage". Come join the fun.

It sure is easy to point fingers at those who have risk it all and succeeded.

Our country is in a sad state when people who succeed are look down upon for succeeding.


Now look at these plants that have been torn down or are going to be torn down . Who is paying for them to be torn down and at what cost to the tax payers ?
I guess you are saying its ok , we will build a building to house or plant and when we dont make the kind of money we can make buy sending it over seas at slave wages then we will just let this building go and when the city says its a hazard , then we will let them worry about tearing it down and let the tax payers flip the bill , cause I am in mexico china canada or where ever and making money .
Its sickening that we have people here that cant find a good job to support their family and yet they get no help from the locol goverments .
And this money that they are using could go to help tax payers find jobs , so they can live and support their families
And I have to ask you , How many people do you have working for you and what kind of wages do you pay not to mention benefits ? I bet you are not paying nothin more them the 7.25 per hour and no , and let me repeat that , and no benefits .
thats not what I call a good job , its just a job and an end of the line job
Oh and by the way , you say you have risk it all and succeeded . Well at what cost to the workers you have working for you , and thats if you even have any, and if you do I bet you made off the 7.25 an hour you paid them with .You are not the cure for the problem because you may employ some people .in order for you to be a help . is if you pay enough to make a difference in their lives and that is something that not only you ,but other just like you dont take into account .In order for this country to get turned around the companys need to to pay workers according to the cost of living in that area , and not based on a national level
In this area the cost of living is out of sight , and makes it really had for people to live cause they just dont make enough to support themselves not to mention their families . They dont have anything at the end of the day to spend .
A lot of people including myself have to decide do I eat this month or get the meds I need to live .

The Bizness

First of all I don't get donutshop guys point.

the four businesses that are doing this work are the ones that applied to do it and how do you know they didn't hire one or two more employees to meet expectations?

secondly, how can you call any grant an entitlement? These businessmen didn't know the grant was going to show up, but when it did they used it. (capitalism works very similarly doesn't it?).

Lastly I do agree, it takes a lot this start a business because I'm trying to start mine. Your way however may not be the best for some. My business will not just be about my bottom line but also about my community.


i agree with donustshopguy



These businesses applied for this low interest loan funded by taxpayers. Support with taxpayer money is entitlement. I'm not against a smart person using all the resources available but when there are stipulations tied to those funds then those stipulations must be met or it's fraud of taxpayer money. The SR stated than none of the participants have added the needed employment required.

You have been trying to start your business since we have interacted on this website. When you have a business and have run that business successfully you will have my admiration. Until then your comments on business have no value.


I missed the first part of this article. Which four businesses were named in the article?

The Bizness

The fact of having a right to something.
The amount to which a person has a right.
right - title - warrant

Once again you are proven wrong. Until you prove that your OPINIONS are correct then your comments have no value

The Bizness

BTW do you ever stop to think that maybe for a 20 something year old kid that values the environment, social issues, and my well being it may take more than a couple years to start a business. A business should not solely be about ones bottom line. Check out Patagonia.

BW1's picture

1. An entitlement is also something to which one BELIEVES one has a right, which applies to any government handout because the money must first be taken by force from the people who earned it - money is taken by force by those who feel entitled to it.

2. If a business is not about the bottom line, then it's a hobby, according to IRS regulations (and we all know how you worship big government so they HAVE to be right.)

The Bizness

1. Your first statement is not true, that definition is made up by conservatives.

2. This is also not true, the IRS says is the "intention to make a profit" and my business will have that intention. I just will not make a profit at the expense of the environment, social issues, and other things like some. The profit is important but the bottom line will not be as big as if I did it without a social conscience.

BW1's picture

1. Conservatives like, say, Merriam Webster? (please note definition 2 below)

en·ti·tle·ment noun \-?t?-t?l-m?nt\
Definition of ENTITLEMENT
1a : the state or condition of being entitled : right b : a right to benefits specified especially by law or contract
2: a government program providing benefits to members of a specified group; also : funds supporting or distributed by such a program
3: belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges

2. Business consists of that which is about the bottom line. If you're not in it to make money, then it's a pastime, hobby, campaign, cause, or crusade, and all that twaddle about a social conscience is nothing but an excuse for lack of success. There have been plenty of quickly profitable businesses built on your claimed lofty causes, which sound like so much false conceit when we've read you whining that Sandusky needs more establishments built on the business model of getting people liquored up so they can hook up? Where was all this high-minded noble social conscience then?


The closest Biz will get to running and operating his own business is his blog name.

All talk and no action again. If you spent as much time on your business as you do on here you still wouldn't make it.

You are clueless.