Clyde super signs on the dotted line

Clyde-Green Springs Schools hired David Stubblebine as its new superintendent Monday after a months-long search. Click here to read his employment contract.
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 9, 2013


Stubblebine, currently superintendent at Monroeville Schools, signed a three-year contract with an annual salary of $103,500. It begins Aug. 1, when interim superintendent Laura Kagy resumes her role as assistant superintendent. 

Click here to read the superintendent's employment contract.

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John Harville

That's the way to pass a new levy.


Can't reduce money...what a deal.


Expect teachers to take pay freezes & pay cuts; collect the millage from the levy that was just renewed November 2012; ask the taxpayers for an additional increase on their property taxes, collect the 1% of earned income from district residents; cut fieldtrips, cut busing, but pay a "new" guy coming from a little district just up the road about the same amount our seasoned guy retired with, and then expect us to vote for an additional 5.25 mill? VOTE NO!!!!