Axe comes down Wednesday for Perkins Schools

School board set to approve a slew of cuts Wednesday totaling $12 million over the next few years.
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 9, 2013

Perkins Schools is set to approve a slew of cuts Wednesday totaling $12 million over the next few years.

The list of district-wide reductions, unveiled late last month, includes axing nearly 40 jobs, eliminating field trips and at least doubling student pay-to-participate athletic fees. About 25 employees will be directly impacted, superintendent Jim Gunner said.

School board approval will make the changes final, for now, although the board plans to divide the cuts into two rounds.

The first round is larger and permanent. It totals about $2.4 million in the coming school year and $3.5 million the following year.

The second round, including fee increases and field trips, can be reversed if a majority of voters favor the district’s May levies. It totals about $468,000 in the upcoming school year.

The district is proposing two issues on the May ballot:

* A five-year renewal of a 2-mill permanent improvement levy.

* A 10-year, 4.98-mill emergency operating levy.

“If and when the levy passes, we’ll bring them back as quickly as possible, based upon the finances of the district at that time,” Gunner said after announcing the cuts in February.

If the 10-year levy fails, the district would face a deficit of more than $600,000 heading into 2014, with an annual budget of about $23 million.

View a list of the reductions here.


Kottage Kat

Build a school with less staff
Makes perfect sense to me ( sarcasam intended )



AJ Oliver

Thus the state sows chaos in local communities with its tax cuts for the 1%. (It's true, look it up.)

sandtown born a...

I am wondering if I am the only one to feel like this is basically blackmail. Either pass the levy for a new school or else these cuts will be made oh yeah your kids will also pay double to represent Perkins in sports DONT FORGET VOTE YES or else the AXE drops

sandtown born a...

I am wondering if I am the only one to feel like this is basically blackmail. Either pass the levy for a new school or else these cuts will be made oh yeah your kids will also pay double to represent Perkins in sports DONT FORGET VOTE YES or else the AXE drops


When will you people realize that it costs money to have nice things. You cant expect to give our kids a nice place to go to school while being cheapos. Perkins is a nice place to live and send your kids to school. Lets keep it that way! If you dont like it move one district to the north, save a ton of money and then use it to support your offspring!


Just you personally pay property taxes?


tlrchassis, that was a classless post. I shudder to think that perhaps Perkins schools produced someone like you.


Bring down the axe then! Because you are getting 2 NO votes from me and my 12 family members!


What dont make sense and bothers me the most , it that they turned down state aid due to the timing , and if that is the case , didnt the trustees know about this state aid that they would get to help out with ? its crazy if you ask me , {which I am sure no one is }
And now they want the tax payers of the township to pay the full bill for all this , Well I can say that if it were me and i LIVED IN THE TOWNSHIP , I would vote it down , just due to the timing of it all .Just like the township turned down any help from the state .



You hit the nail right on the head! It's ANOTHER one of their many shell games that they have been playing since Gumner has been our leader.


This is what should bother people...they moved operating money (inside millage) to permanent improvement to build a new school. They also used general fund money (a cool 1.5 million) to build a dream stadium. Now they are asking us to replace that operating money and still plan to lay off. I guess facilities are more important than the staff educating our kids. I will not be held hostage. I will be voting no...I've yet to meet anyone that supports the levy.


You should meet me and my wife then because the two of us are voting YES!


DLK: I dont completely disagree with your points but we cant punish the kids for the administrators spending. If the $ is gone its gone. Fix the operating funds problem now and then worry about getting the mgmt in check. And yes I pay my fair share of property taxes although as the property values drop, so do my taxes. Like it or not the quality of the school district affects property value. Fact is people are much more concerned about the health of a school district than the tax rate when they are looking for a place to raise their children.


The board and Superintendent are punishing the kids, not the voters. I'm not going to "fix" the operating fund problem, it was stolen by the board and Gunner. They created this mess, it's not up to me to clean it up. Move the money from PI back to operating and save the jobs. Kids can continue to receive their "effective" education in the buildings they have - that simple. I disagree with your statement about people not caring about tax rates, let's see your facts. With open enrollment, we have options where to send our kids to school.


Well said!


Same here...everyone I run into is saying no. Have yet to see a sign in support of the levies; all I see are the police signs.


I've seen one Vote No sign on Bogart Road but no Vote Yes signs. You don't think Gunner and the BOE are trying to sneak this levy through, do you? Lol


They will get the same state money later for a future project (replacement of K-6) as a credit instead of money now for the 7-12. It's just a timing issue with the hoops the state makes you jump through to build with state assistance...NOT a shell game!

Suitcase Simpson

ha!ha! You just defined a shell game!


I'm thinking Tribester really doesn't have a clue.


LOL, I do not even live in the township but my business is in their tax zone. I can not even vote one way or the other.....

Suitcase Simpson


By the way, Gunner should have been removed when his farcical windmills nearly killed people!


Sounds like a big shell game to get what they want. Some of the cuts seem like they should be made anyway - all fluff.

Suitcase Simpson

When students revealed that they actually employed a 'teacher' who sat in front of the class and slept for years was enough for me to know this school district was going down. When I saw how many teachers and administrators called off sick to go to Columbus to protest SB5, that should have cost them all of their positions. Look at how much we pay them for their health coverage and pensions! Disgusting!


How about the 3 Chinese teachers they recruited and house. How many employees actually went to China?


They say Perkins care so much about their students??? It's the chosen ones! If you are not liked and you have the talent you still sit the bench??


One simple question what is Gunner and his associates going to Give back to the schools like salary to start Maybe some benefits too


What a sad mess! We need a new Board, new superintendent, and new treasurer, but who in the heck will want to run for any of these positions knowing how frustrated the Perkins community is? Everyone is making good points and the bottom line is that the Perkins voters can't trust the school administration; therefore, not only will the emergency levy not pass, neither will the renewal levy. We moved into Perkins because of the schools and were willing to pay our share of taxes, but how much longer can we stand to be bullied by the school district? It is a shame that they continue to slash teachers from the payroll. Unfortunately, we may be pursuing other open enrollment options if the quality of education is threatened.


It sounds like the tax payer is being blackmailed to vote yes