Orzech gets Sandusky police chief job

City manager made offer today; new chief to be sworn-in Tuesday.
Apr 5, 2013


City manager Nicole Ard told a reporter Friday afternoon she needed another week before she'd be ready to make a decision, but she'd already made the offer to acting chief John Orzech about an hour earlier.

It's not clear why Ard provided inaccurate information on the decision, but Orzech said he was glad to have the opportunity. 

"I'm very excited and looking forward to moving ahead to keep working and getting things accomplished," he said.

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Keep Focused

Congratulations John!!!!!! Great choice.


Congratulations Chief Orzech. Keep up the good work.


she is most likely just like all of us, and doesn't like the reporter


To quote Gomer Pyle...Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Why did they waste the time and money on a search?


Job security.


And I wonder how many thousands of wasted money this did actually cost us?


I don't live in your city Chief Orzech, but congrats on the job, bud. You seem well spoken and carry yourself well. I can't wait until I can come and sit down at the docks past the end of Columbus during the night in the summer.


Congratulations, John. Thanks for all you do for our community. May God Bless you and your officers as you continue making Sandusky a great place to live.


This news should not be any surprise. Everyone knew this was going to happen. Almost everyone dropped out by the time she did make her choice so what choice did she have anyway? The part that is alarming is that she lied about it to the reporter saying she needed another week when in fact, she made an offer to Orzech and did not say anything about it. I have to wonder if there is a pattern developing.


No pattern here. She's learned in a very short time not to trust this newspaper ever with anything. She knew what she was doing.


Glad they chose a local. Someone with hometown roots. Congrats!!


Didn't Ard fire someone for being dishonest?

Does anyone know if the other candidate dropped out before the decision?

Good luck Chief. Hope you don't come to regret the decision and have thick skin.


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@ 25 yr resident: AMEN to that one. Why should she speak out? No matter what she does, she gets criticized for it, called a liar whether she speaks or doesn't, and its totally unnecessary. It's pretty sickening all the way around. Wise woman. Most of these people can't take the silence, drives them nuts that they can't crack the shell that surrounds her. Good for her.


Will Chief Orzech have to move into the city limits not that he was appointed to the top spot? What does the city charter say?


I believe this was discussed several times before. If not mistaken, I believe it is unconstitutional for anyone to be denied a job and FORCED to live within the city limits to hold that job. Did the City Engineer not live outside the city limits? I believe he travelled a great distance to work daily did he not? So I don't think they can force that issue at all, no matter what the charter may say because of the constitunality of it. Ask a judge or lawyer about it though, I am not one. I just vaguely remember there being some "hoopla" about that once before and it being denied because of that very thing.

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That ruling concerned rank and file civil service employees. It didn't cover higher ranking, appointed and/or elected city officials. He can be required to live in the city limits, just like Ard can be so required.


Good Choice
@25 year resident. I'll tell u why they wasted all that money. Because they know if they need more they will just get another levy. And it will pass because the landlords of Sandusky have no vote. I think only property owners should be allowed to vote. I bet then we would see some smart decisions being made.


@lifetime resident...I am confused by your post. You say the landlords of Sandusky have no vote and then you say that only property owners should be allowed to vote for a levy. Could you explain that please? That is really confusing. I didn't know there was a levy to vote for, first of all.

Are you saying that only property owners should vote and not ALL the people in Sandusky? Because most of the property owners include their taxes on their properties into their rent every month to cover their property taxes. At least the smart ones do. So I don't get it?


Make us proud of you john , just like we have been about solving crimes in the city of sandusky and bring back a sense of justice to the sandusky area
I know with your help we can achive our goals and let one thing happen and that is make one of Officer Dunns hope and dream come to life . and that is that we can live in peace and be able to relax with our love ones , The very thing that he laid his life on the line for , and paid for with his life May he rest in peace and forever be remembered


Some of you that post often really amaze me. Does SR state anywhere that it is your personal search engine? You are obviously online, so look it up for yourself. You may even find other things to do besides come on the comment section to bitch.

Just sayin', that there is much more to do and look at.


Right on


Whether Ard does or does not like the paper, there is no excuse for telling a lie when asked a question. The paper represents the public when it comes to getting information from City Hall. There is no residency law so the chief doesn't have to live in Sandusky as it was done away with a few years back.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


I agree: That's no excuse to lie. "No comment," or "Negotiations are ongoing," or "I can't speak publicly about personnel matters until they're settled" would have worked just fine. To deliberately misdirect a reporter? Well, I'm not exactly one to defend the Register here, but that kind of lie isn't any different than the agenda the paper all too often seems to have! Neither are ethical. Neither are right. And both present a threat where informed voters are concerned.


You mean she lied?! HMMMMMM


Why is anyone surprised by this? Its like a repeat performance. I feel like it's de ja vue (sp?) all over again. LOL Congrats, Chief. I am too glad this is over.


I think I had just signed on this website when you and some others called it way back, wiredmama. They should have asked you and the others and saved the city a big chunk of change.

It's obvious that your city leaders have no cohesion as a team.


LOL...nobody listens to me, sweetie. Oh, they do for about FIVE seconds, laugh at my posts, gripe at me for my comments or find fault with me and move on. I take little to no satisfaction from being right. I am an old woman who has lived her most of my life and just understand how this place works. LOL. Yep, I just knew it would end like this. Too bad they just didn't take the advice and save the cash. (Some will say "the old witch must have looked into her crystal ball again)....LOL.


I believe that the Selection Committee was following the City Charter that spells out how a Police Chief is to be hired. Unfortunitly, they didnt get it right the first time and had to do it over. What I find odd is that the same process does not apply to hiring a Fire Chief.

The only way to change the hiring process is to change the Charter, which requires a ballot issue and a vote of the residents.

Just a Girl

Hurray! The 1st thing Ard's done right since she's been here. Someone please give this woman her evaluation and fire her. Liar (I need another week to decide), lazy (hasn't met any of the 12 job requirements they gave her), unprofessional (scribbled a budget on a scrap of paper). And you thought Mr. Kline was a joke.


What a waste of money from the City yet AGAIN! If Chief Orzech is qualified (and I don't know much of him, so I'm not suggesting anything in that regard either way), why wasn't he just offered the job? And if he's NOT qualified, he shouldn't have gotten the job by default (though I can't blame other applicants who, once more informed of the circumstances, withdrew).

Does the City Charter say that some positions MUST be broadly opened to applicants from all over? Or does it allow for promotion-from-within BEFORE advertising for a job opening? I honestly don't know, but it seems to me that for reasons of efficiency alone — an existing employee, after all, doubtless knows both the job and the City better than an outsider would — current interested and qualified employees should be considered before anybody else. If the Charter says otherwise, maybe we should look at changing it. Just THINK of the "study" and "consultant" and "outside legal counsel" dollars that could end up saving!


Hey Sammy, check out the City Charter on hiring a Police/Fire Chief--it's on the City's web-page.


Truth or Dare

Congratulations Chief Orzach!

Hey Lifetime: Many folks choose to rent/lease as opposed to own and for different reasons. Personally, I'm glad we made the decision we did some 20 yrs. ago, not to buy! We would've been standing in the foreclosure line w/millions of Americans, and all due to that lovely recession that started in 06 w/businesses just shutting their doors.

Not all renters are slackers, have no pride in the home/residence they live in, pay no attention to local, let alone county, state, national and foreign politics, heck, world affairs!

Our rent just went up, even though our lease was signed and dated in November. Rec. a letter this week in the mail informing us of the raise I get to pay. It was just as easy as that to add a tad bit more into the tax base. The letter stated it was due to the rise in utilities, of which is in our name and we pay the full amount, we also pay water and trash and take care of maintenance cost, of which we do ourselves, unless it's a furnace, or waterheater, or storm damage such as this past Winter. My spouse did the work, the landlord paid for the time and materials. We've done nothing but improve the property over the last 17 mos. we've been here (the city going on 6 yrs.) and will continue to do so, at our cost! So why would our rent go up? Taxes go up? Just a reminder, no one helps us pay anything. Becuase we rent, others would be willing to take away our as-informed-as-possible vote, thinking it will make a difference as to wiser decisions made by the Commissioners, that end up costing tax $$$'s?

I don't read anywhere within the U.S. Constitution that states I must own property in order to exercise my freedom, my right, my civic duty as a natural born U.S. Citizen to vote! Of which by the way, I would prefer a Mayor/Ward System. That's just me though. As well, we get to pay Income Tax and my better half puts $$$ into the city coiffures everytime he must pull a permit when doing business within the city limits. Not to mention all the other costs of owning/operating your own business of which puts $$$ into the local economy.

Some here feel our right to vote should be taken? Isn't there enough of that going on?

Signed- Another lifetime resident, give or take 4 yrs. out of state, as well a stint in the townshp which to me is Sandusky, and someone who couldn't wait to move back and be closer to the water and the parks. Evidently that was a mistake? I know Sandusky is small, but if it wants to remain small, let alone become smaller, just keep trying to take folks human/civil rights away, let alone ignore them all together.

P.S. Those Landlords that evidently don't get a vote.....Must live out of the city limits themselves, otherwise they would. Thier choice. Ours lives in town, again contributing to the tax base in a big way and I'm grateful for that.

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"Not all renters are slackers, have no pride in the home/residence they live in,"

The gold standard for demonstrating care and belief is willingness to invest and have some skin in the game. While there are exceptions, the statistically overwhelming proportion of renters are childless transients who have little concern for the long term prospects of the community.

As for the Constitution, at the time it was ratified and for decades afterward, land ownership was a prerequisite for voting, and it's a sound principle. Again, it's a question of having skin in the game. Every other investment is mobile; you can abandon the community without losing anything on your other assets, but owning land in a community binds one's fate to that of the community, because that asset can't be severed from the community.



You'd be surprised at how many landlords, including slumlords, owning Sandusky rentals live right here in Sandusky

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No I wouldn't. I'm sure plenty do, but it has nothing to do with the issue I was addressing.


She made the offer, he had made up his mind, she would sign the papers on Monday, that's "next week". It ain't over until the papers are signed. Her decision would then be “A final decision that was in fact made next week".

She did not "lie" she just out smarted some reporter, good for her.

Julie R.

I have no bone to pick in this but the city of Sandusky sure did waste a lot of money here. Why didn't they just pick him from the start and be done with it? Isn't that why they waited so long --- long enough for him to obtain his associate degree in political science, which is a requirement of the job?


Congratulations Chief Orzech. You will lead the department well. As for Nicole Ard; keep up the good work. Did not take her long to find out who she could trust, and who not.


Police Chief.....DONE

CONGRATS John !!!!


And the good 'ol boy system rolls on.