Sandusky, Perkins departments respond to Lindsley Street fire

Perkins called for mutual aid to help battle the blaze.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 4, 2013

Sandusky firefighters responded to a fire in the 1400 block of Lindsley Street in the city at 2:40 p.m.

Check back for more information and photos of the fire at and Friday's Sandusky Register


heart broken

thank you for this comment. I think alot of ppl need to grow up! This is or was my house. im a single mother with an 7month old baby girl and we are now homeless and all u ppl on here wanna make jokes and put the fire department down u guys need to grow up i lost everything in this fire!!! And everyone wonders y sandusky is going to hell? Its ppl like u that dont realize that our pd and fire crews do alot. sometimes they dont make the best choices but all n all they do their best. Have some consideration.

Just Another Voice

Very well said. People would rather crab, complain, and spew negativity. I have you and your child in my prayers, and I am glad you can walk away from this still alive. Fire is one of the most devastating losses of personal property and is very emotional, and I wish you the best in rebuilding your life. Ignore the idiots on here that don't know or care.


Agreed 100%.

tell it how it is

@VOTENO, jeeze are you a skeptical human. I'm EXTREMELY glad most people aren't like you, and that you're not one of the men and women my family and community rely on when in an emergency.

what's up with all of the fires lately? I feel like I read about at least 2 a week through Erie and Huron counties, usually more. It's getting a little creepy..


Rental property? Remember Detroit?


Still have to pay your back taxes.


I don't own any rental property Deer.

tell it how it is

No I don't so I guess I have something to look up


I see a bunch of bashing shame on anyone that wants to bash the fire department. I would hate to have a house down south where the fire departments give you an annual bill to pay, n if you dont, as long as everyone's out they will just watch your house burn down. Sorry when you were a little kid playing fireman, someone peed down your leg or something. Show some respect, cause when day ya never know when you may be looking at them in their eyes as they try to save your life or house or family. Ignorant people


My heart goes out to the mother and child that lost everything in this tragic fire.

It's a shame that there are people, one in specific, that keeps bashing the very men and women who rushed to the scene to help and do their best to extinguish the fire, in hopes of little damage. Which we all know, isn't always the case. One day, you may find yourself in a similar position, then maybe you will not be so crass. Or maybe you will be, because you, VoteNo, are a very negative down right cruel human being. How do you sleep at night with such ignorance on your shoulders?


If the fire people are so great, why didn't they save her house?