Lockdown at Furry lifted

An elementary school was briefly put into lockdown when police answered a call about a suicidal subject in the neighborhood Thursday morning.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 4, 2013


A Gildona Drive resident, who was known to have firearms, bolted out his backdoor when police arrived at his home after receiving a call that he was suicidal, Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

A 6-foot privacy fence separates the Gildona Drive home from the school, but police put Furry Elementary School into lockdown mode at 11:21 a.m. as a precaution.

Officers soon arrested the man in his own backyard.

Though a witness said the man had a gun, police didn't find one when they stopped him.

He was taken to the Perkins police station to be questioned and the Furry lockdown was lifted after about 15 minutes.



So having a gun is a crime? Running out the back door is a crime?


Answer #1: Of COURSE not, unless you're using it to commit a crime.

Answer #2: Of COURSE not, unless you're running out the back door because the police are knocking on the front door.

As for the lockdown, well, a simple precaution seems pretty sensible to me! Once the police had the suspect for questioning, the lockdown was immediately lifted. No panic, no problem.

Lockdown procedures are in place for a REASON. If there's a threat of danger, procedures are implemented, and they SHOULD be. If you waited until the danger was real and confirmed, it would almost certainly be too late.

No harm, no foul. Move on, people.


Get a new user name, you don't have common sense.


Totally agree with 4Shizzle! What if your child was at Furry School and a person that lived next door to the school and no longer valued their own life to the point where they were contemplating suicide decides to take one of those guns, that they have the right to own, and goes out the back door, that they have the right to do, and your child is outside on the playground or wherever on school property and that person decides to start shooting? How would you feel then? Would you still feel that there was no reason for the school to go on lockdown because there was no crime behind the person owning a gun? This SUICIDAL person owning a gun?? I'm hoping that "1969" is not the year you were born because if it is at your age you should also know better!! Come on!!!


Didn't comment on the lockdown...


so by your logic, i could call up the police about anyone who lives near a school and report them as suicidal with a gun and that is enough for that person living near the school to be arrested


From the information in this article, NOBODY was arrested. One man was questioned. There's a difference.

Consider, too, the first time somebody reports a matter like this and the police blow it off as a neighborhood dispute or hearsay. What would your reaction be when the suicidal neighbor with a gun decides to take somebody else with him, eh?


commonsense1969: You should get off this blog while you can! You are digging yourself deeper into the "NO-COMMONSENSE" ditch of ignorance and putting us real "1969er's" to shame. You have no logic in your comments or questions and it makes great sense to lock an elementary school down for a situation such as this. Just shows that the Perkins Community has the same or just as many issues and crazies in their community as Sandusky and others. No one is exempt from these types of situations and taking any necessary precautions for the safety of everyone is the best thing. Go back in your ignorant ditch!


How are your reading skills? I never commented on the lockdown.

SeƱor Clown

Don't get too worked up about the criticism - from the information given, I thought this all to be just as absurd as you did.


perhaps he called the police himself, why did he run if he hadn't done anything wrong? Common sense would tell me that he is definitely guilty of inducing panic if nothing else!


Good thing the police did what they did. We don't need to be on the exclusive list that includes Sandy Hook and others. Excellent job, Perkins police. You did what was necessary and got it done. Good job, Klamar. Way to go to those involved in taking care of this, that is what I call "using the force" and your head! Nice save!


Too bad there won't be any Perkins police to call for stuff like this when the "geniuses" in the community VOTE NO on the police levy next month!




vote yes. In life some step up others simply make excuses.




that is my point!




I wish May were here already so people trying to tell others how to vote would just stop.


They should bill the dude for the po po's time.

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Thank God it ended the way it did. So thankful I get to tuck in my child tonight. The things happening in the world today are scary.


Dont worry, Obama will fix it! lmao


commonsense you are an idiot! you sound like an old retired school teacher.


Any word on who the moron was running from the police?