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Apr 2, 2013


The sun peeks out from the clouds at the Dupont Marsh State Nature Preserve on Monday in Huron. 

A spring stroll is scheduled for the Huron River Greenway and marsh on Thursday.

Want to go?

What: Spring stroll at Huron River Greenway and marsh
When: 6 p.m., Thursday
Where: Meet in the trailhead parking lot 1805 River Road in Huron. Join Erie MetroParks naturalist in search of early wildflowers and migrating birds.

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For information visit the MetroParks website.


tell it how it is

Is the portions off Mason Road or in Milan ever going to reopen?
They need to.

BW1's picture

The part that closed is gone. The court made the Metroparks return the stolen property to its rightful owners.


They returned it to the Native Americans?