Mentally disabled tenant was whipping boy

An Ohio landlord accused of whipping an adult tenant with a belt on his bare buttocks for falling behind on his rent has been accused of whipping another man with a belt and a paddle.
Associated Press
Mar 29, 2013



This time, according to The Dayton Daily News, the accusations came in a lawsuit. It was filed this week in Warren County and accuses 53-year-old Ronald Kronenberger of spanking a mentally disabled man at his office at a supermarket.

Kronenberger was accused of whipping the first man Jan. 22 in his office. A magistrate said he would dismiss the assault charge in six months if Kronenberger has no contact with the tenant and stays out of trouble.

Police say they have no record of the second incident. Kronenberger and his lawyer declined to comment.



Linky no worky. If this is true, it won't be good for Mr. Kronenberger.

sandtown born a...

Sounds like he needs a beat down I promise not to have contact with him for 6 months after. People are so tough against the defenseless


Metro will hold back my rent if I take too long repairing a door my tenant's boyfriend kicks in - the THIRD time - and this guy gets away with beating a tenant with a belt for late rent??? - a disabled person?? - and his record will be cleared if he doesn't do anything else illegal for six months?? Are you KIDDING??? This is BEYOND whether or not he was entitled to his rent payment, whether the tenant was OR SHOULD BE of a protected class as handicapped - this is the same kind of "I'm bigger / better / more powerful than you" mentality that would sicken you if he'd beaten a puppy, your child who dropped trash on his lawn, or turned granny's heat off - this man needs jail time.


I agree, Mama. This is nothing more than bullying, simply because he knew his victims couldn't/would't fight back. He deserves jail time, where he can get some of his own "medicine."


It is too obvious that this landlord is taking the law into his own hands...first time around he was let off too easy...if this time is true he MUST be stopped....sounds like he has a sick fascination with "whipping" people!


bring out the gimp

Colonel Angus

The gimp's sleeping.