Perkins Schools to drop state funding program

New school building will be built with all local funds if voters approve May levy. State money to come later.
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 28, 2013


Perkins Schools will no longer use state funds to help construct a new building for junior high and high school students.

The school board plans to ditch the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission's "exceptional needs" program and will instead join its "expedited local partnership" program. 

The new program requires districts use only local funds to build, but credits them a percentage of their costs for use on a future project.

Board members will approve the switch at a 7 a.m. special meeting Friday.

The meeting will take place in the board room at 3714 Campbell St.

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Want to go

What: Perkins school board meets

When: 7 a.m. Friday (tomorrow) 

Where: Board room at Perkins High School, 3714 Campbell St.

Why: Approve a change in plans




What a bunch of clowns! Good luck funding your new building with no operating money! Both levies are overwhelmingly going down!

Good 2 B Me

This is like the Keystone Cops but the Keystone BoE instead!


Wait for it. The District's spokesperson will be on here spinning very shortly. How much are we paying him? Can't the super be the spokesperson or is that beneath oh great gunner? Oh wait, he doesn't live here. That's right. He would have to Skype and facetime from home.


Good for Perkins School District. If you can do it w/o outside help, that's awesome. Hope it works out.

God Of Thunder

Really??? Wow....Talk about being egotistical... "I can do it all by myself and not even have to live in the district!!!" Way to scrape up support for all of the crap you wanna lay in front of us. One small step for Gunner and the school board....One giant leap for Perkins taxpayers...


And how is this better?


Haven't you figured it out?

They'll build a new high school and middle school now and plan to build a new elementary building later. All for you!


So will they use the credits to build that?


I find it interesting that on these blogs everyone talks about both levies going down. Yet, in many conversations in the community I hear the opposite. People want them to pass, they just want to understand more about them. So I am confused by many of the bloggers' negative comments. I don't see the point of being negative when the levies are only a positive thing for our communities and schools. I've said it before and will say it again, you never vote no for your fire department, your police department or your schools. They are the three pillars of your community. Good for Perkins Schools in working to figure out how to pay for the new building with out using state dollars. I continue to plan on voting yes for the school levies and am excited that many others who have been negative towards levies previously are planning on supporting them this time around. I don't think it really matters whether or not our superintendent lives in this community. It matters whether they are creating and running great schools for our students. I believe he certainly has, along with the teachers and the staff that work with all our kids. Travel outside our district and hear the great comments people say about our schools. I'm proud of Perkins. I wish our community was too! I support this levy all the way! GO PERKINS!!!

BW1's picture

@futurechange:"I don't see the point of being negative when the levies are only a positive thing for our communities and schools. I've said it before and will say it again, you never vote no for your fire department, your police department or your schools. "

Let's contemplate the meaning of your words:

"only a positive thing" - So this means that, if the schools wanted a levy that cost every homeowner $50,000, in order to let kids play video games all day, that would be a positive thing for the community and school. What idiocy! See, if you were to say you believe they need a new building, and support that with facts, I could respect that as an intelligent comment. There would still be the problem that the voters explicitly rejected a new building.

"You never vote no" - so, if the police are riding around in Rolls Royces and kicking down doors and taking peoples' stuff, you'd vote to increase their funding? More idiocy. Again, if you said that, in this instance, this department, this time, the levy was justified (and in the case of the police levy, I'd agree) and backed it up, that would be an intelligent comment. But you didn't - you asserted a knee jerk response of blind, gullible support no matter what. People who think like that don't deserve democracy.

The entire case from levy supporters has been this sort of mindless emotional pablum - "it's for the children", "it's for the community" blah, blah, blah. They might as well say "every time you vote against a levy, God kills a little baby kitten." There's no attempt to address the misconduct of the board and administration, just blind loyalty to the dear leaders. If this is representative of the general level of intellectual rigor in the community, ANY schooling is wasted.

The voters said no to a new school. Gunner and the board work for the voters, not the other way around. They've refused to be subordinate to the voters.

Truth or Fiction

Good post futurechange. I too will support the school come May 7. Our future depends on it.


Not sure who you are talking to but NOBODY on our street is voting YES for any of the leveys. In fact, everyone is pissed at the BOE for the smoke and mirror shell game they played with our money!


Not sure who you are talking to? The BOE is not the school system! You can vote "no" on the BOE seperately in their own elections. Make this vote about what's important - the children and the future of this community! I moved to this community thinking it was a great supporter of education and filled with people who cared about building a strong community, I am shocked to learn that this community is the exact opposite of public perception. All I heard before moving here was how great Perkins township is - the bloggers on this sight have certainly proved that to be untrue. Vote YES for future and change! Vote NO to go backwards. Either way, you are not "teaching" the BOE anything with a "no" vote on the levies. Vote "no" on the BOE when their time comes.

Truth or Fiction

Sorry Cowboy. I have to disagree. Support has been growing as Perkins residents have always been proud of and stood by their district. The majority of parents will vote yes and they will make every effort to vote while others may or may not vote. In the final tally I believe it will be 53% or 56% of the voters voting YES for the levy.


Ha ha ha how you seem to forget how proud we were and how we stood by the district in the last election that we defeated and forced the BOE to find private monies. We intend to do the same now! But you keep drinking the green Kool-Aid! Ha ha ha. Vote NO!


Only idiots voting yes are teachers and their friends and families. Neither has a chance. Trust me.


Bobo, In the last article you said you would vote for the levy if Gunner and the board resigned! So if they resigned tomorrow, you would vote yourself to be an idiot?


After all that came out recently, no way I'm voting yes regardless who steps down. What a circus


I'm not a teacher, and I'm voting yes. My kids aren't in school yet, and I'm voting yes. I agree with Truth or Fiction, my street is very much in support of both levies. I will say that several months ago I didn't think people would support it - but today, I feel the same way as Truth or Fiction. People are becoming more wiser and learning more about the levies and what they will actually do for the schools and the community. As I said before, the BOE is NOT our schools. They are temporary - our schools and kids are not. Someone voted for your kids, now it's time to vote for the next generation of kids. GO PERKINS!!!


They are lying to you. Believe me. They are lying. You are a fool to think otherwise or you are lying.


What do you think they are lying about? You tell us to believe you? Give me your facts, so I can believe you. Im suppose to believe someone on a blog? Like I said to my boy Perkins2060, anyone can blog and come up with hoopla for/against the levy! I just want to hear facts!
You always have a lot to say. I know you have facts to back up what you are saying. If you do not have any facts, then how can I believe you on your position the board and Gunner are lying? I have seen what they have presented, now let me hear yours.


And let me clarify. Your street is not voting yes, if they tell you they are they are lying.


I really could care less what you believe. These levies have a snowballs chance in you know where on passing. That's a fact.



Perkins Resident

Just to add my thoughts here. I talk to hundreds of people daily in the Township. There are at least 10 to 1 against the levy in those that I interact with. Just my observation. Good day all. Happy Friday.


Vote NO!


Futurechange may be spinning some propaganda when he says that the public is mostly positive towards the levies, methinks. I've talked to six households in my neighborhood and all are voting no, as am I. I've talked to other community members who are voting no as well. I have yet to talk to a single person face to face who is supporting either levy. The renewal may barely pass, but no way the emergency levy passes, and rightfully so. When can we start putting "Vote No" yard signs up around the township?




Same here!




If you keep feeding the monster, it continues to come back for more and more and it is never ending. Operating levies are all about salaries. Don't allow them to tell you it is all about the children, it is all about the union wanting more and more benefits and pay.


First of all, I am all for the educational institution. That does not mean that new brick and mortar gaurantees educational success. Qualified and dedicated staff contribute to ensure that goal is met. So yes, operating levies are about salaries. Not to my knowledge has that ever required passage of a 10 year $2.15 million per year "emergency levy".
What is next to financially support this grandiose building project? A never used ORC that allows the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission to empower the perkins boe to withhold 10% from all township resident's bank accounts?


All of my family will vote yes!


Why vote yes OR no? They're gonna do whatever they want anyway!


In life some step up and some just make excuses.