Two arrested for beating man who beat woman

Two Sandusky men sent an alleged woman choker to the hospital Saturday, police said.
Emil Whitis
Mar 25, 2013


Gary Driskill, 25, was charged with domestic violence. 

Camarron Aaron, 23, and LaDonte Grant, 21, were both charged with felony assault. 

Police spotted Driskill stumbling down Judy Lane at about 1 p.m. after getting a call about an assault in the area. 

“He was noted to have a large amount of swelling to his face and blood on his clothing,” a Sandusky police report said.

Driskill told police he was just walking down the street when two men ran up and started pummeling him. 

“Gary went on to say the two males then began to punch him and knocked him to the ground,” a report said. “Once on the ground one of the males began to hold him while the other continued to punch and kick him.” 

Driskill didn’t offer a reason why. 

Paramedics took him to the hospital, and police searched the area for the suspects. 

Before long police spotted two men, identified as Aaron and Grant, walking on Dixon Drive. 

Aaron had blood on his flip flops. Grant had blood on his shirt and shoes. 

Both denied beating Driskill. They told officers they’d only tried to help him. Police arrested both men on the spot. 

Officers then spoke with the woman who called about the assault, identified as Jennifer Hay, 32. 

Hay told police Driskill, her estranged boyfriend, showed up at her Judy Lane house earlier that day. They argued, then Driskill grabbed her by the throat and threw her into a bathroom door, a report said. She tried to leave, but he slammed a door on her finger then pushed her into the bathtub. 

She told police she wanted charges. 

Hay didn’t say anything about Aaron and Grant’s involvement other than that neither was in the house at the time of the assault. 

Both were being held without bond late Sunday at the Erie County jail. 

Driskill was not taken to jail but he was charged with domestic violence. 



Phil Packer

How can we get them to all just kill each other at the same time...


i'd be nice


I do not agree with domestic violence, but I do agree that if she is hanging around the likes of these three, she probably does need a bath.

Darwin's choice


Second Opinion

VERY clever DT

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(she is hanging around the likes of these three)
Maybe 4 baths?


Any man that will hit a woman needs the crap beat out of him.


I always find it funny when a woman beater gets the brakes beat off of him. HeeHee


Wait..Did I read that right? You no longer get arrested for domestic violence, IF someone beats up? You just get charged?


It's a different world out there!! What's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander. If I had just beat the crap out of someone, I wouldn't be walking down the street with blood on my clothes. I would have wanted to get cleaned up ASAP. Stupid is as stupid does.


Good for them... He should get a taste of his own medicine. Be nice if he learned a lessen here & doesn't beat up anymore girls... but I doubt it.


you all know that there arent any smart cons , or they wouldnt have gotten caught or they wouldnt have done anything to be arrested for


I find it really disturbing that HE goes free, but the two that taught him a lesson go to jail? And what about the assault was felonious? Were weapons used?