Dog returned to owner in Sandusky

Batman has returned. An anonymous person dropped off the dog-napped 3-month-old Chihuahua, Batman, at the Sandusky police department Saturday morning.
Emil Whitis
Mar 25, 2013


When owner Tiffany Mercado got the phone call from police Saturday morning she couldn’t contain the joy. 

“Mom was crying all the way down to the station, she was so happy,” Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman said. “It’s good to see they got him back.” 

Mercado wasn’t alone in her joy. 

“I have extremely happy, crying, ecstatic children right now,” Mercado said. “There was some kind of magic worked.” 

The puppy was stolen — cage and all — during a March 12 Perry Street burglary along with a TV, a video game system and a cell phone.

Police found that cell phone on Semaj Smith, 19, of Sandusky, Tuesday at the scene of a Scott Street burglary. 

Smith, a suspect in several Sandusky burglaries, refused to talk about Batman’s whereabouts.

He was charged with receiving stolen property for having the stolen cell phone.   

On Friday Wichman told the Register that if whoever had the dog brought it back they wouldn’t be charged. But if police had to track the dog down, there’d be problems. 

Wichman’s words were published in a Register story Saturday. Soon after the newspaper hit the stands, the dog was dropped off. 

Police kept their word and the dog handover went off without a hitch or a charge. 

“I just want to say thank you,” Mercado said. “(Batman) is happy, he’s healthy and he’s home.”

Smith was being held at the Erie County jail on $37,870 bond late Saturday. 



That is very cool. So glad they got the dog back safe and sound.


What a nice way to start off the week! :)


That's a cute little bugger too! :-)

Yellow Snow

"Anonymous" person. I live in a neighboring town. There was a child's bicycle in front of our house, I took it the the Police Station in case someone came there looking to reclaim a lost bicycle. Another time I paid a fine for my brother. Both times I had to show MY identification. I won't be treated like I'm the criminal again.


...Interesting...however, I'm having difficulty placing your posts relevance to this story...just saying


The point being that you are made to show ID for just about everything....the "anonymous" part is kinda questionable. We had filed a report years ago about finding our front door open and a pickup truck in the driveway. My husband had to name all HIS tattoos, birthmarks, etc. I think the above post was to point out that even if you are the "good citizen" doing the right thing you NEED to show ID. But in this case it was "anonymous"


Not really relevant, but the same thing happened to me. I found a bike and I took it to the police station. By the time I left from turning it in, I felt like a criminal. They asked me for all of my information and I was just doing a good deed.

nosey rosey

I love happy endings - so glad the little cutie is home where he belongs :)


i guess the SPD thought that the dog was too small to use as target practice.


well done


Nice ending, thank you for returning the pup to the family that miss him, lucky dog.


So happy that whoever had this baby~returned it to it's owner! ADORABLE little doggie. So tiny~have to protect that baby from hawks for sure~well....and rotten people!