Punch thrown during Margaretta Township meeting

Vickery man charged with assault after taking a swing at trustee
Mar 25, 2013

John Hensley, 47, of the 6500 block of Wahl Road, was arrested and taken to the Erie County jail but was quickly diverted to the hospital after complaining about medical problems. Deputies issued him a summons there and sent him on his way.   

Hensley allegedly tried to punch township trustee Joe Bias during a public meeting on the proposed demolition of a home at 205 Crystal Rock Road, an Erie County deputy’s report said. 

Hensley owns the rental home, which sustained serious damage in a fire in late 2011. Margaretta trustees said they’ve been trying to get him to repair the home for the past 18 months to no avail.   

“Since the fire, about 18 months ago, the house was condemned by the building department, zoning department and health department,” said trustee Tim Riesterer, who attended Thursday’s hearing. “We’ve been trying to work with Mr.

Hensley to bring it up to the minimum housing standards that the township has ... (but) we haven’t seen progress on the property, as far as bringing it up to that minimum standard.” 

There have been many reports of people breaking into the vacant home, Riesterer said.

“So we initiated action to have the house demolished,” he said. 

Thursday night’s hearing was part of the process toward the home’s demolition. The rub came about 20 minutes into the meeting, as trustees and Hensley were discussing his options and the township’s plan to demolish the house. Hensley “became disruptive” and approached Bias, who was sitting at a table, the report said. 

“Hensley then swung his fist at (Bias), who moved to avoid being struck,” the report said. “(Bias) then pinned Hensley against the wall while Hensley continued to try to strike him.” 

Three deputies and a Castalia police officer rushed to the building and arrested Hensley.  

“There’s a line for personal conduct at a public meeting, and I feel Mr. Hensley crossed that line,” Riesterer said. 

Trustees aim to have the home torn down within the next month or so.




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Jeff Warren has no right calling this man names

Ruth Hensley

Who is Jeff Warren?? Why would he call my husband names?? There was someone who mentioned seeing a person running away from our house when the fire dept was there. We were cleared by detectives, you name it,,But the person fleeing from our house was never pursued.


Jeff Warren, you are an outlaw!


Maybe the State should ride by your house and see you cutting grass and cutting wood and send you a bill to repay them. Way to go Jeff Warren!


Slander: a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name. Your comments could land you in court.

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Old Bag, I have your IP address, Rick !!


Now the rest....Thanks for your comments...some people on here really don't know facts too well. They just assume what they hear or make up their own facts.....

Ruth Hensley

Mrs. Brovlovsi was defending herself.


When you use other people's examples you need to use a colon. It looks like this ":". Refrain from your elementary giggling. I know that proper punctuation might look like hieroglyphics to you but trust me, these are used everyday. Especially if you're educated. Sounds like you "took out the trash" all through school and didn't learn very much.


Margaritaville88- are you referring to yourself as not knowing all the facts? I talked to someone who was there at the meeting from beginning to end. I didn't rely on the newspaper article. It IS a fact that John and Ruth Hensley's house was burnt to the ground in September of 2008. The house wasn't insured and they lost every single thing they ever owned. They didn't start their house on fire. It was NOT insured. I take offense to anyone who implies that hillbillies burn their houses down for insurance money. The house that is being discussed right now was set on fire and thankfully the fire department put the fire out before it was a complete loss. Due to red tape with the town officials and the insurance company there has not been a payout to repair the home. John Hensley went to that meeting in good faith that something could be arranged and instead he was laughed at by Mr. Bias. How enraging it would be to be just released from the hospital and barely able to breathe, go out into the cold only to be laughed at? I'm not condoning swinging at people but where are the days when people were treated with respect? I wouldn't laugh at a 6'2, 112 pound man wearing an oxygen mask. Castalia officials only go down to Crystal Rock to look for infractions it seems. Before you throw another stone at John look at the ENTIRE picture. It's so easy for a moron to get internet access and take cheap shots at people who are already suffering. The best thing for some people to do here is save yourself some embarrassment and stick to the facts that are being presented to you. The Hensley name isn't on trial here.

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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


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@ Mrs.Brovlovski-
If he is such a wonderful quy, why is he being bashed?


He's being bashed by 1) People who don't know him personally and 2) His last name is Hensley.

It seems that this is all it takes to get the locals fired up. I've seen people do lesser things and see page after page of insults pile up. I only got involved this time because I know these people and I know they are good. They really are!


Mrs. Brovlovski...Mr. Hensley's entire article is about his house and the possiblity of it being razed due to the condition of it following a fire. The article clearly states that attempts have been made to "deal" with him for a period of 18 months without success. During that time, the house has been broken into, more damage has been done and people are complaining. Other people in that area have a right to expect one of two things to happen with the house: 1. It is repaired and brought up to code and acceptable standards for the area. 2. It is razed and the lot cleaned up so that it is no longer an eyesore.

The city is not expecting too much when they ask that ANY property owner get back to them when they ask that one of these two things be done. It is unfortunate that Mr. Hensley was treated in a way that he felt ridiculed by the people in that meeting. If that happened, it was very unprofessional. As I was not there, I would have to take your word for it. However, it is NEVER acceptable to resort to violence when you are trying to get your point across....not ever! So with that one gesture, Mr. Hensley lost his standing and placed himself in a bad situation. The board should never have done what they did to provoke him, that is true, but to lose his temper was inexcusable a well.

All the comments about what type of person he is, or what anyone thinks of him, means little to nothing when all is said and done. They are just opinions. What DOES matter is that Mr. Hensley has to follow the rules set down by Margaretta Twsp just as anyone living there does.

If he intends to fix the house up, then he needs to submit his drawings and plans and schedule to the board, apply for his permits and get on with it. If not, he needs to submit those plans as well. If he isn't going to tear the house down, then the Twsp will.

This isn't rocket science and it isn't a mountain anyone is scaling here. Let's not make it one. The man needs to fully cooperate and do so quickly. He has had enough time to make up his mind and cooperate fully. The board needs to treat him with the respect they would show any other citizen. Enough said.


Wiredmama: Thanks for giving a clear explanation.


Like I said before- I do not usually condone violence. However, I can see Joe Bias laughing at someone else's misfortune. Yes, Hensley needs to do something about the property. The fact that he even attended the meeting should have counted for something, given his medical condition. Joe Bias is very unprofessional, not to mention he thinks he walks on water. It would have been nice to see ANYONE knock him down a few notches.


Ridiculous comment. Joe Bias and his family are tremendous people.


Joe- keep your kids off the computer. You think you are the deputy, sheriff, judge, mayor, fire chief, Castalia Rec. God, School Superintendent, principal, head coach of ALL sports in the area, road supervisor, etc...I am not sure you were raised to be put on such a pedestal. You do not have many fans. For being from such a 'tremendous' family- you sure do not know how to treat people. LAUGHING at someone's misfortune? You should be ASHAMED. Not a good example for your followers.


Thank you for giving John the credit he deserves. He did try to make things right.


Mrs. B,
Even you have to admit that the behavior of the Hensley family has been completely ridiculous over the years. This Hensley once dropped his pants in a court room, Mrs Hensley made a habit out of making scenes at the school when the kids were there, another Hensley recently smuggled drugs in to the county jail.....the list goes on and on, not to mention the massive drug use over the years. It's one thing to support a family as you have in this blog. It's another to turn a blind eye to outlandish behavior. The Hensley's behavior can not be supported or tolerated.


Slacker: I am going to clear this up once and for all. Do you know how many Hensley's there are? Too many to count! Some don't even know the others! I would love it if someone with the last name "Smith" was on trial here and everyone logged in to bash every single Smith in the county. I know why John Hensley dropped his pants in court. The judge used the wrong date of birth and John tried to correct the judge. The judge had a DIFFERENT John Hensley's records pulled up! The judge tried to silence John, John did what you and I would never dare do: he pulled down his pants and asked if he was as heavy as the John Hensley whose file was opened. I wouldn't have done that but I will always admire John for doing it!

There was a Hensley that tried smuggling drugs into a jail cell. I don't know who she is. Ruth and John don't know her either! Guilt by last name association? Is this what it boils down to?

Ruth NEVER made scenes in school! I have a feeling that if she went to school for any official business and talked above a whisper it could make tongues wag.

I DO know of some Hensley's that are questionable. I do. So what? This has nothing to do with what happened at the town meeting. I've never met Mr. Bias but from what I've been told he is an arrogant and smug man. Just the kind of person we want to have authority over our villages.

Slacker and wired mama- thank you immensely for taking the time to ask descent questions and really show concern over fairness. Nothing is more nauseating than to read comments about people we love and seeing people go so low as to start calling people inbreeds. John and Ruth Hensley were both born in Ohio.

Now- I need to post this and I'm preparing myself to read yet another "Taking out the trash" comment. He really thinks he's funny, doesn't he?


Mrs B,
Although I did once work at the school and I know Ruth very well from watching her argue with administration about disciplining her children, I guess I only have one request. I have read on here multiple times how upset it makes you to read the comments people leave on this blog about the Hensley's despite not truly knowing them. Then, I read you doing the same thing to Mr Bias. You admit to not knowing Joe but you note that you understand that he is arrogant and smug. You have defended the Hensley's tirelessly, now I must do the same for the Bias family. Joe Bias is as fine a man as you could ever wish to be associated with. He is extremely intelligent, kind, and caring. He has raised two wonderful children that are both very successful and respected at school. Further, Joe is a great family man with a wonderful wife, fantastic parents, and successful siblings.
Please consider these things in defending the Hensley's against poor comments on this forum.


Fair enough.

Ruth Hensley

I dont know what your on, or what Ruth Hensley your talking about, but it sure wasnt me!!!!! Spread some more tales!!!!!