Register news team earns 16 Associated Press awards

In a tradition of excellence, Sandusky Register staffers have earned top honors from the Ohio Associated Press.
Mar 21, 2013


The Register has been named best newspaper in the state for the past five years in its circulation class, which is the most competitive category. Division III includes The Morning Journal in Lorain, The Chronicle-Telegram in Elyria and the Findlay Courier.  

The Register and its news team are nominated for 16 awards this year in the 2012 Ohio Associated Press Awards, Division III.

Here’s the list of the Register’s award winners:

• Design editor Karen Mork: Best headline writer.

• Chief designer Mike Schaffer: Best headline writer and best page one layout.

• News reporter Andy Ouriel: Best feature writer and best business writer.

• Senior design editor Nick Davis: Best graphics artist.

• Sports editor: Mark Hazelwood: Best sports feature writer and best sports enterprise reporting for “Endangered Panthers.”

• Chief photographer Jason Werling: Best photographer, best spot news photo for “Late Night Barn Fire,” and two awards for best use of multimedia for “Road Trip: Ohio 4” and “Huron Implodes ConAgra Facility.”

• Former photographer Angela Wilhelm: Best use of multimedia for “Huron Implodes ConAgra Facility.”

• Former graphic designer Tom Sherer: Best community service for “Xtreme Times.”

• News reporter Jessica Cuffman: Best investigative reporting for “Jailer Sexploitation.”

•  Managing editor Matt Westerhold: Best columnist and best community service for “Xtreme Times.”

• Entire news team: Best special section, “Made Here.”

The best daily general excellence award and award places will be announced at the AP’s spring banquet in Columbus in May.


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Not much to crow about, given that those honored are chosen by the rest of the modern print journalism industry, which, based on the material in most newspapers, is marginally literate, with spelling, grammar, usage, and logic skills that should embarrass a fifth grader.


Apparently spelling isn't a category.


.....nor is grammar!

Matt Easterhold

Congratulations on winning to honors this year! You guys really did earn to honors!

Haha, what a joke, can't even spell a word right while you're tooting your own horn!

Typical SR.

Isn't this the award given to you from the 14 other papers in your small class who pay the associated press $$$ to hand out awards to the other 14 small class papers that also $pay$ for the right to be given these awards?

Matt Easterhold

They should win the award for "We can't find a story so we are going to print police logs from every small city within a 50 mile radius to fill our pages"


nailed it!

Matt Easterhold

Or the award for "pushing our own agenda while ignoring the obvious"

The Don

Wow thats awesome. But they do put your names in a hat a draw the winner from there!


Climbing to the to


Congratulations on your awards from the All Praise Obama news disservice, NOT!!!!!!!!


Your comment lacks cleverness and originality.

Colonel Angus

The NOT!!!!!! part was funny. I haven't heard anyone use that since Wayne's World was popular 20 years ago.



John Harville

having won a couple of AP first place awards in both Ohio and Michigan, I know it's all a matter of what you submit and generally not a reward for overall excellence and performance on a daily basis. Choose the right entry and your chances are much better.
That said, sincere congratulations to Jason Werling for daily quality and some bursts of outright brilliance!


They must have left out the award they won for: Printing What We Want Regardless Of The Truth. Being on the ground floor and personally involved in the President's visit this past summer, I can tell you that seeing Andy and Matt win an award put me into howls of laughter. Never did two people make such fools of themselves with their printing of the truth their own way, which turned out to be one huge lie after another. This is why I don't buy this rag. I just take the five minutes it takes to read it and devote that to picking up the dog poop outside.

Colonel Angus

Say what you will about the writing, but Jason Werling does an outstanding job in the photography department.


Congratulations Register!


Hey Sandusky Register: What happened to Ashley Bethard ?? Did Matt and her have a falling out? Do you have a large turnover of employees? just wondering...

Now The Rest of...

The best purpose award, Register came in 3rd after Charmin and White Cloud.


Man! You guys are Mean! The urge to join in is tempting but it comes a little too close to heckling at a youth sporting event. Besides it's bad manners to behave like this in a place you've been invited ... What I'm really saying is that I kind of feel bad about laughing...


Dogs and cats for adoption.......

Woody Hayes

What, no awards for Rufus and the howling dog on Fifth Street?

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Way to kick the CT’s butt!


Best headlines? OMG. Apparently, the AP criteria for winners involves those headlines most likely to make you spew coffee on your keyboard as you laugh out loud at the latest typo, misspelling, or blatant grammatical mistake! If that actually WERE the criteria, I'd vote for the Register myself!

Julie R.

For people that knock the Sandusky Register you sure are on it enough!


Hey Julie: What happened to Ashley Bethard ?? Did Matt and her have a falling out? Do you have a large turnover of employees? just wondering..


Ashley is in Dayton with the Dayton Daily News (Cox Media) handling their digital content. She left in late July I think.


Thank you

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For someone who fixates on Erie County corruption so much you still seem to live there.

Julie R.

That's because I'm waiting for THEM to leave.

Phil Packer

I played a 12 year old in one on one basketball the other day, and I trounced him! Yeah!

Phil Packer

Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, sell real estate. Those who can't sell real estate, work for newspapers.


Congratulations Matt and Tom for winning the award for the XTREME TIMES. The Club 180 kids at the Nehemiah Center will be very proud to learn that their efforts in becoming Jr. reporters last summer resulted in an award!! :)

Woody Hayes

Does that mean your flying saucer is broke down, Juliebeth?