Greenway lawsuit count down to one

There's just one lawyer and one lawsuit left in the two-decade-old Greenway debacle.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 21, 2013


The countdown displaying how many unresolved Huron River Greenway cases exist just dropped to one.

And when the ticker eventually strikes zero, embroiled Erie MetroParks officials and jaded River Road residents will celebrate a 21-year land dispute ending.

MetroParks commissioners recently discovered lawyers representing Jerry Nottke can’t sue them after he claimed past officials slandered and trespassed onto his land to build the greenway.

Beginning in 1992, officials aggressively charged forward in pursuing a 6-mile corridor stretching from Huron to Milan along the Huron River.

The public pathway, eventually called the greenway debuting about a decade later, spanned through the backyards and private property of about 50 residents on River Road.

Property owners protested from the corridor’s inception, but their cries were ignored.

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Can't wait til it's all done and over with.

BW1's picture

You need to pay attention - the Greenway is gone. The land has been returned to its rightful owners and these remaining lawsuits are about damages and legal fees.


I can't wait 'til this is all done and over, either. And here's hoping that various and sundry government entities take a lesson from this boondoggle: Theft, even when committed by agents of the government, is still a crime.

My sympathies remain with the property owners who were repeatedly victimized and abused. I don't care whether or not the Greenway was a good idea, and I don't care how many people do or don't use it. The bottom line is that Erie MetroParks did a very, very bad thing, and a host of property owners have had to pay for it for YEARS.

If there's a next time, let's hope it's done right and that the public can actually ENJOY whatever green spaces are created instead of paying through the nose to cover mistakes they didn't make!