Decapitated man fell from train

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office has identified the body of a man found Monday alongside a set of railroad tracks just west of Oak Harbor.
Melissa Topey
Mar 20, 2013


The body of Roger Luna, 55, was found decapitated near the railroad tracks at Toussaint-Portage Road near Benton Street, Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick said.

Nothing at the scene indicated foul play, Levorchick said. 

It appears Luna fell from a train and was then run over. The cause of death was blunt-force trauma, Ottawa County coroner Dan Cadigan said 

“Death appears to have been instantaneous,” Cadigan said.

Luna’s last known address was in the Toledo area. Workers at a Toledo homeless shelter were familiar with him, and they said he had stayed at the shelter one day recently.

Luna’s criminal record in Toledo includes several charges of disorderly conduct intoxicated and open container, including a charge for the latter on March 9. Other past charges included criminal trespass and begging.

He has no criminal record locally, Levorchick said.

Luna’s immediate family lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Norfolk Southern railroad crews called authorities at about 11:10 a.m. Monday after spotting the body lying alongside the tracks.



How sad that a citizen of the United States has to be 'charged' with begging. Granted, he may have an alcohol/mental issue, but he was a human being.


Editor - get to work.
A decapitated man fell from train?


NO, don't fix it, we like to chuckle...


Do you think he would still be on that train if he had his head screwed on right?

Phil Packer

They always fall SOMEWHERE...


The headline of this story begs the public for rude comments on this case.


You are correct . The original article brought out the racial comments right off the bat . Just because he was Hispanic , they immediately assumed he was illegal . Then some defended the ones trying to be funny about it . Talk about blind leading the blind . I guess if this had been a dog that was killed , people would be crying in the streets and protesting . What a world , what a world .

Not Yer Pa

Nobody gave a damn about that dog. That was just an opportunity to bash a cop. If it was about the dog there would have been more than 3 comments on the Iditarod Race story the next week. Or the death of a dog in the race this year.


So, true .

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“Death appears to have been instantaneous,”
"Dacapitated man fell from train"

Yes and yes, stop picking on the Register. It reads like the guy was having a bad period in life, he does have family, too bad this can not happen to the ones we sent to relax in prison for life.


That guy was really not using his head!


I will tell you right now, if Ottawa County Sheriffs Office botches yet another crime scene, heads are gonna roll!


Hey, I was told no jokes; that it's not funny when someone dies. Ahhhh, the heck with it! You guys are funny!


There ya go ! At least you don't sound like a profiling racist . Good job !!! ; ))))))))))))


Someone should have given that guy a heads-up that riding on a train can be hazardous to your health!

Cunning Linguist

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Colonel Angus

How does the word "hobo" meet the criteria?


This guy was definitely not the head of his class! Ok, I'm done! I'm gonna head off to the store now! See ya!

Colonel Angus

Did they person who found it exclaim, "I GOT HEAD!"?


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Colonel Angus

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All these comments about this poor mans demise.... i just hope that his family does not have to read all these opinions from this community. No wonder this world is where we are today...this poor man is dead and he is still being discriminated and bullied!!




Two heads are better than none

Milan chick

I can't believe how heartless you people are, for god sake someone lost there life and you make jokes. This is sad!!! Regardless who this man was or where he was from, he lost his life and had a family!!! You people disgust me!!! God rest his soul!!


...and his head


Thank you Milan Chick people come on here with lame jokes that are not funny and are uncalled for.


I'm sorry....I'll start using my head.