Perkins school board decides on cuts

After wrestling for weeks, the school district makes announcement on downsizing.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 19, 2013

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Then we agree. At some point the community will need to pay for either a new school building or fix the one we have. Inside, outside, general, improvement fund--it does not matter. The money is not there for either.


Why don't we just get rid of Gunner and get a hometown boy (or girl) with some loyalties to the Perkins residents. He doesn't even live in Perkins and he wants to raise our taxes.I understand that he said he had a sick relative and couldn't make the move.Well,that was four years ago. You would think that he could have made other arrangements by now.He even get a $300 a month stipend for travel (and don't give me the excuse that he goes to Columbus often.) Raising our taxes will have absolutely no affect on Gunner and his family. Why should he care? Also, those board members are just "yes" men with no backbone. I think they should also be voted OUT!

Just Saying

While I'm no Gunner fan - you can thank the School Board for allowing our Superintendant to live out of the district (way out). Remember that when they are up for re-election.


If you want to make a change at the school board and with the superintendent than vote "no" on all levies until you have a majority of the board that think the way you do. Any option less than that is just treading water.

Then you can reverse the millage switch. You can vote on a specific levy for the school and decide who you want to be superintendent.

Will the schools have to cut back for a short time. Yes. But, as the levy supports say "you have to look at what the long term benefit is to the community".

I guess my long term is longer than theirs.


Exactly. Please vote NO for our future!