Perkins school board decides on cuts

After wrestling for weeks, the school district makes announcement on downsizing.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 19, 2013

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We could ask you the same thing. In order to stop "yelling" online, you usually turn your caps lock OFF.


Just impressions. Wald you will only end up paying more at some point. It will happen.


Strong Schools......
First it was we're making the students suffer. Now you're accusing us of hurting the students, and also punishing them. You have any idea how much that turns people off? It's a ridiculous, slanderous, accusation that I'm frankly sick of hearing! I said it before and I'll tell you again. You're making yourself look bad, and turning people against you. We're smarter than that!

Strong Schools ...

Thank you for your comments. I must be hitting a button or soft spot with you because you are getting so upset. The comments I am making are a voice of many positive people in this community. There are people who believe that our children deserve the best. Frankly, I think they are worth more than $20 a month. I hope your children are not reading your blogs. They are very hurtful to the students and the people who will be effected by this levy. You need to take your anger to the polls when the board is on the ballot not the children. I do believe they will suffer. I do believe they will be punished, and negativity from "observers" like you only make our community weaker. If you do not like what I post than please do not read. I am a voice for some people who believe in what our children can become with the proper resources. Remember, you have not had a tax increase for 13 years. Invest in their future and our future. Again, I will not go to a level where I will be seen ridiculing people for expressing their rights and opinions. "Observer" , I wish you could respectfully have a conversation with educated thoughts and not harsh remarks. Stay focused on who this is about. The children and our community. Not the board. Vote Yes!


Amazing that you consider MY comments as being from someone who's "angry", but YOUR comments that people who don't agree with you are "HURTING, PUNISHING, MAKING OUR CHILDREN SUFFER" are OK!! Besides that, when I called you on it a few days ago, you denied making those comments, even when another person reminded you that you had! I AM upset with your comments! Your accusations are ridiculous!

YOU want to pass a levy to raise taxes! YOU want to HURT our elderly people! YOU want to make them unable to afford their medication! YOU want to take away money they would use to buy food! YOU want to make them lose their homes because they can't afford the mortgage payment! YOU are putting their lives in DANGER!!!

Stay focused on who this is about.

You need to think about all the people who simply CANNOT AFFORD it! I do believe they will suffer. I do believe they will be punished, and negativity from people like you only make our community weaker.

See? I can make just as many accusations as you! If you do not like what I post than please do not read.


Strong, you should have told Gunner to think about the children and community before he moved taxpayer funds. Now the failed levies will be on him and the BOE! Vote NO!


Strong, you make some very good comments and you must be pushing some buttons because as you've been sharing things with these blogs, I did some fact checking on some of your posts and you are actually 100% correct with the information you've shared - thanks for doing your homework. Wald, the levies aren't the way to get back at the BOE, voting no for the BOE during elections is the way to get back at the BOE. What's interesting is that as I read these blogs, no one seems to really be against the levy. They are against the BOE and their decisions. Well, we have an opportunity to make a difference to really create a stellar school system and with new buildings, which will advance our community and grow our township into the 21st Century - not keeping it in a 1950's builing, or older. So, lets focus on passing those levies and when the time comes lets focus on installing a new BOE. But right now, no mater what anyone says, the schools are in horrible shape and in much need to be rebuilt/or built new. I'm voting YES on this levy for the kids and this community. Most likely I may not share the same type of vote during the BOE elections when they come around.


Are we hurting children when we don't pass a health levy? Are we hurting the children when we don't pass a metro park levy? Are we hurting children when we don't pass a police levy? Should I continue? You can use this excuse for almost any tax levy.

Taking away a community's right to vote hurts the children.

Lets get real. There is a 2 mill operating levy that's up for renewal. There is a new 5 mill operating levy . This new operating levy would not be necessary if the school board would not have moved millage around to build a new school. This move in millage was done for the purpose of eliminating public vote on the building process.

Mr. Gunner, in my meeting with him, said that the BOE took a calculated risk in the moving of millage. But, then said they will continue to put up the new operating levy till it passes. He said the school will be build with or without the passing of the 5 mill levy.

This information is not conjecture. It was a personal conversation with the leader of our school system.

The BOE took purposeful steps to eliminate the public vote on a 50 million dollar school.
The BOE took purposeful steps to put your children in educational harms way to achieve their goal.

Who is hurting the children? Who is using the children as pawns to achieve their master plan?

You might want to open your eyes.


Looks like there is money in the state school retirement system! Get it there and stay out of our pockets!


Education of our children is the most important strategy/resource that we have to improve the future economic and social outlook of this community! If we want to improve the quality of life in this area, we need to invest in the most precious resource we have.

Those who are thinking of following the people who are angry at the board and want to damage the educational system by cutting resources, please think about the long term impact on this community and its children.



Which will have a greater affect on the community, a reduction in the police force or a reduction in education?


Interesting question, donutshopguy! Which of those things is more closely connected to, or more likely to impact the economic conditions in the community?
IMO, our schools have been falling behind for a while now. Our children are not being prepared sufficiently for the jobs of the future which would allow them to make enough money to support their families. To allow them to fall further behind now, will lead to further economic hardship for them in the future. It is a situation that exists all across this country. Some schools/communites are making efforts to correct this situation. Others are not. When economic times get hard, crime increases. When crime increases, you need more police. So, which do you address first? When you have more police because there is more crime, does the economy get better...does the quality of life get better? There are many factors that contribute to crime. A good education that leads to a productive life can help reduce crime and improve the quality of life.


Excellent school rating??

Just Saying

Call me petty, but I'll never vote yes again for a Perkins school levy because I don't like how open enrollment was forced down taxpayer throats. Sorry, but the walls can fall down.



Good thought out logic.


Reese, do you really believe sitting inside a new school makes a student more intelligent? The things that are taught in school, and the students willingness to apply themselves, their ambition, have nothing to do with the four walls surrounding the classroom. Besides, almost every graduate who goes on to college moves away from this area after they graduate! There are NO jobs in this area. Building a new school won't change that.


I wasn't addressing so much the new school building, but rather the need for improving the resources available to the students inside the buildings, including the teaching staff, the learning opportunities available to the students,the resources and the learning environment. Cutting teachers and programs does not improve the schools. Cutting funds available for teachers' involvement in enrichment and skill development opportunities does nothing to improve the pushes them backwards.
Most professionals have the need to stay up to date with new ideas and approaches to improve their skills in their areas of expertise. Teachers are no different.
School environment does impact students;community environment impacts students.
I agree, many of our top students leave this area because there are no opportunities for them to practice in their chosen professions. That is a separate issue that needs to be addressed. Having a top notch education system does attract business. Just because things are the way they are right now does not mean they have to stay that way, but the community and leadership needs to get its head out of the sand and change some things. The community needs to start electing people who are connected to this community and who have a vision for making things happen. We need leadership that can rally the community around them, not bully and circumvent the citizens.


Actually, Perkins ratings have continued to flatline since Gunner came here. The high school has an EXCELLENT rating, but the rest of the buildings and the district overall are rated EFFECTIVE. This is despite the current administration's promotion of preparing 21st century learners by handing out laptops to students from grade 6 - 12 at a significant cost to the budget. I don't necessarily object to laptops, but I think the leases should be lengthened and that they were more of a distraction to learning for a lot of kids (my own included) than an asset in grades 6, 7, 8. Restricting the laptop program to grades 9 - 12 would provide a significant savings to the budget in as early as 2015 when the lease is set to be renewed. Extending the length of the lease might also provide a significant savings to the budget.

Strong Schools, I've personally suggested this to Gunner and members of the BOE beginning several years ago and recently. Would it surprise you to know these suggestions were not well-received?


I have also noticed the flat-lining of Perkins Schools. Laptops alone will not get our schools where we want them to be. I have seen how laptops are used effectively in the classroom where the teacher can monitor students classwork and catch them when they are struggling or making mistakes. The teacher can immediately address the problem with a struggling student. I don't know if Perkins has the technology available in the classroom to do this.
I also know that it takes more than laptops to raise the bar toward 21st Century learning. One thing is for sure though...cutting programs and teachers will not get our children there.


We should all be concerned about this. Despite the infusion of technology and funding, the district is not achieving on the report card which the ODE evaluates schools.

Strong Schools ...

We need to make sure that we are producing children/students that can contribute to our community. This includes programs, teachers, professional development, adequate facilities to support the 21st century skills. We need all of these factors to help our students There is a lot more at stake than just a building. There are many areas in the district that are performing above the state average. I would not say the "entire" district is not achieving.
You can call me out as much as you want and I don't understand why you are yelling. I have the right to my opinion and I choose to look towards the future and think long term. I can't think "old school" because our children need more than that. Your accusations make no sense and you are just simply angry. I never said I did not care about the elderly in our community. Do not accuse me as such. There are elderly people in our community who do believe in the education system and they do believe that we have to invest in our future. I am surrounded by them in my neighborhood. We all have different priorities and choices. But, you will get what you pay for. Please do not ever accuse me of slandering one group over the next. I simply choose to support our children and to invest in the future of my family and community! Shame on you for being irresponsible and using this blog for other things, other than having a civil conversation.


Strong Schools,
I don't know "Observer" nor do I know you. But I have to say he/she is NO MORE GUILTY of name calling and nasty remarks than you are. I believe the term for that is "the pot calling the kettle black". Take a good look at your own posts before you accuse others of exactly the same thing you are doing.

Reese, I agree fully with your comments, and I will vote for the levy.

Strong Schools ...

Suppprt our schools and community. Vote yes!

Strong Schools ...

Thanks for your thoughts. I will try to be more mindful but I am so passionate about this, like so many others. It is important for supportive people of the children to come out and show their support.
Your posts are very insightful and thanks for your input. I am looking forward to reading more of what you have to say.


Well, I realize that passions can control what we say at times, and I also know that the written words cannot convey the attitude with which they were written. Something can be construed as "angry, or upset" when actually they are not.

Anyway, on the levy issue. While I understand the hesitation of the people wanting to vote "NO", I also realize that eventually everything needs to be replaced, and I know from experience that the longer you wait to do it, the more expensive it becomes. So, while not crazy about Mr. Gunner and the BOE, I believe the school will/does need to be replaced, and I will vote YES because it will only cost more the longer it's put off.


Heck, If I lived in Perkins I would vote no to.



Lets use your logic that " it will cost more later" and apply it to other government financial situations.

The township government should increase taxes another 10% to cover things that " will cost more later".

The state government should increase their taxes another 10% to cover things that " will cost more later".

The federal government should increase their taxes another 100% to cover the federal deficit because it " will cost more later".

Yeah, lets use that logic.


And using your logic prices never go up either.



Glad your back in the discussion. Are you a hoarder? Did you buy a couple cases of pork and beans when they were on sale? Remember, they won't get cheaper. How about a new lawn mower? You will need one some day so did you purchase one yesterday because it's cheaper?

How about a car or a home? They wear out and they won't get cheaper.

Sounds like the federal government. We don't have the money to buy now but we must be prepared so we go further in debt.