Teens found guilty in rape party

Two high school football players were convicted today in a rape case that roiled the town, stirred reaction online across the country.
Associated Press
Mar 17, 2013


Two members of the high school football team that is the pride of Steubenville were found guilty Sunday of raping a drunken 16-year-old girl in a case that bitterly divided the Rust Belt city and led to accusations of a cover-up to protect the community's athletes.

Steubenville High School students Trent Mays and Ma'Lik Richmond face a possible sentence of detention in juvenile jail until they turn 21, capping a case that came to light via a barrage of morning-after text messages, social media posts and online photos and video.

Both broke down in tears after the verdict was read. As Richmond's lawyer addressed the judge, he paused for a moment to comfort his client, whose sobs could be heard throughout the courtroom.

Mays, 17, and Richmond, 16, were charged with digitally penetrating the West Virginia girl, first in the back seat of a moving car after an alcohol-fueled party on Aug. 11, and then in the basement of a house. Mays was also found guilty on a charge of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material.

The case roiled the community amid allegations that more students should have been charged and led to questions about the influence of the local football team, a source of a pride in a community of 18,000 that suffered massive job losses with the collapse of the steel industry. Their arms linked, protesters stood outside the courthouse Sunday morning awaiting the verdict, some wearing masks.

The trial opened last week as a contest between prosecutors determined to show the girl was so drunk she couldn't have been a willing participant that night, and defense attorneys soliciting testimony from witnesses that would indicate that the girl, though drunk, knew what she was doing.

The teenage girl testified Saturday that she could not recall what happened the night of the attack but remembered waking up naked in a strange house after drinking at a party. The girl said she recalled drinking, leaving the party holding hands with Mays and throwing up later. When she woke up, she said she discovered her phone, earrings, shoes, and underwear were missing, she testified.

"It was really scary," she said. "I honestly did not know what to think because I could not remember anything."

The girl said she believed she was assaulted when she later read text messages among friends and saw a photo of herself taken that night, along with a video that made fun of her and the alleged attack. She said she suspected she had been drugged because she couldn't explain being as intoxicated as defense witnesses have said she was.

"They treated her like a toy," said special prosecutor Marianne Hemmeter.

Evidence introduced at the trial included graphic text messages sent by numerous students after the night of the party, including by the accuser, containing provocative descriptions of sex acts and obscene language. Lawyers noted during the trial how texts have seemed to replace talking on the phone for contemporary teens. A computer forensic expert called by the state documented tens of thousands of texts found on 17 phones seized during the investigation.

The girl herself recalled being in a car later with Mays and Richmond and asking them what happened.

"They kept telling me I was a hassle and they took care of me," she testified. "I thought I could trust him (Mays) until I saw the pictures and video."

In questioning her account, defense attorneys went after her character and credibility. Two former friends of the girl testified that the accuser had a history of drinking heavily and was known to lie.

"The reality is, she drank, she has a reputation for telling lies," said lawyer Walter Madison, representing Richmond.

The two girls testified they were angry at the accuser because she was drinking heavily at the party and rolling around on the floor. They said they tried unsuccessfully to get her to stop drinking.

The accuser said that she does not remember being photographed as she was carried by Mays and Richmond, an image that stirred up outrage, first locally, then globally, as it spread online. Others have testified the photo was a joke and the girl was conscious when it was taken.

The photograph led to allegations that three other boys, two of them members of Steubenville High's celebrated Big Red team, saw something happening that night and didn't try to stop it but instead recorded it.

The three boys weren't charged, fueling months of online accusations of a cover-up to protect the team, which law enforcement authorities have vehemently denied.

Instead, the teens were granted immunity to testify, and their accounts helped incriminate the defendants. They said the girl was so drunk she didn't seem to know what was happening to her and confirmed she was digitally penetrated in a car and later on a basement floor.

Ohio's attorney general planned to announce later Sunday whether additional charges will be brought in the case, including against the three other boys.

Mays and Richmond were determined to be delinquent, the juvenile equivalent of guilty, Judge Thomas Lipps ruled in the juvenile court trial without a jury.

The Associated Press normally doesn't identify minors charged in juvenile court, but Mays and Richmond have been widely identified in news coverage, and their names have been used in open court. The AP also does not generally identify people who say they were victims of sex crimes.





But judge, we play football!!!


Good deal. Too bad they'll only spend at most a few years in a juvenile facility.

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swiss cheese kat

Ohio, land of the hillbillys.


While they're at it , they should go after , and make an example of any who provided alcohol to those kids as well .


while they are at it they should also charge everyone at the party, including the victim herself, for underage consumption.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Bluto...I agree.


I agree with Bluto punish those who furnished the alcolhol


I wonder why Kevin Baxter was never prosecuted for having a non-consensual sexual relationship with a grand juror witness, i.e., Krista Harris.

Didn't Ms. Harris state that she too was drugged before being raped?


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I hope lessons are learned by all involved. Her friends "tried unsuccessfully to get her to stop drinking". They should have called her parents when they saw that she was out of control. So many involved and nobody called her parents. It is appalling that they dragged their unconscious victim around. It's scary that there was no compassion shown for the victim. Whose house did she wake up in?


Lets blame the ones really responsible for this. The adults who held the party(s) and supplied alcohol to teenagers. They should have a day in court as well. I drank when I was a teen, but I would've never thought of something like this. We snuck off and drank. And the coach laughing it off and telling them not to worry? One of the parties was in the local DA's home? Are you freakin' kiddin' me?

This ain't over yet.

Just Sayin IMHO

SR, why are you calling it a 'rape party'? You are insinuating that it was a party set up for raping... please take heed in what you print.... be the better journalists... be the better reporting source... It was a party where a rape is alleged to have occurred. I dont know what went on there, but I do believe it was violating in nature... But it's not necessary to use the phrasing that you did. You are so different than 15 years ago... It no longer surprises me that the paper is not as thick as it once was... I am saddened by it, actually.


Have you followed this case at all.....maybe they titled it "rape party" because these morons were calling it just that all over twitter. They even labeled themselves the "rape crew" on twitter. These guys deserved 20 years in jail.


I remember seeing a video of a boy who was making fun of the girl being raped. Does anyone know what happened to his fat azz ?


I believe he was enrolled at OSU at the time this all started coming out and since then they have given him the boot.


Wow..I bet he feels stupid now !

Tru Grit

I am wondering if these two young men will be coming to my facility down in Massillon. Only time will tell.

Phil Packer

Can't football players get girls the regular way anymore?