Drug deaths near double

FREMONT — Sandusky County residents were called to action at a panel discussion on drug abuse.
Jessica Cuffman
Mar 17, 2013


The main concern: How to keep kids from ever trying illegal substances, and when they do, how to handle it.

Fremont police DARE. Officer Roger Oddo kicked off the night with a short education on what law enforcement officers are seeing in Sandusky County.

Among teens, ecstasy and marijuana aren't uncommon.

Among adults, heroin.

For support finding addiction counseling call the Prevention Partnership of Sandusky County for  information at 419-334-6395 or visit alwayschoosehealth.com.

In 2012, Sandusky County coroner John Wukie said there were 14 drug-related deaths — not counting those caused by motor vehicle collisions that may have been caused by people under the influence.

That's double the number there were in 2011, he said.

Herion use and prescription drug abuse are on the rise everywhere in Ohio, a trend recognized in nearly every community.

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So what's a parent to do?

Panel officials were in agreement: Be engaged in your children's lives.

"My view from the bench has shown me that sometimes, we make this more difficult than it actually is," Sandusky County Juvenile Judge Brad Smith said.

"Parents are oblivious. They feel it couldn't happen to their child," he said. "The kids are making their drug deals in all those technological ways that parents should have access to."

Monitor their cell phones. Check facebook and email.

But what if you're invading their privacy?

"That's nonsense," Smith said. "They're kids. You're the adult. Don't be oblivious to the obvious stuff right in front of you."

And if it happens anyway, for anyone suffering from addiction or with a family member suffering from addiction, while there are limited resources for treatment, there are coalitions in nearly every community to offer support.

Call the Prevention Partnership of Sandusky County for more information, at 419-334-6395 or visit alwayschoosehealth.com.



and then there are the families in which the parents are doing drugs so of course the kids will too.

Simple Enough II

So true. See it all the time the cycle repeats itself generation after generation, along with the criminal families we have in Sandusky county (primarily Fremnt, but clyde has theirs also).


In MY hood..most of the kids are already on some kind of medication. They are labeled as having some sort of attention disorders. The parent(s) have NOOOO problem shoving pills down their throats, so the kids will "Be Good!" I would be more concerned about what the drugs are doing to my kids liver and kidneys.


Exactly! What about what these legal poisons are doing to their brains not to mention what happens when the kid is no longer a kid and refuses to take the meds. That's when the major problems start.

Really are you ...

Go after the the suppliers, the people at the top of the chain or very near it. Fill them with all of their own concoctions. Rules Of Engagement need to change. Once they are gone there won't be any dealers or users, they'll have to relocate somewhere else. The OSTP is moving in the right direction.

BW1's picture

"Once they are gone there won't be any dealers or users"

You live in a fantasy world. As long as there is demand, someone will meet that demand.

The headline should be More People Earn Darwin Awards. If people want to kill themselves, that's their choice, and the government has no business telling anyone what they can or cannot put in their own body.

Simple Enough II

True, but then why are our tax dollars being used to support them and their families? Why do we feed and cloth them? Just like that Scott who's body they found down by the river, he was a convicted thief and drug dealer, yet I guess we had to take care of him because he was Paranoid Schizo, but we also let him procreate and we take care of them also. That isn't compassion, that is shear stupidity.

BW1's picture

The government also has no business confiscating the fruit of my labor for use in shielding others from the consequences of their choices, but that's not what this article is about.


Time to outlaw illegal drugs

Simple Enough II


Erie County Resident

Stop crying about this problem it is taking care of itself.

Simple Enough II

If only they would cut the Heroin with Fentynal again, we would speed up the process!


I find your comment about "the scott guy" simple enough rude just because someone makes mistakes does not mean they don't deserve help. and who the hell are you to judge someone i am sure your not perfect


Simple,find drugs make them lethal and put them right back on the street.Heroin and pot are bad but now prescription meds (oxycontin etc.)are the big new thing.Chute'em Elizabeth.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

Pot cant be that bad if states are legalizing it.


Simple,find drugs make them lethal and put them right back on the street.Heroin and pot are bad but now prescription meds (oxycontin etc.)are the big new thing.Chute'em Elizabeth.


What about the pot that is grown and smoked that has had all kinds of chemicals and pesticides on it. I know it's bad enough this crap is on our food supply but, some of it can be washed off.

How in the hell do you remove it from pot leaves, stems seeds etc?


There is a very simple answer to your question, starryeyes. Know the person who grows the pot that you buy. Have them show you the operation. It's like buying flowers to plant in the spring time.