Fast food fist fight leads to charge

Two McDonald’s employees were sent home for the day after a spat over who would get to wash the dishes Thursday morning.
Emil Whitis
Mar 17, 2013

One employee had started the washing when another employee, Datanya Winston, 24, 800 block Seavers Way, said he would do it instead, according to a police report.

Then Winston became irate and attacked the dish-doing employee, pushing him and cornering him in the drive-thru window, where video surveillance showed him throwing several punches while the victim tried to defend himself.

Winston was charged with disorderly conduct.
A spokesperson for the food chain could not be reached for comment. 


Just Sayin IMHO

The benefits of doing the dishes is that you don't have to do anything else. You can work on your own, and take all night, while everyone else does all the hard work.

Phil Packer

Get rid of those losers and hire cute Russian girls for the summer!


oh yes!


my point is that you have to start at the bottom and work your way up so there is no shame in being 24 and working at mcdonalds or anywhere else! the shame is in not working anywhere


What dishes? Spatulas and what else, parts of the warming trays? Or what?