Fast food fist fight leads to charge

Two McDonald’s employees were sent home for the day after a spat over who would get to wash the dishes Thursday morning.
Emil Whitis
Mar 17, 2013


One employee had started the washing when another employee, Datanya Winston, 24, 800 block Seavers Way, said he would do it instead, according to a police report.

Then Winston became irate and attacked the dish-doing employee, pushing him and cornering him in the drive-thru window, where video surveillance showed him throwing several punches while the victim tried to defend himself.

Winston was charged with disorderly conduct.
A spokesperson for the food chain could not be reached for comment. 



Dang, all over who's gonna do that dishes, heck sent one of them to my house, I'd pay better by the hour than McDonalds lmao


what kind of benefits come with them dishes ??? LMFAO You know if I were the boss they would both be doing them and they wouldn't get to go home till they were done and they would only get payed a certain amount for doing them or they woud find themselves looking for a job


Big Mac Attack!!


2 all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese and a sesame seed bun. IS THAT RIGHT.


don't forget pickle -onion after cheese :)


Who can eat that crap, anyway? IT DOES have a great smell, I can't deny that. But then when you sit down and eat it...well.

I haven't eaten there in four years or so.


Thanks Starry
MacDonalds is my kind of place, they feed us rattlesnakes, french fries up your nose, hamburgers between your toes. And last time I was there............

Tsu Dho Nimh

they stole my underwear.


Simple food for simple people.

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The tt

It's nice to see Obama's sons finally applying themselves, but fighting over the dishes at a dump like McD's? What did he want to do, lick the bowl?


24 years old and still employed as a crew person at McDonald's. THIS is the REAL issue.


Not true. Would you rather him not work at all? This is what happens in a bad economy.


At least he HAS a job. If I lost my current job, I would apply at McDonalds and I am a hell of a lot older than 24.


It's a job intended for a high school student, college student or a retired person. These 20-somethings are using it to get free housing, natural gas, child care and groceries. "Feel sorry for me!", they say. Sorry. Not happening. Trust me, I've been there and done that. I turned my life around at 21. They can too.

Not Yer Pa

Interesting. What's that say about minimum wage?


the above comments are as immature as the two fighting over the job to be done.


What?, no public records request for the video???


All I can say is WOW!. I wonder why anyone would want to do the dishes. AND what dishes are there to do at McDonald's? I used to eat at McDonald's and as far as I know, there are no dishes. Maybe a spatula or two.

Phil Packer

maybe it was~do the dishes, or clean the bathrooms. I'd fight over that too.


I do not support these local McDonald's. They gouge the locals during the summertime.


Never Ever buy at Sandusky during season. The ones in Port Clinton, Amherst and Elyria do not price gouge. Even Senior Coffee is less all year long.


I avoid the local locations all year long.


my friend has worked at mcdonalds for 20 years. she bought her house with her profit sharing check.(95,000) she has medical dental vision 401k. she has the same blue cross that I have from g.m. she works breakfasat shift 5 am to 1pm she is shift supervisor.


Right. Supervisor. Not a crew person. She's made something of herself. She had the drive and determination to achieve more than minimum wage. She actually figured out that hard work actually gets a person somewhere. Kudos to her!!!

Erie County Resident

Glad to see the one got charged for his crime.
On a side note though, just WHY did the manager send both of them home for this? The only one that deserved to be punished is the idiot that started the fight not both of them.
Sideways thinking by McDonalds as always, kind of like Perkins said: "They gouge the locals during the summertime" how true.


gouge you for something you don't have to buy?


Agreed. It's not something we HAVE to buy. However, the local owners forget for several months that if it weren't for us, they'd have nothing. Greed. Plain and simple.

The Bizness

AHhh capitalism....don't you love it?

Mr. Touchdown

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Just Sayin IMHO

The benefits of doing the dishes is that you don't have to do anything else. You can work on your own, and take all night, while everyone else does all the hard work.

Phil Packer

Get rid of those losers and hire cute Russian girls for the summer!


oh yes!


my point is that you have to start at the bottom and work your way up so there is no shame in being 24 and working at mcdonalds or anywhere else! the shame is in not working anywhere


What dishes? Spatulas and what else, parts of the warming trays? Or what?