Port Clinton Lighthouse looks for home

The historic beacon could help tourists navigate to Port Clinton's downtown, lighthouse buffs say, but city balks at gift with 'strings attached.'
Tom Jackson
Mar 17, 2013


The Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy wants the city to promise to put the lighthouse by the Lake Erie shore, in Waterworks Park near downtown. 

Port Clinton Mayor Vincent P. Leone says the city would be happy to accept the lighthouse, but city officials don't  want to be tied down as they consider new proposals to develop the downtown shore area.

Get the ePaper or buy a Sunday Register at a newsstand near you to learn more about the lighthouse restoration work and the search for a new home on Lake Erie.  




You can put it on my front lawn on Lakeshore Dr. I need something to distract attention from the trashy trailer next door.

AJ Oliver

Thanks to the Brand's and others who have worked to save this chunk of our history. The design is interesting - similar to the square-shaped wooden lighthouses one sees in eastern Canada. The print article pointed out that the Marblehead Light gets 1.2 million visitors per year. Wow!!