Miller Ferry island service marks start of tourist season

Island-goers lined up Friday on first day back to Put-in-Bay
Mar 16, 2013


The William Market ferry boat nears its dock Friday on the north end of Catawba Island during this year’s first day of service to Put-In-Bay. The Miller Ferry Line will begin running boats to Middle Bass Island on March 29.

Click here for information and ferry service schedule to the Lake Erie Islands. 



Ok great. Anyone have any idea when the kelleys island ferry will start?


I thought their service was to the south side of South Bass Island. When did they start service to the bay?..Maybe I should check their web site..

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They go to both.


I looked at their map and it shows their dock is still on the south corner. A bit of a hike to the bay from there....just sayin'...


Hello Spring!

Capt. Ford

The schedule information is available online from both o boatline operators, including departure points and directions to same, hope you all find your way.


Kifbl will not post their schedule for 2013 and will not answer their phone. Something is up