Unemployment numbers up

Ottawa and Huron counties are among the Top 10 in an unfavorable category: Unemployment.
Melissa Topey
Mar 14, 2013


Ottawa County ranked fifth in the state, with an unemployment rate of 13.9 percent, up from 10.9 percent in December. Huron County slid into the No. 6 spot with a 13.8 percent unemployment rate, up from 10.9 percent in December.

The state unemployment rate in January was 7 percent, up from 6.7 percent in December.

There were 3,000 Ottawa County residents officially unemployed, according to Department of Job and Family Services. The only bright spot might e that the current figure is lower than the same time last year, when the county had an unemployment figure of 15 percent.

The spike was no surprise to officials in a county that relies heavily on summer tourism.

“It is a pretty cyclical cycle,” said Ottawa County Job and Family Services director Stephanie Kowal. “They get back to work as the season starts back up.”

She said the county does its best to continually work with area businesses to get any jobs available posted and filled as soon as possible. She said those businesses started recruiting earlier this season and she anticipates February's number will be better.

In Huron County, there were an estimated 3,600 people seeking jobs who are unemployed. 

Sandusky County increased to 9.2 percent from 6.8 percent. It reported 2,900 people unemployed.

Erie County spiked to 10.2 percent from 7.0 percent. Figures show there are 3,900 people unemployed in the county.

One of those was Morgan Weatherspoon, 20, of Sandusky, who was at the Job Store. Weatherspoon works whatever job she can find, usually part time.

“It is hard, I have bills,” Weatherspoon said.

She gets by with help from her family.

And she supports two young children.

“They have everything they need,” Weatherspoon said. “But they could use more.”

She was driven to the Job Store by family friend Roger Harpel.

News reports trying to paint an optimistic picture of the economy does not translate down to the local level.

“People are not working but they are no longer on the roll because they have not worked in so long,” Harpel said. “And when you do get a job it is part time with less than 20 hours a week. How do you live?”

COUNTY          JAN 2013     DEC 2012      JAN 2012

OTTAWA           13.9             10.9                15.0
HURON             13.8             10.3                13.9   
ERIE                  10.2             7.0                 10.3
SANDUSKY        9.2              6.8                  9.5


Darwin's choice

But big dog and coasterfan and obama say those numbers are not the ones they want people to hear!


Actually, we want to know what Mr. Kasich would have to say, since the national unemployment rate continues to drop each month, while Ohio's does not.

The Bizness

What you say is not true. Ohio's unemployment rate continues to drop.



More wrong information from coastermedia. Do you ever research before posting, or do you pull everything out of your backside? January is the only month where it went up slightly due to the loss of seasonal jobs. Ohio has consistently been below the national average since Kasich has been in office.


The numbers will go down when tourist season starts and that's something you don't want to hear.


Yeah, during the State of the Union prezo explained our cars are getting twice the fuel mileage too....
all is honkie-dorie


The Repugs said that the Stock Market would crash if Obama was re-elected.

There you go again

Yes, but instead our economy crashed, i.e., debt.


The Stock Market is flying high and you say our economy crashed?


The Market is NOT the economy and neither is the economy the Market.

Market is "flying high" due to the Fed Resv's actions.

The Big Dog's back

The market is not the economy? Really?


If the Market is not part of the economy, then what is it a reflection of?
SOMEBODY is making money or are they deluded?

Explain YOUR opinion.




Get educated:


Also Google the phrase: "the stock market is not the economy" and READ.


Reads like 'splitting hairs'.

The Stock Market is being driven by outsourcing - which means American jobs are going to foreign people.

Don't tell me that THAT doesn't have an affect on the econcomy.





Uh huh. Those above figures are a complete lie.

“People are not working but they are no longer on the roll because they have not worked in so long,” Harpel said. “And when you do get a job it is part time with less than 20 hours a week. How do you live?”


All I know is that unemployment went UP a stunning 5% as a result of the Bush Recession. Since Obama's policies began to take effect, unemployment is DOWN 3%. This is what is known as improvement. One wonders how much better things would be if Republicans weren't paddling so earnestly in the opposite direction. As if their policies, which favor the 1%, could ever do anything to help the unemployed. And yet, they still still still try to push the same economic plan that helped cause the recession. When will they figure out that the reason they lost the election wasn't because they chose the wrong messenger, but rather chose the wrong message - a message that a dwindling minority of Americans embrace.

Darwin's choice

Nice try,but this is on your saviors shoulders. If Ohio's numbers are up, the rest of the country is worse. Your spin story is amazing.


you cant argue with coasterfan......this guy is straight up blinders on retarded.

2cents's picture

Maybe they lost because 42% don't pay taxes and like it that way?


Do you pay income taxes? All people pay some type of tax even if it is only sales tax!


@ coasterfan:

Per usual, you have no proof, only opinion.

After four yrs. of Pres. BHO policies, the U.S. labor force participation rates are at 32 yr. lows - TERRIBLE!

They have been largely ineffective and detrimental.

The financial engine of mediocre growth has been the Fed. Reserve ZIRP and QEnfinity programs.

If the Fed stopped buying govt. paper for one mo., the American economy would implode.


Contango, don't expect him to respond with any proof...he doesn't have anything. Everything he posts is probably spoon fed to him by his teacher wife.




Really? They just raised taxes on the 1%. By your standards, we should have a 4% unemployment rate by doing this alone. Which economic plan caused the recession? As I recall, the Dems had control of congress before the recession began. The purse strings are controlled by Congress, the same Congress that hasn't passed a budget since April of 2009.


Ah yes coasterfanmedia.com is still up and running or did you retitle it to coasterfanspin.com


Only part time jobs due to Obamacare's insurance mandates. Expect it to get a whole lot worse.


That's bull and you know it. It is simply greedy employers dogging their employees especially since the law does not take full effect until next year. So what even if it is only part time. Get two jobs!


Keep on believing that. Do a little google search, Wendy's franchise cut hours due to Obamacare, Taco Bell, Walmart has said they will likely cut hours, Darden, Inc. (the company that owns Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc.), applebees, Kroger, Papa Johns, Welch-Allyn, Dana Holding Corp., Stryker (makes medical equipment), Boston Scientific, MedTronic, Abbott Labs, HillRom. Do I need to go on? I have a list that was put out by the AP of companies that went on record saying they have already or will be laying off people or reducing hours due to Obamacare mandates. The biggest job losses appear to be in the medical device industry due to the new taxes being levied against them. Keep your head in the clouds, maybe you'll be lucky and won't have your hours cut back.

The Big Dog's back

Bullspit. The ACA hasn't even taken effect yet.


It hasn't but companies are a whole lot smarter than you two doo doo birds. They pay people that run numbers....they are called accountants. Maybe you haven't ever heard of one because you don't have to pay taxes like I do. I know of 3 local companies who are cutting big time because of Obamacare. They ran the numbers.....one company predicted 10 million in additional spending alone just for Obamacare over the next 7 years. That is their profit, so they had to cut hours AND benefits AND coverage so their company would stay afloat.

Of course, you and the liberals probably want to see companies go under so you can sit at home and pound your chest like it was some win for you.

What you fail to consistently realize is that with continued outsourcing/companies going under...more and more people are without work. You guys would rather have this entire country bankrupt, rather than grow, because you HATE capitalism and HATE the fact that people make a lot of money running companies.

Talking to you is literally like talking to my dog, except my dog actually goes and gets the toy and returns it to me.


I talked to two OJFS workers before and after my unemployment ran out. I took all the classes OJFS offered as well. It's a freakin' job trying to FIND a job. I am very skilled in my trade. Try and find someone in OHIO that wants a very skilled person that is 54 years of age. Back to school for me. Student loans and some "free" tuition. The OJFS workers have quit their jobs and have replacements that I have to start all over with. Along with many others that are unemployed I keep in touch with. 35+ years in my skilled trade making up to $32.00 USD and you think I'm gonna go flip burgers for minumum wage. EFF you.


Flippin' burgers don't pay the bills anyway! You would still need help.


You'll flip burgers when the handouts stop. As long as you keep the mentality that some jobs are beneath you, look to remain unemployed. As one who hires people, I don't want someone with that sort of attitude, and believe me it is easy to figure out the people who have that attitude during the interview process. I have two interview questions that work every time. The day of the $32/hr job for a skilled tradesman is gone. If that is what you are holding out for, get used to being unemployed.


I'd settle for $16 an hour. But you are wrong on me EVER flipping burgers. That I can promise.

Really are you ...

Back in 2009 I was laid off from Mayflower. For 1 full year I could not find a job of any kind through the job store or temp services. Heck I even went to McDonalds open interviews just to get a job. They asked me why I never worked for McDonalds before. What should I have said? With my military service and time at Mayflower was 11 years. Please, please, pretty please give me a job. I need one. Here is my DD214. And they said, no that contains too much personal information. Really? What is on my application?

2cents's picture

Well, I drove through downtown Lorain two days ago; it has been years since I was there. Very sad to see maybe over 50% of the business fronts boarded up. Something will break loose but I have no idea what it will be under the new communist regime!


Since Dinghy Gal hasn't been here to chime in yet, I will say her line for her.

Yay Kasich!


New "unofficial" Huron Co. motto: Be thankful for what you’ve got; it could be worse.


What part of the "Sam Walton Business Model" don't you people understand?
Send jobs to China unemployment goes up.
When consumers "Save Money so the Chinese can live better" the Chinese economy improves, the USA economy suffers.
end of story


@ Kimo:

Enjoy livin' in the past.

Look at all the agricultural jobs the U.S. has lost due to automation!

Better get rid of the farm machinery and pass out the hoes and shovels to get all those jobs back!

The Big Dog's back

Nonsensical comparison.


Excellect comparison.

Those low skilled, high paying factory jobs that "went to China" ain't comin' back, no way, no how wolfie-poo.

High skilled, high tech, high payin' manufacturing jobs ARE startin' to come back however.




Contango. Its okay because those high paying jobs are going to take care of those who don't want to work, or think because of their lack of education, bad luck...etc, working for 12-14 dollars isn't worth their time. Heck when Obama is done he will probably have unlimited unemployment. That way people can sit at home and keep collecting on the backs of the workers.


Since the 80's, Huron County has been in the top 5 for un-employment. (Think it was #1 under Reagan era.)