Lawyers say state workers comp bureau owes employers BIG

A judge in northeast Ohio is weighing arguments over a request by Ohio employers for $860 million in restitution they say they're owed by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation for overcharges.
Associated Press
Mar 14, 2013


Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Richard McMonagle held a hearing on the matter Thursday.

Attorneys for employers want the sum to compensate as many as 270,000 Ohio employers affected by McMonagle's December ruling. It found the bureau overcharged the business owners from July 2001 to June 2009. A coalition representing the employers rallied at the courthouse Thursday.

The state presented arguments for paying a lower amount. A bureau spokeswoman said the money would come from assets of the state's $7 billion insurance fund for injured workers.

The Bureau is appealing the decision.



This bureau is just another means of government redistribution of wealth. Workers comp claims have become a means for some people to obtain money without working. The system is slanted to the advantage of lazy not those who need the support.


WRONG! The employers were overcharged. The EMPLOYERS want their money back.

Truth or Fiction

Are you saying that a person who is injured at work should not receive compensation for their injury until such time as they can return to work?


I'm saying that the system has been corrupted by those people who have no real injury and are looking for government support without the need. Businesses are struggling with the added burden that has been forced on them.

Got no problem with real benefits for real workers comp claims. Our country is starting to lose our work ethic.

Second Opinion

They STOLE the money and then ask to pay back just a portion of it.

When are we going to demand that those in goverment who commit crimes are just as responsible as those who commit crimes in society? If these government workers were PERSONALLY responsible for such crimes and had to serve time then we wouldn't read about this sort of thing.

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It is very possible to be over funded with so many manufacturing jobs gone overseas!

Mr. D

In 2005 Republican bigwig Tom Noe was given charge of investing funds for the Bureau of Workers Comp. His firm also invested for big money Republicans. Tom Noe was convicted of funneling illegal Republican campaign money thru his firm. And also for mismagaging the Workers Comp Fund. Millions of dollars of Ohio's money disappeared under his management, it was nicknamed Tom Noe's Coingate. Google it. So, yes, under the repubs, Workers Comp did redistribute wealth to wealthy republicans thru illegal investments and embezzlement and fraud!