Man accused of sex crime shoots himself

A New Haven man shot himself Monday in the Milan Police Department parking lot, according to Milan police Chief Jim Rose.
Mar 14, 2013


Gary Francis, 59, was pronounced dead in the first block of S. Main Street at about 2 p.m. He’d recently been accused of a sex crime against a 6-year-old child.

Rose tracked down Francis earlier that day for an interview. Francis agreed to talk and followed Rose to the police department in a separate car. Rose watched Francis park then went inside to set up recording equipment for the interview. When Francis didn’t show after a few minutes, Rose went out to the parking lot, where he found the suspect dead with a pistol in his lap. The car was still running.

There were no witnesses to the incident. Francis’ body was sent to the Lucas County Coroner’s Office for an autopsy, according to Erie County coroner Brian Baxter.


Rod Farva

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That comment didnt make it long. Less than 10 minutes.


Guilty when acused
Mindless mob mentality
Domestic terror threat

Kottage Kat

Been in NR 4 3 days
Tacky comments abound


That what you're supposed to do when someone dies right? Beat them into the ground verbally? I have been reading the comments on there as well and most are disturbing to say the least! People are savages these days.

Not Yer Pa

He deserves a medal! Anyone who kills a child molester deserves one in my opinion.

Phil Packer

No, "people" are not. Idiots, that's different.


A six year old being molested is a lot more disturbing to obvious guilty man shooting himself in the parking lot is justice served i dont touch children and get any sympathy from me or as it sounds anyone the innocent dont hide you would think if he DIDNT do it he would be fighting and denying.. offering to take polygraph test whatever would clear his name if he 100% DIDNOT do just shoot yourself lets everyone know you did it and dont want to face the punishment


Here we go again!!! why autopsy? he was a coward and shot himself!


One less trial to pay for.....thank you!

Not Yer Pa

Maybe the POS in Huron will do the same.
(The kiddy porn guy, not Fox)


Maybe OJ Simpson will do the same!

Kottage Kat

Prayers to the family
May your memories sustain you at this diifficult time.


Sure hope Milan PD still investigates the allegations. It would be horrible if they were not true. I don't know the man and I am not making excuses for any pedophile but sometimes false accusations do happen.


He pretty much admitted guilt when he shot himself..innocent person dont shoot themselves when the police want to talk to you...he did it ..he knew he was busted and thats how he chose to deal with it case closed...wish more pedophiles would take his lead

Edwin Ison

I would think Rose would have accompanied the man inside, considering he had a gun available. Luckily, this was the result.
Amateurish MPD.
Isn't the school just several blocks away?

Phil Packer



Blue - I was wondering the same thing. With an obvious gunshot wound, as well as the gun in his lap, doesn't that pretty much tell even the most ignorant coroner the cause of death? Why the need & expense of an autopsy?