Perkins Schools contract cut by $1 million; $11 million left to go

Non-teaching Perkins Schools employees approved a new 5-year contract this week that will save the district nearly $1 million during the next four years.
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 14, 2013

That's one step.

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The school board still can't agree on the next step, however, and determining what programs and staff members must be cut to save an additional $11 million remains unresolved.

Board members initially planned to announce two rounds of district-wide cuts last week and approve them this week.

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After several hours of discussion during executive, closed-door meetings, however, they have yet to release vote for an approved list. 

"There are lots of options we need to discuss," board president Matt Kosior said. "If there was one good option we would have done it a long time ago. None of these cuts are cuts we want to make."

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Since I was involved in the beginning of the funding process for the new stadium I would not call it a partnership. The BOE wished us well but no financial consideration was offered. Later, as the project proved to be successful, the BOE and administration jumped on board. Just wanted to clarify.


The Perkins schools are in better shape than most of the other schools in the area! Strong Schools, if I hear the phrase "suffering students" one more time, I think I might throw up!!!

I've seen NO "suffering students"!

Go check out Margaretta/Huron/Sandusky/Edison/Clyde, etc. I've seen them all because I'm a big high school sports fan, and I am in the area school buildings on a regular basis. Perkins is just as "in shape" as any of them. I've put a few children through college, and most college campuses have buildings MUCH OLDER than Perkins high school, and they're managing just fine. Please STOP with the "suffering students" comments, you're looking ridiculous.


Extremely ridiculous!

Strong Schools ...

I never said the students were "suffering". I will continue to support our children and I feel they deserve the best. Also, if you are going to be rude and attack me than I will not correspond with you. You have your opinions as do I and I feel I have been very respectful to all I have communicated with. All of my comments have stated that we need to look long term and think about the future. We can not keep patching the problems because they are only going to get worse. We have to think long term...please read the past posts. Also, I have been to some local college campuses recently and they are under construction and rebuilding their future. Also, Port Clinton, Bellevue, and Clyde have all updated their buildings...just to name a FEW. I don't feel I look ridiculous at all just because I will stand up for what I believe in. The only people who look ridiculous are the ones who cannot have a civil conversation and respect others. Again, I will not correspond with anyone who will not show me the same respect I have shown them. I will not go to that level.


Good! Vote NO!


[quote]Strong Schools said:
I never said the students were "suffering".[/quote]

[quote]Strong Schools said:
............. The children will be the ones suffering and I am going to support them and their needs. [/quote]

Yes, you did. ^^^^^^ Right there.


You can also support the children by voting responsibly and not putting your neighbors and future property owners in a bind or committing them to an administration that is not forthcoming and honest about their spending!

Everyone that owns property is supporting the children in the schools. Look at the breakdown of your property taxes and how much is going to the schools. As far as other school districts updating their buildings (remodeling or new) the administration chose real estate over supporting the children. Guess where the money to pay for construction costs came from? Costs were cut on Books, fuel for busses, work books etc....Maintenance costs, however, went up. Utilities cost went up.

SO, I will choose to VOTE NO and keep the extra $150-$300 a year in my household. My electric bill went up too. SO did my gas, medical insurance, SS tax.

Strong Schools ...

Support the students!!! Vote yes!


Support the students!!! VOTE NO!


I would like to see the independent analysis of the buildings in the other districts to compare those facility ratings with the high school. I know the report posted on the Perkins District site has the high school rated 92/100 with 100 being the worst possible score. This after three different building inspections by those whose job it is to inspect school facilities. As a caveat, in 1999 one federal agency rated Ohio public school facilities the worst in the nation.

It doesn't matter who is leading the district or who is on the board, the problem exists and will continue to exist until dealt with through either renovation or new construction. The cost to address will continue to increase as the economy improves, cost of construction will rise; bond interest rates will rise at some point.

I also think you will find that many colleges have reinvested large sums of money into existing buildings when it made economic sense or new construction if the cost of renovation was prohibitive versus building new.


Says the Perkins teacher.


The way you posted this comment suggests that because I am a teacher my opinion or thoughts are to be diminished or belittled. I have been to most board meetings over the past few years and ask questions of administrators and board members when I need clarification; I have also reviewed detailed financial information from the district, spoken with the county auditor's office as needed, spoken with folks in other districts about their funding issues, and written letters and emails to elected officials in the past. I think that I have formed my opinion based on a review of the facts and available information as well as my former business background. I also have made no secret of my profession or identity when posting on here. I would hope that others would do the same so that a respectful discussion can take place.


I'm sure your decision to vote yes has nothing to do with the fact that your livlihood is directly tied to the levy passing, right? No bias whatsoever, right?


Based on what I have read with many of these postings, I it seems there a lot of biases at work. Here's the difference-I am willing to allow others to know that I am a teacher (which I will not apologize for or hide from others; I think in any debate it is important to hear from all perspectives). I do, however, attempt to provide rational, considered responses. It is disconcerting to see incorrect information posted. So, if I feel that to be the case, I will respond as I have time. I will also try to provide logical discussion points; you don't have to agree, and readers can judge whether I have provided discussion points that are skewed due to what you believe to be a "bias" on my part. What is not available to me or other readers about many of the postings are the biases that posters have who remain anonymous. So, if one is going to infer that my postings should be considered less relevant than others due to a possible bias on my part, I think it fair that I and other readers have the same opportunity to be aware of the biases influencing the comments of others.


Of course everyone has their opinions and biases. Just don't expect people to buy what you're selling when you directly benefit from a passed levy. I decided to vote no the second Gunner stole the operating funds and moved them to the permanent improvement funds. There really is no debate can post your studies as much as you want to, it isn't going to change how I vote. I guess we'll see in May what the people decide is best.


Says the teacher.



Strong Schools ...

I like your thoughts RMyer and I do agree the problem exists no matter who in on the board or leading the district.

Free Man

maybe nasa plumbrook can help ? like by paying taxes??


We'll see if the Super and the BOE matter, because I think their actions in moving the funds will cause this levy to fail by an even wider margin.


Vote NO on the renewal levy too!



The BOE and superintendent don't care if they fail with the levy. They will keep putting it on the ballot .

The BOE and superintendent have maneuvered funding away from public vote. They now can build their $50 million dollar school without public vote .

There will be a new school built without money to support the building or the teachers or to run the school system.

Does that sound like sound financial judgment ?

Sounds like a replay of the township . A new township hall with no money to support the responsibility of the township.

Oh, I forgot . It will be someone else's fault .



I also would like an independent evaluation of the school buildings . Not a rehash from a Good Old Boy state organization that's only job is to promote the building of new schools in Ohio. It's that darn trust factor again.


I am glad there is discussion going on about the levy that is constructive dialogue. I am enjoying reading these discussions. I think that it is important for us to discuss a topic that is so very important for our community...but stay constructive in our conversations to help us truly understand that facts, not the theories or "hearsay" that seems to drive public opinion. Strong, you make some very good points. Especially about thinking how our schools directly relate to the strength of our community. Our kids do need to be the focus and placed at the center of all this. I also know that the 21st century is providing a much different world with different challenges we must face. Perkins schools has done a great job, I think, in providing technology and programs that will serve our kids well as they prepare for that 21st century world. However, I've walked through a few of the schools and they are old and in need of much repair. These new buildings are needed to support the future for our kids and community. I know I was always taught to support your fire department, support your police department, and support your schools. I plan to continue doing just that! The schools has my vote.





Are you forgetting other community members that will be effected by this additional tax burden?

The elderly and the less fortunate just getting by with their present financial situation. Choices will have to made in regards to paying this additional tax or making a house payment, purchasing needed medicine or the quality of food purchased .

Who do you want to throw under the "school" bus to make sure the kids are not lacking any possible educational program?

Life is a give and take. If you want to give to someone you have to take from someone.

Be careful with your choices.



Strong Schools ...

I know this is going to be hard for different people regarding their financial situations. My mother and father have their grandchildren in mind. I think we can all agree that we always want better for our children than what we had ourselves. It is up to the voter to decide what they can afford. Our community will thrive more if we invest in our children and schools. We moved here because we were proud of the education system and we wanted our family to be apart of a great tradition. Perkins provides a great education for our youth. Think of this...If we want things to stay the same, then things have to change. If we want our children to continue to receive a great education then we need to enhance our technology and build buildings that can support all of the technological changes and hands on learning. The 21st century learner learns in a much different way than we did. We need to support their needs and get them ready for the real world. Perkins 2060, I am interested in your educated thoughts. I know that you say "no" a lot but you're not saying anything to make me think otherwise or sway my vote. What are your RESPECTFUL thoughts. Just curious and want to know.


How's this? Vote NO!


Strong ,

You have provided no concrete information that a new school building will improve the test scored or education "of the children ".

You have provided your opinion, that's it .

The superintendent could not provide me any thing but an opinion.

Should the community spend $50 million dollars of an opinion?

If the BOE and superintendent can't sell it to the community maybe it's not necessary or we have the wrong people in charge.