Dispatcher arrives drunk, loses job

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth made short work of a dispatcher who came into work drunk Tuesday.
Matt Westerhold
Mar 14, 2013

Dispatcher Johnson was terminated at the conclusion of the pre-disciplinary conference this morning,” Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. “That’s about all that needs to be said.” 

Former Erie County dispatcher Christie Johnson, 36, was charged with operating vehicle intoxicated and driving under suspension at about 3:30 p.m. 

It was her second drunken driving charge in less than a year. 

Johnson’s initial blood alcohol concentration registered 0.103 percent and later 0.08 percent. She was booked into the Erie County jail and put on paid administrative leave. 

Sigsworth said she’ll get paid for Tuesday. 

As for the firing, he believes it will hold up in front of an arbitrator due to a “documented pattern of progressive discipline” against Johnson and her “gross misconduct” on Tuesday.



They found some in her locker


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OK...let's all get this straight. You have an employee without a valid drivers license,not asking actually HOW she is getting to work. Red flag #1. She has reviews about her performance and you "suspect" she may have been drinking before her shift. Red flag #2. Okay, got that. She is relieved of her position, calls a fellow dispatcher to clean out her locker. I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't have touched that thing with a ten foot pole!!! I would've contacted Sigsworth or Oliver IMMEDIATELY!! That poor person just set themselves up. Red flag #3. So they find pot, oh yea...that's right, if I found pot in my house I would take it to my place of employment, put it in my locker, and uuuhh, just forget about it. I can imagine the Sheriff was "red in the face."


Why haven't we heard the "rest of the story" on here?