Dispatcher arrives drunk, loses job

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth made short work of a dispatcher who came into work drunk Tuesday.
Matt Westerhold
Mar 14, 2013


Dispatcher Johnson was terminated at the conclusion of the pre-disciplinary conference this morning,” Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. “That’s about all that needs to be said.” 

Former Erie County dispatcher Christie Johnson, 36, was charged with operating vehicle intoxicated and driving under suspension at about 3:30 p.m. 

It was her second drunken driving charge in less than a year. 

Johnson’s initial blood alcohol concentration registered 0.103 percent and later 0.08 percent. She was booked into the Erie County jail and put on paid administrative leave. 

Sigsworth said she’ll get paid for Tuesday. 

As for the firing, he believes it will hold up in front of an arbitrator due to a “documented pattern of progressive discipline” against Johnson and her “gross misconduct” on Tuesday.


Hoss McGee

Now she can go on welfare and drink all day long. Why us taxpayers pay for her drinks.

Talkings hit

That's why this area is called Vacationland. Besides, who doesn't like day drinking?


It will cost the taxpayers less if she's on welfare but thanks to the gun nuts, she can still carry a gun, at least when she's not intoxicated. Isn't it about time that DUI convictions include a prohibition against gun ownership? The same with drug convictions - even if it's a misdemeanor. Beer, pot, and guns don't mix.


good! she got what she deserved!


No problem, the union will get her job back.


At least she showed up for work. Can't get too many people to do that anymore.


I would show up for work but they wouldn't hire me because I am too old and not experieced. A person can't get experience without being hired and a person can't get hired without experience. Go figure. I have a good work ethic, don't drink or smoke and am willing to learn, but NO...they don't want me.


Great job of background checking when hiring this person. This is the first time and probably will not be the last time.

Hoss McGee

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2cents's picture

"Step 1" Christie, sounds like it is time!

Talkings hit

Rehab is for quitters.

2cents's picture

Yep! A good thing yes?


love the bar add right under her picture wtf, lol!


Good job on the part of Sheriff Sigsworth and his staff on bringing this to a swift close. There should not be an arbitrator in their right mind that would give her that job back. Good luck in the fast food industry for her.


From this short blurb it sounds like the Sheriff is on sold footing. He said those magic phrases: documented history of progressive discipline & gross misconduct. If this is true, and right now there is no reason to believe otherwise, he is doing it the right way and it will stick.

Tool Box

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This will be another waste of a lot of money trying to fire a union person.

he said she said

one beer? yeah ok and the Pepsi I started drinking this morning has me slightly intoxicated....

Mrs. Jones

What a joke. Go figure that it's an employee of the Erie County Sheriff's Department. Lets just say what quality people you hire Sheriff Paul. A deputy loses house to foreclosure, the next deputy gets in trouble for lieing about wrecking a cruiser and now this dispatcher. It's a shame you don't look outside the box to hire more experience more qualified more professinal deputies or employees period.

Rod Farva

The joke is your use of the English language ...


It's a shame you're so judgmental and never learned how to spell lying or professional, more experienced. And who calls a chief Sheriff Paul? Glad I don't keep up with the Joneses.

Not Yer Pa

This is gonna get good!


Should someone explain to Unassumer that a Sheriff's office doesn't have a chief?

It has a sheriff and deputy sheriffs?


Rod Farva

Who is chief deputy Oliver then?


He is the Chief Deputy Sheriff. There is no such position as Chief Sheriff. Only the elected person is Sheriff all other commissioned personnel are deputies of different ranks.


I can't believe that she was paid for the day that she came into work drunk! Was she paid for the entire day when as soon as she walked into the building her supervisor smelled alcohol on her and had her booked into jail? It doesn't make any sense to me. And I know it's going to sound like I'm defending Sheriff Sigsworth but I'm not defending anyone in particular just stating a fact here. I was interviewed for a position within the Sheriff's Dept as a dispatcher - personally I think my disability kept me from the job but that's another thing - but I was interviewed by the person I was told was the head of the department, who would also be hiring me if I was selected and also who I would be reporting to should I be hired and this person was not Sheriff Sigsworth. Ultimately yes, Sheriff Sigsworth is the head of the Sheriff's Department but not who was in charge of making the decisions on who is/was hired into the dispatch positions. And this was just last summer.

Hoss McGee

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Hey look on the bright side ,she is free to partay on, non - stop, no annoying job to get in her way. She can experiment , so much fun ahead of her, so little time. Get treatment before it gets worse.

Super Judge

is it true she likes marijuana also


They found some in her locker


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OK...let's all get this straight. You have an employee without a valid drivers license,not asking actually HOW she is getting to work. Red flag #1. She has reviews about her performance and you "suspect" she may have been drinking before her shift. Red flag #2. Okay, got that. She is relieved of her position, calls a fellow dispatcher to clean out her locker. I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't have touched that thing with a ten foot pole!!! I would've contacted Sigsworth or Oliver IMMEDIATELY!! That poor person just set themselves up. Red flag #3. So they find pot, oh yea...that's right, if I found pot in my house I would take it to my place of employment, put it in my locker, and uuuhh, just forget about it. I can imagine the Sheriff was "red in the face."


Why haven't we heard the "rest of the story" on here?