Sandusky Fifth Street a rocky road

'It's getting to be very hazardous,' Sandusky resident Tim Stookey told city commissioners on Monday. 'It's falling apart. Literally.'
Andy Ouriel
Mar 13, 2013


Most Cedar Point visitors expect bumpy rides when boarding classic attractions such as the Blue Streak roller coaster.

But many also uncontrollably shake outside the park when driving on one of Sandusky's roughest roads connecting to Cedar Point's main corridor.

Get the ePaper or Friday's Register for a breakdown on repair costs and a look at the city's plan of action. 

The pothole-infested Fifth Street is located between Sycamore Line and Cedar Point Drive. With about 100 homes located on the corridor, Fifth Street is often times used by locals as a detour or shortcut to access or leave the amusement park.

Stookey passionately spoke about the road's structural shortcomings in front of city commissioners at a public meeting Monday.

"If you are on the south side of that street, you cannot maintain and control your vehicle," Stookey said. "The sidewalks are cracking and dropping over the top of sanitary sewers."



There are so many streets in this town that are falling apart. Its dangerous and damaging to our cars. Maybe instead of spending money on all those police studies to tell the police department what they already know, why not try to fix at least one street. Might save them a lawsuit in the future.


The City Managers salary would fix a couple of roads. Why do we have a manager again??

Talkings hit

Because the people of Sandusky voted to keep the system instead of having a mayor.



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Fix the roads and increase speeding ticket revenue to pay for more road work. A no brainer, look at Remington!

Kenny V

I can name at least 3 roads that are in dire need of repairs. Caldwell from Perkins to Cowdery, Pierce and Buchanan Streets from Campbell to Hayes Ave. On Caldwell after the last 2 snows I have seen huge chunks of the road sticking up out of the street. Lets get with it Sandusky, I pay all the taxes that are to be set aside for these repairs. Get off your duffs and get to it....

Mr. D

Potholes are a problem everywhere. Keep your eyes on the road. . . Steer around them. . . Slow down a little. . .


Kenny you don't pay all the taxes. Just your share. Toledo is not liable for car repairs because of potholes and I would assume that Sandusky is not either. Read the fine print (if you can find it). I think this pothole and bad road problem is all over Ohio and probably a few other states as well. Another fallout of the economy.


Darn Obama. Every thing is going down the poopper

Talkings hit

It's the drones that are creating the potholes.


Darn Drones.


"If you are on the south side of that street, you cannot maintain and control your vehicle," Stookey said...........Really?


Come down Pipe Street sometime. It's worse than Fifth!!!

Good 2 B Me

Look at the article that was written about Columbus Park a few months ago. They still did nothing to fix their pothole problem. Instead, they are asking for more money after spending the money that they already had. Same with the Perkins Schools.

The powers that be do not recognize the plight of the little guy.


At least it ain't like the sink holes down here in Florida!!!!


The city will wait until sink hole develoes before they fix Fifth Street.


Sure feels like it!


That last comment was in reply to the comment about sinkholes developing before people fix 5th Street!


Just do what they do on Mall Drive: fill the holes with rocks and dirt.


There is a 100 foot section of Cable Street that makes you feel like you're driving in downtown Sarajevo


try strub rd between old railroad and 4..what a joke wtf??


used to be a nice stretch of road until triple clown (oops I mean crown) started using it, thankfully that was stopped, then we have wolff bros. and all the commercial traffic. plus NOMS and the mess that creates.


sorry..dumb a$$ noms did a lot of that close to 4..

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Wow! Not sure how bad Fifth is this winter but I was on W130th south of Lorain in Cleveland yesterday. I think they should have a new word for pot hole, maybe black hole!