Police dogs descend on Huron schools

Five departments assist in drug search
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 13, 2013


Police dogs descended on Huron Schools last week for an unannounced drug search. They came up empty.

The school was placed on lockdown for 45 minutes March 5, while the dogs searched lockers, doorways and parking lots for drugs and illegal paraphernalia. One dog picked up false readings on a locker and two adjacent cars in a parking lot, but no drugs were found inside, according to a press release the school district issued Monday.  

Police from Sandusky, Huron, Perkins, Vermilion and Tiffin participated.

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What year is that picture from? Shame on you SR!

Phil Packer

I'm guessing that the majority of students at Huron are NOT bringing drugs to school, yet they ALL were treated like criminals. That just goes against everything this country is about, and if you all don't think so, then we are in deep, deep trouble.


A big thanks to Fred Fox for getting those schools into good shape before taking his paid vacation.


sure hope those dogs were on a leash ohio does have a leash law. last dog got shot for not wearing one!!!!


that dog got shot for it's aggressive behavior.


Sorry, but the video shows that to be UNTRUE.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


maybe they should check officers desalle's locker again maybe someone from huron county gave him drugs to hide!!!!


Ohio doesn't have a leash law, just certain areas.




Ah yes, the once every five years unannounced locker search that everyone knows was announced. This is ludicrous. If you've never watched the drug deals go down in the high school parking lot, you're missing a real show.


so lets shoot them seagulls for their agressive behvaviors!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bizness

I have never had a sea gull come at me growling, and trying to bite me....I sure hope you are saying these things as a joke because you are coming across pretty dumb.


sarcasm is the means of bringing attention to stupidity!


that dog was not aggressive. protecting her yard and territory maybe. that's all. sounds like a bum tip led to a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The Bizness

The dog was aggressive and the owner was lazy. Should the dog have been shot? Probably not, but it doesn't really matter now. Can't change what happened. It is just a dog though, you eat animals every day probably what makes a dog any different than a pig, cow, or chicken?


Except the dog was not aggressive, as the video shows. Yes, the owners were lazy, but the cop fired his sidearm in a residential area for no reason.


I doubt that the cows are aggressive when slaughtered.


The yard was not fenced and a dog protecting its territory is dangerous!

Talkings hit

Meanwhile, a kiddy porn collector in Huron is busted with movies of adults having sex with little girls and we are still focused on a dead dog. Who said sex sells?


The Perkins High School needs to be searched next starting with it's band program, i.e. drummers. From what we've heard, there is a lot of drug usage within that program. Just ask a few of the parents that recently caught their kids with it. Pretty large and surprising ring of kids. Good luck on your trip to Florida, PHS!


They should have used those dogs to track down all of the stolen mold free, vacuum packed marijuana that was stored in that barn in Huron County, Ohio.


I think these are illegal searches, I understand the war on drugs and all, but what about the false readings on the lockers, then suddenly its an invasion of privacy isnt it?


No, the lockers are the property of the school students have no expectation of privacy.


The schools have stripped the students of freedoms just like Obama is stripping adults of theirs. Your car that you pay for and is titled in your name which the police cant even search without consent or a warrant is fair game to the principal. You have to sign a release to be able to park on their property. They did this to me in 99, I parked across the street. Until the principle figured me out and had the city put up a no parking sign. (This happened at Clyde though)


Great job Huron! I bet that dog looks aggressive if he would of found something. all dogs are the same this one is no greater than the one that got shot, only difference the one here will bite you. funny the other dog ran in his back yard, but he's wrong for barking at a stranger. that's part of having a dog PROTECTION!


not to mention if you shoot a police dog it is the same as shooting a human officer in the eyes of the law....


so what did this cost tax payers???


Enough of the dog already...old news...let it go!!!!


The dope smoker they find today might be the president of tomarrow. Take our own CIC for example.

Talkings hit

Or the last 3 CIC's for that matter.

Tool Box


Darwin's choice

Barack "choom" Obama !! Most spoken word in obama's college dorm.....eeaaaarr!!

William Jeffers...

I told you back when I was CIC that "I never inhaled"!!