Are four judges in Erie County too many?

Caseloads for the four Erie County Common Pleas Court judges have dramatically decreased in recent years. But they're not guilty of slacking off nor neglecting their work.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 13, 2013


All four judges collectively closed about 9,500 cases per year from 2005 through 2007.

Through from 2008 through 2011, the average number of yearly terminated cases shrunk to 4,400, according to a Register analysis of court data and financial information obtained through public records requests.

Former judge Ann Maschari delayed closing, or effectively disregarded, about 2,600 cases when voters booted her from office in November 2004.

Since then, judges diligently worked to whittle down the number.

As the years past, the number of cases eventually dwindled.

Of those 2,600 outstanding cases, only one remains active as of today.

The four common pleas court officials analyzed include:

• Judge Roger Binette and Tygh Tone, who both primarily oversee civil and criminal cases, including murder trials.

• Judge Robert DeLamatre, who supervises the juvenile court.

• Judge Beverly McGookey, who presides over probate dealings, such as deciding on guardianship disputes and distributing marriage licenses.

Get Wednesday's Register for the breakdown, the costs and the payrolls for the Erie County Courthouse. 



Julie R.

Don't even get me started.

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Pretty please? This is YOUR time to shine! Spill it girl, spill it!



There you go again

I, for one, appreciate your posts, back you 100%, and look forward to future posts. People who have had the unfortunate experiences of dealing with judges and their cronies know that "it ain't a pretty picture.". And this is America?


Come on Julie..dig, dig, dig and give us all the details. Pleeez....



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Thanks, we won't.


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I just had to check the comments on this one, as I KNEW Julie R. would be the very first one. And don't worry Julie, no one wants you to "get started". We've heard it all at least a gazillion times.

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Isn.t luxs a judge in erie county also


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Kottage Kat, you hit that one correct.


I'm wondering why there is a lone case out there that has not been settled. Could it be a case involving Elsebeth Baumgartner or Krista Harris?

Could it be a motion to investigate the corruption in Erie County?

I'm wondering if the Sandusky Register will reveal that information to the public?


Good comment. Only newspapers can expose the corruption and the actions of the powers that be. My belief is that the Sandusky Register will stop listening to the powers that be and be very proactive in seeking the truth. I will help the Sandusky Register expose the truth as well as the lies.

Julie R.

I don't know what the "lone" case is but I do know for a fact that when it comes to fraud there are no time limitations no matter how many scams they pull off at that joke Erie County courthouse.


I want to add to my previous comment and I will provide a couple of links.
"Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan said Bratton will not be charged criminally because there were no clear guidelines governing purchases made with funds from the sheriff's furtherance of justice account."

No clear guidelines? How about these guidelines from the Ohio State Auditor that does give guidelines.
"Furtherance of Justice (F.O.J.) funds statutorily provided to county prosecutors and county sheriffs."

County Sheriff's Manual for the State Of Ohio

Julie R.

This article is so misleading and hypocritical, God Himself must have shuddered.

Julie R.

McGookey said we rarely have a visiting judge......

Why not ask with 4 judges in Erie County why they would even need to have a "rarely visiting judge" in the Erie County Probate Court to begin with?

Talkings hit

Get it girl! She's feeling it now y'all! Stand back!

Julie R.

I got to see one of those "rarely visiting judges" in action for myself last year. I believe his last name was Bailey. He was brought in NOT to address the legitimate complaints that were filed that the probate court refused to address and dismissed --- he was brought in instead to do the "final accounting" in the estate of my mother who passed away in late 2002 (2002????) and the other estate of a stepfather who passed away in early 2005. (2005?)

The rent-a-judge made the hilarious claim that the reason the complaints were never addressed in the Erie County probate estate of my mother (plus the other estate of a stepfather) was because the "complaints" had already been "resolved" --- referring to a bogus sham lawsuit that a sneaky attorney filed and dismissed in the juridiction of Cuyahoga County --- a county that had nothing to do with the estates of life-long Erie County residents.

I'm afraid I had to laugh when he said that. I believe I even asked him -- if that's true why are you in Erie County? Shouldn't you be in Cuyahoga County handling the "final accounting" in Erie County probate estates?

(One couldn't even MAKE-UP the illegal crap that goes on at that Eeeerie County courthouse)

Talkings hit

That's it. Let it out.

Julie R.

I have seven depositions that a bunch of snake attorneys all tried to hide. The seven depositions all have the heading of the ERIE COUNTY PROBATE COURT with the name of some Cuyahoga County sitting judge named Carolyn Friedland.

So does this mean Erie County really has FIVE judges? If so, why are they keeping the fifth one a secret?


feel better now?

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Julie R, 22% of the comments, she is slacking.

Julie R.

If your jokes at the Erie County courthouse wouldn't allow their favorite attorney friends and financial institutions to criminally defraud the elderly and incompetent at the end of their lives, they wouldn't need to waste taxpayer money on visiting rent-a-judges ten years after the deaths of the elderly.

Likewise for the other joke public officals. If the jokes didn't authorize fraudulent transfers of properties belonging to the elderly under fraud documents prepared by attorneys, the jokes at the Erie County courthouse wouldn't have to sell the properties at scam sheriff sales with serious defects in the titles under fraud preliminary judicial reports to realtors to use as rental properties.

Resolve the issue of fraud on property by committing even more fraud on the property. How intelligent.

Julie R.

Over 300 comments on the Huron Fox fiasco alone but not one single comment on here applauding the "great job" the Erie County judges are doing. Not even a single comment in their defense.

What does that tell ya?


If four judges are too many, then are six caseworkers on the payroll of CPS workers in Erie County too few??? Considering all of the deaths of children up there, sounds like they need to hire a few more.