Perkins students don't want cuts

Language arts students are fighting to keep their programs alive as voters ponder a tax levy on the May ballot.
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 4, 2013

Students at Perkins High School show support of the district's language classes, specifically the French classes that may be cut next year because of budget problems. The school board plans to announce a final list of cuts at a meeting Wednesday night.

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What: Special Perkins school board meeting to discuss district cuts
When: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday
Where: Perkins High School, room 805




It is very sad. The mark of good leaders is their ability to bring together opposing positions and conflicting points of interests and meet at the point of mutual interest. We don't see nearly enough of that kind of genuine leadership from any of our elected leaders at any level of government. The Perkins BOE members are no different. Sadly, the people who pay are the students, the teachers, and the community.


Personally going to Perkins High School and knowing these students is sad. Can you explain to me how taking a picture and sending it to the register is going to save your French program? Because if you were to be really concerned about your program you would complain to the board not take a picture and send it to the news paper. Number one, lets think, Perkins could have saved some money with that stadium umm how much money did they pay off there pockets? I have been on it before they changed everything. No no no they did not need it like that. We did have a few parts missing in the track, so just fix that! There is one way that some money could have been saved. Also you put the seats on the wrong side! The away side should not be there, and what was wrong with the original away side? Trust me there wasn't anything wrong with them that I could tell. You just needed to get new home ones because they were messed up. Second of all, nothing was wrong with the field just a little bump why couldn't they just fill it in? Third, we don't need these laptops. To be honest, half these kids are not using them for educational reasons they’re using Youtube, Twitter, Gmail, and other stuff that we shouldn't be using during school hours. Fourth and finally, we got the word out saying that we had a sewer problem that was fixed how long ago? Two years is what i’ve heard. That’s pretty sad how we have to lie to get money, that we don’t even need. Great example we’re setting for others. In my personal opinion this school is just filled with selfish brats that think our school is on top. This is why I am not proud to be a Perkins Pirate. Taxpayers vote no!


From what I can tell, the point of sending the picture out to get published in the Register along with the article is to draw attention to the issue. Pretty typical process for any cause, and I know for certain they are taking the matter up with the board this evening. Though even that's probably not going to change anything; it's in the voters' hands.

50-75% of the stadium was paid for through public fundraising and corporate sponsorship. The away and home sides were switched to fit with the standard layout of most Ohio schools. I don't entirely mind the stadium; the problem, in my eyes, is trying to push for a new school immediately afterwards instead of investing that into operational costs of the current building.

I see your point with the laptops, however I would also like to point out that they opened up much more tech courses for students, such as more advanced courses in programming and computer graphic design, which are highly-valued skills in today's tech-oriented society. So, with the laptops I'd call them a hit and a miss.

No comment on the sewage issue, though I can attest that several other parts of the school are in severe disrepair and that a new school will probably be necessary sometime down the line. Just not now when everyone's so tense.


Again, check your facts. It's 50% not 50-75% . $1.7 million from donations and $1.7 million from the taxpayers. Another lie Gunner and the board was caught in. Search on this site. There was a mailbag question, the Register asked Gunner and that's how he responded. That is NOT what he and the board stated previously.


I said "50-75%" because I couldn't remember exactly which it was. I remembered hearing both percentages and decided to list both lest I get called out on stating a wrong statistic. And here I get called out for erring on the side of caution. Either way, the $1.7 million from the taxpayers would have been invested in repairing the old stadium regardless.

And I know that whole deal soured a lot of peoples' opinions, and Gunner+BOE's later actions didn't help matters either. They're out of touch with how their decisions have affected the community's outlook on them, and refuse to acknowledge their mistakes and let things settle. I'd have waited a few years to get everything stable financially after the stadium, and then maybe after the heat had gone down begin planning for the new school.

All in all, it's too much all at once and his attempts to pressure voters are backfiring spectacularly, it seems. Pity so much of the maliciousness is getting directed at other parties who are pretty much innocent in this, or at the very least don't deserve the flak.


The stadium was paid for using 1.7 in donations and 1.7 in taxpayer funds. They could have used the donations to repair the old stadium without using taxpayer funds at all, so the idea taxpayers had to pay for the stadium regardless is false. Also, because of open enrollment, how many new teachers have been hired? How much more food for lunch has to be purchased? How much more equipment and books had to be purchased? Plus I read that Perkins is only rated effective on the yearly state report card. It seems to me like open enrollment isn't worth the amount each student brings in. On top of that is the fact that the voters already voted no to a new stadium and Gunner ignored them and manipulated the taxpayer funds to build it anyway. Talk about a slap in the face! I will be voting no to the renewal and emergency levies because I don't trust Gunner and the board to do what is best with my money. Period.


Excellent post thatgirl! Finally, a student that hasn't been brainwashed by the teachers!


If you want to know how much our district spends on each student, this web site has a handy list.

According to that site our district spends about 9,995 per student. 0.0 The 5,700 our (actually every district gets the same amount as it is a state law) district gets for open enrollment students doesn't really cut it.


Wonder if this makes for future elder abuse?