Mail carrier says dog was vicious

A U.S. Postal Service worker is weighing in on a Sandusky police officer’s decision to fatally shoot a dog in a Sandusky neighborhood last week.
Emil Whitis
Feb 27, 2013

The verdict : That dog meant business.

“It ran at me from the other side of the court,” said Amanda Schneider, a mail carrier in Sandusky. “It was charging at me, snarling and growling and showing it’s teeth.”

Check back here for updates from the hearing and planned protest at Sandusky Municipal Court this morning. Donna Hansen, whose dog "Lucy" was killed, is the guest today at 11 on "Betweeen the Lines Live" with questions from the audience. 

Schneider, who has run-ins with dogs almost daily, said she can instantly determine an animal’s intent through its body language. She owns a large dog.

So when a rottweiler bolted after her Thursday on Washington Court, she knew it wasn’t looking for a pat on the head.


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I never saw so many comments on any subject. Seems strange to me they are coming out of the wooodwork on this one. Someone trying to find justification for him killing a dog as soon as he got out of his car? Trying to make it look good


Oh I guess it could be postal workers who jumped on board. Maybe the one that goes around aggravating/teasing dogs as he delivers mail. That one still needs reported.


First of all, let me say it is a shame this had to happen, but from the sounds of it , somebody would of gotten bit sooner or later

Mase will not stop a 100 lbs rottweiler from attacking you, it will only make them pissed and more determed to attack you. Anybody that disagrees , go ahead and try it out!

Apparently not many of you on here understand that rotts are BRED to be attack dogs and have to be trained NOT to be. This is not an easy task, you need to spend tons of time with them and get them around people and other animals to teach them respect along with do's and don'ts. Pretty obvious this lady did nothin of the sort.


Well said. The Officer tried to get the dog in the car. The Officer had the capture stick, he would had used it if he could. He did what he had to do. End of story...


I don't know why you would think Mase could stop anyone from attacking you; he is just a rap artist.

BW1's picture

Rotts are NOT bred for attack. They are a HERDING breed, like sheepdogs and collies.

I stopped a 150 lb. Rott that WAS trained to attack, with nothing but a rolled up newspaper when I was 14, and I'm not from the planet Krypton. I've seen mace stop bigger dogs than that.


The video clearly shows that the dog was NOT charging the officer. When he shot the dog, the mail carrier was apparently gone. If you listen to the video you will see the office turn around and ask where she went


Yeah (BEHAPPY) its a conspiracy bro, the postal workers are riling up the dogs so the cops can shoot em. Its all connected bro. government.


Wonder what she's gonna do with the money raised at the benefit?

More tats? More booze? more drugs?

Too bad Channel 13 didn't mention the boyfriends arrest and the fct he wouln't get his dead butt out there "before" shots were fired. Maybe he was flushing stuff down the comode before he got caught. I'm just guessing though.


That happens when you send a cowardly cop to do a dog warden's job, this hick town is a joke.


Cowardly cop????? ya right.. how about Cowardly Jesse Likes sitting behind the door watching their dog running around and COWARDLY Jesse Likes not wanting to get arrested let their dog die. WAY TO GO JESSE (WITH YOUR TAIL BETWEEN YOUR LEGS) LIKES

bored reader

Did the postal worker follow her guidelines set up by the USPS for big scary dogs? I didn't read anything about the reports she made to her senior peeps. Gotta wonder how she felt when she heard the shot fired. This was so wrong. Yeah the owner is a doofus for not keeping the dog leashed but in no way did she deserve to die. That cop is a fool if he thought he was in danger. It's a wonder he hasn't shot a human after pulling them over for a red light violation.