Mail carrier says dog was vicious

A U.S. Postal Service worker is weighing in on a Sandusky police officer’s decision to fatally shoot a dog in a Sandusky neighborhood last week.
Emil Whitis
Feb 27, 2013

The verdict : That dog meant business.

“It ran at me from the other side of the court,” said Amanda Schneider, a mail carrier in Sandusky. “It was charging at me, snarling and growling and showing it’s teeth.”

Check back here for updates from the hearing and planned protest at Sandusky Municipal Court this morning. Donna Hansen, whose dog "Lucy" was killed, is the guest today at 11 on "Betweeen the Lines Live" with questions from the audience. 

Schneider, who has run-ins with dogs almost daily, said she can instantly determine an animal’s intent through its body language. She owns a large dog.

So when a rottweiler bolted after her Thursday on Washington Court, she knew it wasn’t looking for a pat on the head.


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I have two dogs and know them well enough to distinguish their barks from each other let alone other dogs . Hell , I can even tell which of my neighbors dogs are barking just by the sound of them . Why couldn't this guy tell ? This dog's bark definitely would have got me off my butt to check on it .

he said she said

I agree with what you are saying. Of all the dogs I have owned over my life time, I can tell if the bark of mine is just barking to bark or barking to defend her territory. If she gets quiet I check, if she's barking I check. I can also tell whose dog is barking in the neighborhood. Some are just barking because the wind tickled their butt and others are alerting to a stranger.

If these two gave a damn about their dog, the vets (if that is applicable), the tags, and keeping their beloved dog contained would have been their first priority.


im sorry but mail carriers drag it to the extreme, i have a very small tiney chihuahua, she is maybe 2 1/2 lbs and when i walk up with her to get the mail, our mail carrier freaks out, gets back in her car n demands i take the dog home or i wont get my mail, are you kidding me? she is 2 lbs n the sad thing is i was holding her the whole time,she also has brought the mail to the porch of my neighbor who also has a dog, she seen the dog as it barked for seeing a new face he didnt know and again freaked out and walked back to her car, n told the neighbor to put the dog in the house or she wouldnt get her mail, as far as the dog having a tag and making a big deal over it, if the dog warden was to go door to door she would find that half of sandusky doesnt have dog tags, so its not like this girl is the ONLY person that dont have a dog tag for her dog,n having a tag is NOT the issue here, its about a dog being shot for no reason what so ever! also everyone n anyone that has ever had a dog, sometime or another the dog has gotten out of the fence, out the door or slipped the collar, it happens! again, she is NOT the only person that has had a dog get out, its happens people! after seeing the video, i dont see where at any time did the dog charge at the officer as he claims, did she bark? yes, thats her nature when some stranger comes at her like an idiot! the dog was scared trying to get back to her home,im sorry but i dont feel this was right n this dog should not have been shot and killed so brutally, then left there in pain to just die!!


Taken from the Postal Employee's Guide to Safety Handbook:

D. Animals and Insects
1. General Rules

You are not required to deliver mail when an animal threatens you. Use extra care in making deliveries when dogs or other animals are loose on your route.

Prepare PS Form 1778, Dog Warning Card, and place it in the letter case whenever you observe an animal that may interfere with the delivery of the mail. Place the card in front of the address where the hazard has been observed. In a situation where the dog poses a threat throughout a segment of the route, case the card at an address most appropriate to provide advanced warning.

In addition, report any such interference to your supervisor so that the customer may be notified that the animal must be restrained.

Neither antagonize nor attempt to pet dogs. If a dog rushes toward you or takes you by surprise, do not run. Retreat very slowly, facing the dog. Keep your mail satchel between you and the dog as a first line of defense. Be careful not to stumble over objects as you retreat.

Use dog repellent spray only if you are attacked. Spray it directly at the dog’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Do not use dog repellent indiscriminately or when there is danger of spraying children or adults.


I must know-- did it save you alot of time by not typing the word "and" Countryliving? Also, I hardly think the postal worker was "freaked out" by your 2 pound dog --however, by not wanting to take the chance of being bit, regardless of the size or breed of a dog is just common sense. If you can't control your dog, go buy yourself a post office box so the mail carrier doesn't have to deal with your house.


you just have all the answers dont ya and all the smart comments to go along with it?? is this what you do all day? sit at the computer and post your smart comments?? what a boring life you live hahaha


Why by golly-- you can spell the word "and"!!! Now, excuse me while I get back to being busy at my boring life.... yawn........


if my rottweiler had the mentality of chihuahua it would be a vary dangerous dog. chihuahua pound for pound one of the most dangerous dogs out there, they just don't do damage when they bite. a least from my experiences when i delivered papers as a teenager.

Father of 1

After these citizens of Sandusky rally around her this morning making all of them look like complete you know what the CROWBAR is throwing her a big benefit on March 1st I think. After the benefit she will have plenty of money to pay her fines and buy another " family member" she can't properly care for. Good idea people.


Sounds just like an excuse to party . Go figure.

Sit n Spin

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They need dog rearing classes, you must pass to own a dog and have home inspections,if you have ever had violations like, no tags,no license,no proof of vet care, or dog at large [on an ongoing basis].


Why not wait for all the details? Some are making lots of Assumptions on why this or that when there may be reasonable explanations. We know for sure the dog had no tags and is now dead. Lots of people don't buy licenses for their pets and we all know dogs will get loose. I feel bad for the owner because she probably loved her dog like most owners do but she was not in compliance with the law. The video is hard to watch.


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Off-topic comments.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha learn how to spell!

Mama of 4

This wasnt the first time countryliving. The news last night said the cops had been to her house numerous times for barking complaints which means she would leave her dog outside for long periods of time barking. Second it was the second time the dog was loose and charging at people. Not to mention reports from neighbors about the dog being mean. This isnt a one time thing.


i understandable that, but dogs DO bark, thats what they do, so a person can not let there dog out for longer then 5 minutes at a time for fear of neighbors calling it in to the police dept? if i was to call for every barking dog in my neighborhood the police would be here every half hour, if neighbors made so many reports about a mean dog, then thats when barb knapp should of stepped in to investigate the situation,

snowwoman's picture

I have three dogs, one is a rottweiler mix. He sounds vicious but is the biggest baby ever!! Mail carriers do assume the worst and I sure sometimes they are correct BUT unless there is a documented case on this dog bitting someone, charging and barking at you when you are on THEIR property is NOT vicious behaviour!!!!!


So, now we expect the mail carriers to carry a record of every dog in the city that has bit someone? How is a mail carrier suppose to deliver mail without stepping on THEIR property?


What about when the dog chases 3 people down the street snarling and bearing its teeth at them? Not vicious?


It's spelled "VICIOUS" not "viscious" (advising the SR to correct their headline)


This story embodies precisely what's wrong with our society today- there are plenty of people out there who have zero personal accountability in there own lives, and countless family and friends who support them.


Can the Rabbi get an AMEN from the congregation?


Amen and a hallelujah!!!

Simple Enough II

Amen,,,Brotha Amen...Sweeeeeeet Jeeeeeeesaaassssss...Hmmmm



Kottage Kat

Solve the problem get cats
And be responsible pet owners
Just that simple
A dog is dead because of irresponsible owner.
She owns the problem


Cats? really? Be sure to keep your cat in your house or on a leash too!


Yippee Skippy!

Oh, right... and an AMEN too!