Mail carrier says dog was vicious

A U.S. Postal Service worker is weighing in on a Sandusky police officer’s decision to fatally shoot a dog in a Sandusky neighborhood last week.
Emil Whitis
Feb 27, 2013

The verdict : That dog meant business.

“It ran at me from the other side of the court,” said Amanda Schneider, a mail carrier in Sandusky. “It was charging at me, snarling and growling and showing it’s teeth.”

Check back here for updates from the hearing and planned protest at Sandusky Municipal Court this morning. Donna Hansen, whose dog "Lucy" was killed, is the guest today at 11 on "Betweeen the Lines Live" with questions from the audience. 

Schneider, who has run-ins with dogs almost daily, said she can instantly determine an animal’s intent through its body language. She owns a large dog.

So when a rottweiler bolted after her Thursday on Washington Court, she knew it wasn’t looking for a pat on the head.


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There are no bad dogs. Only untrained owners.


I agree with this statement 100%


I'm glad the whole story is coming out now. There was a reason the cops were called, and you people who think the cops should have sat around waiting for the dog warden are idiots! The cop did his job, PROTECTING ALL OF US!

Phil Packer

Factor in a little kid into this story and everyone would agree with the police.

The Don

Mail carriers think all dogs are going to attack them as soon as they see them...if she was that worried why didn't she use the mase they carry.....Because the dog wasn't charging her, just barking


Yeah , you were there , you know everything . Why didn't you stop the dog and save it's life ?

BW1's picture

She claims the dog was vicious and attacking her. However, she didn't mace the dog, and there's not a mark on her. How is this possible?


Do you know how long mace takes to start working? And the success rate of mace? Obviously not, you can't learn that by watching "cops".

BW1's picture

Yes, and yes. It's effective, and if you go back through this website, you'll find a story in the last couple years where an SPD officer used it when a dog actually charged, with success.


That's not true at all. My dog barks at everybody like she's going to rip their leg off and she has the bark of a big dog. Our mailman knows that if he carries on, goes about his business, and delivers the mail, she's not going to do anything to him. She's going to just back up from him and keep barking. If he's not an actual threat to her, she's not an actual threat to him. Just annoying. If our dog is outside, she's on a chain so there's otherwise no problem.
Of course because of the way she barks and sounds like she's going to rip the leg off of somebody as they come near her. I know enough already that If I ever need to have the police come for some reason, I need to have her in her kennel for the exact reason that the police have no reason to believe that a dog they don't know wont potentially bite them and I don't want her shot.


Mase or pepper spray doesent work on all dogs, it usually just makes the situation worse.

dire wolf

worse than a bullet to her head?


No worse like a bite in the arm, leg, neck, face, hand, foot, or stomach.

Father of 1

Thank you Amanda for coming out with your side. The idiots of Sandusky always want to put blame on everyone else. Officer Wilson thank you for doing your job and protecting that neighborhood from a vicious dog. If the owners of the dog would have actually cared for their "family member" they wouldn't have let this happen. When you let your kid go play outside do you not check on them? When your kid cries uncontrollably outside for several minutes do you not go out and see what's wrong? Same with a dog. Get a clue people. Ownership is to blame!


The reason I have a CCW is because of this issue with loose dogs in the city, and owners you will not take responsibility. If I have to choose between killing your dog, or my child getting attacked again I WILL KILL THE DOG WITH OUT ANY REMORSE!!!

I own a Germam Sheperd and am responsible enough to ensure he is not running loose, but if for some reason something would happen and he was running loose and was aggresive towards someone, I would understand if the dog was killed to save a human. It is called common sense.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I agree. The key to this entire situation is that the dog was not on a lease, chain, contained in a fenced in area, etc. When a dog comes after a person, especially a breed such as this one, no one cares if it is the dog's fault or not. If the owner cared so much about the dog, why was it loose?


Should have made the damn dog sign that lease!

BW1's picture

That MIGHT make sense if there was actually a human in imminent danger of harm, but there wasn't.


So your saying that the dog DIDN'T chase the mail carrier and two other people down the street snarling and bearing its teeth? And so this whole time we've been listening to the people who were actually there... man, we should of just asked you what happened.

BW1's picture

I'm saying that certain undeniable scientific facts call their perceptions of the situation into question. An athletic human can run about 12 mph - the dog can manage 25, yet all these people who were "chased" managed to outrun the dog. If the dog had actually made violent contact with a human, one of the parties would have injuries.


No mail carrier should have to put up with that crap because of an irresponsible dog owner. No license, running free, heck it probably didn't even have it's rabie shot! People should not have to be afraid to do their job! Donna needs to get her priorities under control!


For the mail carrier to call the Police, she was in fear of her safety. My dog barks at the mail carrier every day if he is outside (secured). She throws him a biscuit, he eats it, and continues to bark. After she is gone, dog stops barking, and mail is safely delivered. Case closed.

Mama of 4

Its sad that a family pet had to be shot but like Lang said if the dog was chained up then the call to police never would have been made and the police never would have came. It could have been avoided if the owners were being responsible. Even if the dog broke free from the can. They had to have heard barking going from by thier house and then coming from two houses away. He was obviously wondering for a while.


Yea Don, you were there. I think if you took your foot out of your mouth, you might make more sense.


That's no foot......

Simple Enough II



I agree with Father of 1. The owners were not caring for that dog. Now that the dog is gone and there are charges pending, there is to be a protest. If only they had put as much organization into caring for the dog when it was alive. If only they had found the time to take it for a walk, if only they had not allowed it to be just a nuisance in the neighborhood. It was a police officer who came to help the mail carrier. Not until after the dog was shot did the "boyfriend" come outside to see what was happening. By then it was to late somebody else had taken control of the situation. The owner of the dog should not be allowed to have pets ever again. This situation proves that the owner was not capable of caring for a dog, just because she wanted one. After the protest is over, the owner will be free to get another dog maybe even a bigger or more dangerous one. Any dog becomes dangerous when bored and that dog must have been bored and lonely.


Good point the boyfriend was probably too wasted to care.


Well said


No dog tags, dog left out in cold weather, either no fence or fence that couldn't contain the dog, and a chain/rope the dog easily escaped. Sounds like a case of bad pet owners.