VIDEO: Cop shoots, kills dog

A Sandusky police officer shoots, kills woman's dog.
Emil Whitis
Feb 26, 2013

The woman. Donna Hansen, 22, hopes to rally a protest at Sandusky Municipal Court Wednesday morning when she is scheduled to be arraigned on a loose dog charge at 8:30 a.m.. 

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Good 2 B Me

Well said. Once the GOB mentality is out of Sandtown, maybe we can regain control of our Community!


@ADVOCATE....I noticed that contradiction myself. The dog was not attacking. Why can't people see that? She was scared and barking. There were too many alternatives....he did not even TRY anything else. He shot almost immediately after exiting the car. Sorry, makes no sense to me. It was the breed that cost this dog her life, pure and simple. It's not fair to judge because of breeds. There are so MANY very nice large breed dogs!

Advocate For Animals

Breed discrimination. He already made a judgement before even assessing the situation and trying to deal with it in a non-violent manner.


The dog looked threatening enough to me. The mail carrier who called the police was already inside a neighbor's house because the dog threatened her. Police had been called five times already with reports about the dog barking and running loose. The owner was just not taking care of it. It should have been taken on walks not just left to roam around a residential neighborhood.

police chaser people crack me up. Always wanting to point the finger at the officer. Officer Wilson is one of the best officers ive met. If that was you child or relative that the dog was charging, you would have called the police and wanted something done about it. Let me all want "assault rifles" banned too. I FULLY support ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT in the area. THANK YOU OFFICER WILSON for keeping the streets safe.

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If You Know Officer Wilson Tell him thank you for doing his job to the Best of his abilities. This is ridiculous and will surely blow over. Thanks


First off, I love dogs, and I used to have respect for Police officers, until seeing the things that have occurred between Sandusky, Bellevue, and surrounding areas officers over the last few years. These police departments will shoot for ANY small reason. This dog BARKED, she was SCARED, COPS CARRY MACE, COPS CARRY TASERS why did he choose to pull his firearm IMMEDIATELY, he never once tried to use the tool he had to capture the animal, just because you all seem to want to down the OWNER still leaves NO ROOM for the bad judgment call made by the officer. Then to boot, the officer should ALSO be CHARGED with ANIMAL CRUELTY, that dog suffered for AT LEAST 6 minutes while the officer tried to justify his actions to the owners boyfriend. He had shot it once, he should have put the poor girl out of her misery instead of standing by watching this dog jerk, and listening to her cries. PATHETIC......Now no matter what you all say.....I don't know this dog owner from Adam, but I can tell you this...I will fight for this dog, and for the police officer to have to pay at least a fine as well because that dog DID NOT DESERVE TO SUFFER!

Advocate For Animals

Amen! I agree he needs to be charged with animal cruelty.


Absolutely not! This man protected the public from a dangerous dog.
Thank you Officer Wilson from all the law abiding people of Sandusky!


emotion clouding clear judgment. lots of it..


Look I believe in human safety over an animals any day but face it, this cop was NOT in harms way, I don't believe that mail lady was either, I believe she just freaked out because she seen a large dog and the dog barked at her, people that are afraid of dogs, perceive barking as a threat from the dog when that's true maybe 2% of the time. As many times as people have CLAIMED this dog has been loose, if this had been true they would have known by now that the dog was not a threat, she was just a talker. Now on to the worst part of this all, the officer CHOSE to shoot the dog instead of using MACE, a TASER, or THE INSTRUMENT he had in his hand, he IMMEDIATELY went for the GUN, and while watching the video...LISTEN CLOSELY to what the officer said after getting out of his car, this was totally intentional! The OFFICER AT THE VERY LEAST SHOULD BE FINED FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY AND FORCED TO ANSWER FOR THOSE CHARGES! If I were a judge it would be an open and closed case!


Not only was Officer Wilson in harms way, so was the public. This officer did the RIGHT (see I can use caps too)thing and his job!
Bravo Officer Wilson. Us law abiding citizens stand behind you!


If they were home, why didn't they go out and get their Dog? Was is because they were sleeping or just too LAZY!!!


You hit the nail right on the head!


Why aren't you people protesting at the abortion clinics? Babies are killed everyday !!

hmm really

I used to own a Rott and I love the breed... but it is the owners fault! Yes, sad a dog had to die but there has to be SOME accountability here with the owner! Way to play the victim. I support the SPD on this all the way. If it was me vs a dog you can darn well bet I would be going home at the end of the day too!

Speaking of dogs....pitmom needs a rabies and temper shot. Get a grip on yourself.


What if the dog had been run over by a car while running loose, would it have been the car owner's fault? I'm just saying.




The cop probaly shouldn't have shot the dog as a first priority for her running loose, but after the owner saw her laying there suffering, he showed no concern and did not even go over to her. That bothers me as well. If it were my Golden Retriever, I would have been with her talking to her in less than a second if I saw her suffering. My dog is part of my family.


Sorry for the owners, the dog should never been SHOT. The Officer was DEAD wrong. The dog never charged at the Officer from what I observed watching the video. This video just stunned me.

Darwin's choice

Don't you just love all these "hero" war veterans who are just itching for another firefight.........and then the remf's who back them up....... Mr. Wilson, Thank You for your service, but you're back home now, it's Sandusky, not Sandbox.............

Simple Enough II

Yeah, and I get censored for using the term Fobbitt, wish the moderator would look up the term. Being in Iraq does not mean one is immediatly "in the thick of it"!


When I first read the officers report of what happened my thoughts were "Well that's what happens when you let your dog run loose" After seeing this video i have done a complete 360. Barking and growling Yes but not once did he charge the office. Quite the opposite. When the office approached him, HE RAN!!!. I do agree that he dog should not have been running loose but maybe if the officer had taken a minute. waited for back up and knocked on some doors he could have found the owner or a neighbor who knew the dog and could take him in. That dog suffered!!! He did not die immediatly. You can see him moving and groaning in pain. I'm really glad there were no kids around to see this.


To TYPICAL; I do protest abortions also, but you people who think cops can do now wrong, they put their pants on the same way as you and I each and everyday. They hang their as$es over a bowl with a hole to take a dump just like you and I, the only difference is they carry a gun! They have the authority to do things for the WRONG reasons and get away with it! Do I believe they all have bad intentions NO I do not just like I don't think that all single dads are deadbeats, etc etc, but I can tell you this cop who shot this Dog had every intention on doing so before he ever removed himself from his vehicle, im telling you LISTEN to what this cop has to say just a few seconds after getting out of his car! We all perceive things differently and maybe just maybe the officer may have felt a small threat, but even so WHATS HIS EXCUSE FOR LETTING THIS DOG SUFFER? ITS AN ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGE NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT! If he shot out of fear of attack OK FINE whatever he says BUT THEN TO LET THAT DOG LAY THERE IN PAIN AND SHOCK, CRYING, MOANING, AND FLAILING WAS HORRIBLE AND THAT COP DESERVES A SHOT TO THE KNEE CAP, SEE IF HE WANTS A DOSE OF PAIN MED? I don't think the POINT to this story has to do with the fact the officer felt threatened or even shot his weapon, several people were on the officers side until watching the video....Whys that?? Well AGAIN because that officer stood there, WATCHING and LISTENING to this dog suffer for SEVERAL minutes, not one of you can argue the fact that this dog suffered horribly, and there was NO EXCUSE FOR IT!


Disturbing and uncalled for. Shoot first, ask questions later? The dog was far away from him, not charging, and barking as she got near her home. That is what dogs do. I hope no kids see this.

Free Man

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Speaking of dogs, this guy sees one!

I felt bad when this dog was shot. I saw no need to shoot this dog as shown at the 05:30 time mark.



Uhm obviously that dog was clearly not attacking this guy... this is rediculous that poor dog was scared and felt threatened like any other dog would have been, this dog didnt attack him the dog was standing totally still and the officer pulled the trigger on a standing still dog. and the worst part of all he didnt even die the poor dog suffered till it died. dogs have feelings too and im pretty sure if that officer was shot he wouldnt wanna suffer till he died. i mean come on this guy should really be fired for shooting a poor dog like that. there is dog wardens/ pounds that should have been called to get the dog
someone without a gun and who knows how to handle a situation like that this is horrible. i want justice in this and have him fired or SOMETHING~!


I do not understand the mentality of people these days. Maybe people should educate themselves before making statements. First of all let me tell you from my observation of this video, the officer was not in danger of this dog. It is clear in the video that the dog at first was paying no mind to the officer. Not until the officer started calling the dog and trying to approach the dog, the dog then became alert.

My father is a retired sheriff's officer, growing up we had rottie's, a few of them. Jake was born on my parents property, my father raised Jake from a puppy. Jake was a great dog, funny personality and loved to be around people. The funny thing about Jake is that when ever my father came home from work or one of his buddies would stop by Jake would go into an attack stance when he saw the uniform. Once the uniform was taken off and street clothes put on, Jake was fine. It was the uniform for what ever reason that set Jake off.

I myself have several dog, not one of them is dangerous, but let someone, including my husband walk into the house with a hat on and they all go into attach mode. Once the hat is off, everything is fine.

I of course have several questions about this incident. I can understand having pets myself how they can sometimes get out. What I do not understand is the fact as to why the neighbors would not inform the owners that the dog was loose? Was the mail carrier new to the area? Did the dog simply react to the uniforms or being approached by a stranger with a weapon (talking about the pole the officer was carrying).

The dog should have been given a better chance before the officer reacted in such a manor and yes the owners should have known where their dog was. The only victim here is the dog Lucy. But being an animal owner and knowing how animals react to different things, I do not believe that anyone was at risk with this dog on or off a leash.