VIDEO: Cop shoots, kills dog

A Sandusky police officer shoots, kills woman's dog.
Emil Whitis
Feb 26, 2013

The woman. Donna Hansen, 22, hopes to rally a protest at Sandusky Municipal Court Wednesday morning when she is scheduled to be arraigned on a loose dog charge at 8:30 a.m.. 

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yea right

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Fire this cop!

dire wolf

That cop needs to go asap!! so does Lang if he really feels the cop did the right thing. It's no wonder that the SPD is in the news every week for events which make them look like the worst police department in the country. That dog DID NOT deserve to get a bullet to the head. I have now lost all respect for the SPD. We the citizens of Sandusky deserve better!




If Ard doesn't act on this and fire Lang and the cowboy cop then she needs to go!


Coming up on channel 8


All of you who are blaming the dog/owners are nothing but a bunch of BLIND IDIOTS!!!...Clearly the dog was NOT going to attack him, she had plenty of opportunities to do so IF she wanted too!!!
This officer was on the scene for less than a minute before he shot her!!!.....She STOPPED...IN HER OWN YARD I MIGHT ADD....and was sitting there barking at him when he stood off with her and shot her for BARKING!!!
He COULD have gotten back in his car and called the dog warden....or tried to use the pull collar that he had, but he didn't, he squared off with the dog and SHOT HER IN THE HEAD FOR BARKING!!!!.....I will be at this rally, not only for LUCY, but because this so called officer needs to be charged!!..
SO, I guess all of you supporters of Brad would say that it would be ok if he came to a call at your house, because of a beligerent child, and if that child made him feel threatened, that it would be justifiable for him to shoot your CHILD in the head and then stand there and watch them suffer!?!?!!.....To a dog owner/lover, these animals ARE our children, so yes, I WILL use the comparison!!!!!!!

JUSTICE FOR LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The dog owners should have gotten their be-hinds out of their house while their dog was harassing a mail lady and a police officer if they were so concerned. The officer takes steps backward as the dog takes steps forward, lunging and barking. Maybe if they didn't let their 100 lb+ dog run around the streets of Sandusky, they wouldn't have to worry about their dog getting shot. I feel bad for the dog and the officer, but I have not pity for the owner, it is solely their fault.


So in that case, you would let your child run the streets with no supervision? You would leave the child home alone? Sounds like your are not much of a parent. I'm an animal lover too. But if my dog were to be out and showing aggression or attacking/biting or attempting to bite my baby girl(CHILD) then I would do what was necessary! And Officer Wilson did what he thought was necessary.


Shortened clip of dog charging officer- (shooting edited out)

If the dog charges the officer at anytime during the encounter use of deadly force is justified, legally. As you can see from the clip (minus all the BS) the dog CLEARLY charges the officer. Case closed, move along.


Which is probably WHY he antogonized her and acted like he was going to run from her!!...ANY dog who thinks someone is running, whether it be for play, or other, will probably chase after!!!...He KNEW what he was doing when he pulled his gun from the holster upon arriving on the scene!!!...This is NOT justifiable!!!!!


He DOES NOT pull the gun until the dog is out of his view. Almost all officers have a hand on their gun during normal traffic stops. And exactly where do you see him acting like he is running? I see him taking steps back as the dog is taking steps forward.


^ When you have to EDIT the video to make your point, I'm pretty sure that nullifies the point you're trying to prove. Just saying.

Good 2 B Me

Exactly. I watched the eidted version. I thought for sure it would have said FOX NEWS on it somewhere!






Is everyone blind? The officer does not draw his gun until the dog is no longer in his sight, and is BACKING AWAY as the dog is moving TOWARD the officer. Maybe the owners should have their dog on a leash, in a fence, etc, like most dogs do. It would have taken that dog 2 seconds to cover the 15 feet between them and attack him. Its a sad story, but it comes down to the fact that the owner(s) is irresponsible, and the dog was aggressive. The officer had to make a decision.


Put this cop on the unemployment line


Thanks to your clip excel , you can clearly see the dog STOP AND STAND STILL while he aims the gun and shoots her! If the dog was truly aggressive and charging it wouldn't have stopped! Try showing the slow mo rewind of the dog backing away...its 10 times the length of this video!



Good 2 B Me

The dog also looked as if she was was trying to sit or lay when he shot her at the edge of her property!


If you watch the video, the police officer is talking to the dog in a gentle voice and trying to coax the dog to come to him. The police officer is calling to the dog in a gentle voice. The dog is about two houses away from home and also in the street. Later you can see the police officer taking a few steps back before the dog is seen coming toward him. If the dog was not charging, why was the police officer stepping back? I want to hear the call to police before the police officer was called to the scene. What do you call a dog that charges after a mail carrier? Has this dog chased other people before this incident?

common cents

It's unfortunate our society is made up of so many ignorant people. Facts have been presented repeatedly and ignored. There are so many posts on here that have been removed because so many cannot even express themselves rationally. Many of us love animals but all across the nation reports are generated daily depicting another encounter with an aggressive dog. Whether viewed as sick, disgusting, upsetting, wrong, etc. the officer responded with a job to do. Too many just want to see a police officer go down. Read back some of your comments (if they're event printed) and see how foolish you sound.




This is what happens when an aggressive dog gets too close to the police.

This is a case of the police being too trigger happy.


And how is it that the owner has the nerve to be calling for a protest? Any RESPONSIBLE dog owner would not have their ROT out in their front yard. This dog scared the mail carried enough that she called the PD, and then the dog was outside barking for who knows how long, and the owner didn't come out to see what the commotion was all about? This dog is barking loudly and aggressively at the mail lady and the officer for a decent amount of time, and the owners are no where to be seen. If anyone is at fault, it is the owner of the dog.


Common...just because no one agrees with your view does not make them wrong. I think most of the people , when shown a video of an aggressive dog charging an officer wouldn't blame the officer one bit. IF there was such a video , in this case obviously there is more than just a few people that believe he could've handled this differently. THAT IS ALL! As I've said my brother in law is an animal control officer in Cleveland and deals with aggressive pits and other breeds and guess what he carries for protection? NOT a gun! There are sprays out there that would do a better job WITHOUT killing the animal! Why is that so hard for you to understand? He routinely does his job capturing AGGRESSIVE dogs WITHOUT killing them! Not to mention the fact that one look at this video is enough for most dog lovers to tell that it is not acting aggressive , which is why we have this public outcry of support. Look up aggressive dog attacks on you tube...they charge and DO NOT STOP OR BACK UP AND TRY TO RETREAT!

Free Man

He KNEW what he was doing when he pulled his gun from the holster upon arriving on the scene!!!...This is NOT justifiable!!!!!


Great job officer. People must be responsible for their actions.

Advocate For Animals

Watching that horrific video once was enough for me. I watched the report on channel 8 news tonight. Shame on you Chief Lang for defending this despicable act. You contradicted yourself. First you said the dog was too far away to be tazered therefore meaning he was not close enough to be a danger to that excuse for a police officer. Then you said this excuse for an officer had to shoot the dog for his own safety. So which is it?

And as for you, old Quick Draw Mcgraw, you are a disgrace to the uniform you wear. After viewing the video it's obvious you lied about what happened. My great-great uncle, Police Chief George Leitz, was the chief of police for the city of Sandusky many, many years ago and because of this I've always had respect for police officers and the law. But as far as you and Lang are concerned I have no respect for either one of you.