VIDEO: Cop shoots, kills dog

A Sandusky police officer shoots, kills woman's dog.
Emil Whitis
Feb 26, 2013

The woman. Donna Hansen, 22, hopes to rally a protest at Sandusky Municipal Court Wednesday morning when she is scheduled to be arraigned on a loose dog charge at 8:30 a.m.. 

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I got my priorities straight, thanks for your concern. Was anyone harmed in this incident? I don't believe so, just a dog, that didn't deserve to die. I don't hate any police as I have family that is in law enforcement, so kiss off. There are plenty of ways this officer could have handled the situation differently.


Regardless if the dog didn't have tags, or a collar....That is why we have a DOG WARDEN, that is their job...they should have been called. If that Rottweiler wanted to harm that officer or the mail lady, he would have. You can clearly see in the beginning the dog felt threatened. It sickens me that this officer claimed the dog died quickly, but yet you can hear the helpless dog dying. What a shame.


An animal that feels threatened is a dangerous animal.


That had to be one of the most heartless acts inflicted by a human being that I've seen in a very long time.


Dog was loose off owners property, and was acting in aggression towards others. The police officer did the right thing. Dogs owner is at fault. Stop harassing the police. You people are crazy.


Would you guys feel better if the dog warden would have shot the dog?


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@PASTOR RON.....if you went to dog fights for your own enjoyment....then you obviously don't care for animals and your input means NOTHING!


it didn't take long to get ugly in here..


Is my mother in law here?

Simple Enough II

Now that is funny! Got any your momma is so fat jokes?


You guys are missing the whole point and clearly do not think. The call was of a loose vicious dog in the neighborhood charging people. So Ofc. Wilson responds and locates a dog that is the dog in question. The owner of the dog who is not responsible is not around at this time (hmmm wonder why?) So what is Ofc. Wilson supposed to do let the dog be and let it run around the back not knowing if thats the dogs yard and possibly attack a child. You guys are so quick to monday morning quarterback, when you don't think about what could have happened. You all would have responded different if a child was attacked. If you don't want the problem of loose dogs vicious dogs handled, then don't call the police about them (DUH) go out and catch them yourself if you are braver than this officer as some of you idiots claim to be!


why was a Rottweiller roaming in the streets anyway?....the only people that know how dangerous their pets are, are the owners. If I was walking down the street with my kids, and that dog started barking at me and my kids like that, I would have shot it too. Don't get me wrong all dog aren't mean, some are when they have to be. I've heard of Pets attacking their owners, so if you ask me...he acted in self-defense.


WOW! I just watched the video. I can see both sides to this story. I can see being so afraid of an animal that I panic and shoot. However, what I don't understand is why the police officer didn't go sit in his car, call dispatch and have them call the dog's owner and tell them to come and take control of the dog. He could have very easily talked to the neighbors to find out who owned the dog. I believe that people might have been concerned if this animal was "charging" the mail carrier and neighbors, but there were options to how it was handled.


Hypothetically thinking/speaking.....What would have happened if a child went out while the officer was sitting in the car waiting for the warden (if the warden was able to com), and the dog mulled the child?

How would people feel then?

It doesn't really matter now... It's done and over, hindsight is 20/20.


SHAME ON THIS OFFICER!!! the video clearly shows this animal RUNNING from him, scared, barking! not charging anybody, not growling at anybody! Watching this broke my heart. If you shoot a police officer you are charged with murder... so should this officer. Yes, the dog should have been tied up, but that is only a fine, not shoot the dog, which was their family member in the head. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON U OFFICER WILSON.

Super Judge

Shoot first and ask questions never.


...Oh, and who was the guy that came out after the officer shot the dog?. If the officer was called to the area about the dog, then the guy must have heard the dog barking, why didn't he go out and get the dog? charge him too!.


There is NO way this was justified! The dog WAS NOT aggressive! The officers definitely need more trainng if they are to handle such calls personally! My brother in law is an animal control officer in Cleveland and deals with very aggressive animals (which they can tell apart from nonaggressive thru training) on a daily basis and he is not allowed to carry a firearm. Why not? Because YOU DONT NEED TO KILL THEM!!! This officer AND Lang need a serious lesson in animal control if they keep deciding to do another city workers job! Maybe we can give the animal control officers guns to shoot people they thought were aggressive? Wow...disgraceful!


" Maybe we can give the animal control officers guns to shoot people they thought were aggressive? Wow...disgraceful!"

That has got to be one of the dumbest things I've read yet on this matter. If your brother-in-law was trained not as an animal control officer (what 3 weeks of school) but as a police officer (over 700 hours) maybe he too would have shot the dog.

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The dog went up to the car barking then stood its ground. Then it retreated to the side yard out of the picture. What if that dog went to the back and attacked a kid or something? Then what? So of course the officer is going to follow. Then the dog lunged out and kept barking showing its teeth. He did everything right. Also the whole dog warden thing. Call up Barb sometime while you are in the city and see how long it takes for her to get there. The officer can't sit there all day waiting. He had to make a decision. The officer told Jesse he may have to shoot her again. Dog was dead soon after that. Most of it was just twitching from being shot. I see besides punching women Jesse likes to punch Houses. Check his record. Maybe he should have come out of the house. I hate to see anybody/anything killed but Officer Wilson did what he should have. For the ones with threats for him. That's just complete stupidity. Threats to a police officer is not very smart. You'll be in jail next idiots. Grow up or move away.

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absolutely uncalled for, this officer needs to be put on unpaid leave and complete investigation into all of his arrests. I back the police all the time and honor and respect them, however, this dog was not charging the officer or attacking him. That officer needs some real mental help.

dont blame me

That my friends is the difference between a police officer with common sense and one with none. What an idiot.


I ain't yer friend, pal.

Pterocarya frax...

I ain't your pal, guy.


Seems to me that the mail carrier was able to leave with no problem and he was looking for her to back his story up. He should have waited until the dog warden came out, there was no one out there for the dog to harm and you could tell he was leary as soon as he got out of the car, he was ready to shoot that dog as soon as he saw it. He went into this situation with the intent to kill it.


1. The dog should have been on a leash or in a yard...owners fault
2. Judging by the video I also would have shot the dog based on it's actions I've worked with dogs for 8 years and it was displaying several signs of aggression
3. The dog warden wouldn't come into Sandusky when my dog was loose they said call SPD
4. Mace does not work on dogs sit n' spin

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Lies pathetic lies, MACE DOES WORK ON DOGS!


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