VIDEO: Cop shoots, kills dog

A Sandusky police officer shoots, kills woman's dog.
Emil Whitis
Feb 26, 2013

The woman. Donna Hansen, 22, hopes to rally a protest at Sandusky Municipal Court Wednesday morning when she is scheduled to be arraigned on a loose dog charge at 8:30 a.m.. 

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Mr. Touchdown

Owners fault! Don't let your dog run loose & take some responsibility! I watched the video & after responding to the complaint from the USPS I would've shot the dog too if I was the cop. I would be mad as hell if my dogs were killed by the cops but I'm responsible enough to not put them in that situation. I suppose some idiots think he should've waited till the dog was attacking him instead of just threatening .



Julie R.

I wouldn't watch this video if I was paid to. The comments alone of how that dog suffered are enough to make anybody sick. The way Chief Lang and the officer have both contradicted themselves, it's also obvious they are both flat-out liars.


If you don't/won't/can't watch the video, all you can do is go off of everyone's word. I watched the video. Have a dog and love him dearly but if I were as irresponsible as this pet owner, I would be ashamed of myself for putting my dog in this situation.

Owning a dog that is in the top ten most dangerous dogs is your decision. Letting that dog who is on that List loose, especially with the possibility of it attacking, is absurd.

I would never let the possibility of my dof running loose, happen. Because I understand that if I do, those consequences of what he can do and will do if he felt the need, are on me, and me alone. Would I be sad/angry/upset if a police officer shot him? Yes, but, the officers safety, children's and citizens' safety are more important than my emotions.

And I do have a dog on that list. He is a total sweetheart, but bet your bottoms if he wantedto, needed to or "tasted the blood" he would turn vicious in a heart beat.

This dog owner is part of the entitlement generation. Not wanting to take responsibility of her actions.

Pastor Ron

Okay time for a recap. Ms. Hansen has 1). Blamed the mail delivery person for calling the police 2) Blamed the neighbors for complaining about barking 3) Blamed the cop for not know the different barks of her dog and also said the cop made no attempt to capture the dog even though the video shows him go off camera and you can hear him coax the dog 4) Blamed to judge for criticizing her for not bothering to pay court cost the last time this happened even though he didn't charge her a fine 5) Blamed the neighborhood because if it was nicer..... her dog would not have gotten shot. Lastly, she accepted no responsibility for what happened and she is the victim. Wow what a piece of work!


Part of the entitlement generation. What's sad is, I am only 3 years older, and if I was in this situation, I would have applauded the officer because I know how fast dogs can turn. I have scars on my face, wrist, hip and shoulder blade to prove it. All 4 from different dogs that were supposedly "the sweetest things, they'd never hurt you." BS. Dogs get blood thirsty just like any other animal or even some humans.


Maybe you just need to change your demeanor with dogs! Something is wrong if 4 different dogs have attacked you???? Sounds suspicious! Ive been around thousands of dogs my entire life, and most are the VICIOUSLY LABELED dogs.....Never once have I myself been bitten, but you cant bully dogs, nor raise hands etc to them....they will DEFEND!


I have NEVER bullied nor raise a hand to sa dog. I love Animals! All four were raised terribly. 2 of them I was trying to help. 1 I was petting. The other was a stray that came at me on my way from school because it was loose, like this one! Thank you very much. Do not come off as you "know" my demeanor. Just because I've had a bad luck spout with dogs, does not indicate I was abusive towards them.

Julie R.

I just saw this on T.V. and it made me sick. That dog was acting just like my dogs. Whenever I work out in the front yard I usually tie them out with me. If a neighbor ~ or anybody ~ walks by they start barking their heads off. If the person comes over to talk, they continue to bark but they start backing up and growling until they realize the person is no threat.

That poor dog did not need to be shot.


Dear Lord, thank you for having Pastor Ron speak the truth. Thank you for having Officer Brad doing his work in proper fashion. Good night.


Hope this fine officer doesn't get promoted to the K9 unit. Good God. My large dog goes BANANAS when the hubby comes home if he has sunglasses on or a hoodie up on his sweatshirt. Until he hears his voice. Said dog sleeps in the bed with us! Their job, like an "officer's job" is to protect and defend. If that dog was attacking, then this officer needs more schooling. Sick, and I don't care what rules the owner "allegedly" broke.


Your dog goes nuts when your hubby comes home with sunglasses huh? Do you keep your dog restrained around other people wearing sunglasses? Would your dog attack a stranger, whose voice he/she does not recognize? Do you take precautions to prevent said attack? This all could have been avoided if the owners were responsible.


The officer was wrong in shooting the dog, the officer should have ask the neighbors standing on the porch, who dog it was and ask if the could call the owners or ask dispatch call the owners, if he felt threaten, he could have sat in the crusier, used a his speaker to call out the owners or waited until the dog wardern got there. But then again too,the owners should have came out to see what the dog was barking at, still I don't think the officer should have shot the dog. After shooting the dog, it look like it was still alive, should have call a vet, maybe the dog could have made it, neither the owner or the cop called anyone to help the dog. Which is sad. I would have been hugging on my pet and calling the vet hospital ASAP


As sick as it was, this police "officer" couldn't even hit a clean kill with the attacking animal looking away? Sick. And this was a Rottie? What - 140 pounds max? Hate to see him trying to pull off a "humane dispatch" to a horse or cow in the area hit in the road as happens in this part of the country. A max 140 pound Rott looking away - not charging? This is the kind of officer you want patrolling Sandusky? And then you wonder why your property values are in the gutter? Hate to see the damage this dude could do on Hancock Street with a 120 pound kid running away. Sick.

Truth or Dare

On a more important note, anyone catch CSpan's Public Affairs last night? There was the Senate Judiciary Committe Hearing with witnesses for/against the proposed ban on assault weapons, that was ch. 79. One of the witnesses for, a Father from Newtown, whose 6 yr. old Son named Jessie, was shot twice, one bullet grazing his temple, the other entering the middle of the top of his forhead and exiting the back. He was trying to defend his classmates, told them to run, while he ran towards the killer! A 6 yr. old did that, and there are several witness statements to attest to what happened! Simultaneously on ch. 80 there was another hearing, questioning Drone strikes to kill Americans abroad of which they themselves put on a KILL LIST, our Govt. ASSUMING they MIGHT be involved w/terrorists, and the decision to take them out will be made by some nefarious upper Administrator of which there will be no oversight until AFTER THE KILLING, SHOULD the DOJ CHOOSE to investigate! Anyone here catch any of that?

Kick the boyfriend to the curb! As for the officer, an Iraq Veteran, how long ago was that and prior to being hired was there any pshycological evaluation done? Any past history between this officer and the dog owner, let alone the boyfriend?

IF I were a Reporter, let alone an Editor I would request to view/review the SPD's training manuel/procedures, and not just when it comes to animals. Why in God's name with Sandusky being the seat of Erie County would the Dog Warden NOT come into the city for a call such as this? What is the bureacratic BS w/City Govt. that won't allow it or would cause the Warden to refuse to serve those that help pay her? The last 15 yrs. easy, starting w/a Rapist Cop and the fact that it took a year to bring charges w/many supporting him, testifying to the effect that he "had a weak moment".....

You people want to expose others misdeeds, dropped, dismissed, acquitted or whatever, but you'll defend such actions at all costs? Let me ask this, those records everyone wants to post, is there a followup in their record-keeping as to removal by the PD when charges are dismissed or someone is found not guilty?

The SPD, the City Commissioners and other Administration is the very reason there is NO TRUST. I stopped blindly following over 3 decades ago, taking for granted the truth was always being told. Kinda hard to continue doing that when you see and hear with your own eyes and ears.

P.S. When we gonna get that Chief this City needs? You got all your ducks in a row, now just make the announcement. I have a wager to collect on.


The cop was doing the best he could do to defend himself from a dangerous dog. This is not news. This is more of the Sandusky Register/Westerhold anti law enforcment agenda.

Julie R.

If this was a Sandusky Register agenda, I don't think all the news stations around would have picked up on it. You can also bet that Chief Lang is not just getting e-mails from the citizens in Sandusky, either. You can bet there were a ton of people from all over that were outraged when they saw this.


I am defending the cop for three reasons that show common sense!
1) Answering a call from a mail person that deals with situations regularly in the neighborhood. She knew the house and familiar with dogs.
2) The dog came after the cop, still no owner present! What if?? He would have left and an innocent child was mauled, what then?
3) The woman had little if any respect for the laws or neighbors. How many previous calls? She didn't even obey the law and have a dog license.
The only failure of the cop was that He didn't severely "Taser" the dogs owner for not taking better care of her animal. A mean dog is more dangerous to your neighbors than an Assault Weapon. More people have been bitten and mauled around this area than shot with an Assault Gun.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Tough call. I love all animals as well but this is a tough one. He responded to a call that a federal employee had made concerning her safety. Granted it appears she was no longer in danger but others may have been. It appears that this woman had been repeatedly warned or charged with dog at large and she or someone was still irresponsible enough to let it get loose again. In all respect to the animal the officer probably should have finished what he started sooner like it or not. Tough call. Im glad I was not in that officers situation. If it was a vicious dog and it did in the future attack someone, especially a small child, the officer would have to live with knowing that he could have prevented that and then people would question why nothing was done about the dog sooner. It is very easy to condemn someone else's behavior when you are not in there shoes.


The dog owner didn't care that the dog was running around the neighborhood terrorizing the neighbors and the mail lady. Not until long after the gun shot did he even come out of the house. But once his dog gets shot, now he's concerned. Didn't seem to care about the neighbors, kids, mail lady or anyone else.
Keep your head up Brad. You did the right thing.


Dogs can't distinguish property lines or badges. But the owners CAN. And, IF these people rent the property...then the landlord could possibly also be held liable as well.

It's a sad situation, but the cop did the right thing... it's just too bad he wasn't equippped with a tranquilizer gun, too. Somehow I don't think Officer Wilson is happy he had to shoot a dog ...but when there's a threat present.

It's too bad for Lucy that she had owners who didn't care more for her sftey rather than milking this for all they can... They must need the benefit money for fines and fees, more drugs and such.

If a little kid would have gotten bit or the mail lady... people would still be defending these idiot dog owners who think they are just so above the law... that they think they don't have to have their dogs restrained like the rest of us do.


I raised dogs (Beagles)and there should be an open hunting season for the more vicious breeds of dogs rotweilers, dobermans, and pit bulls. Yes, 9 out of ten are okay but what about the one who bites and mauls people. There should be an open hunting season for LE on any of these dogs who are roaming free. You can be on a "Road Kill" list for deer and they could start one for dogs so they don't go to waste. People would really be surprised at the number of people in this county that would eat dogs and they would be a delicacy. Go ahead and think I'm one sick dude but I'm telling the truth.


This video proves there was no reason for that dog to be shot. That officer should be fired andthe police department should be sued for this...This video should be sent to every news station and sent to Humane Societies everywhere.

Rude McGootch

Let's see. I've been warned by authorities at least 4 times in the past because I let my big, mean, vicious dog run free. My dog has already forced a police officer to retreat to his car months ago to keep from being viciously mauled. My dog just chased a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier into someone else's house to keep from being viciously mauled. While my dog was chasing the mail carrier he was barking, slobbering, and snarling up a storm, yet I stayed inside instead of going out to get him. After the police officer arrived my dog continued his barking, snarling, and lunging at the officer yet I still stayed inside. The officer tried to control my large, snarling, growling dog with a "capture pole" but was unable to do so because of the dogs vicious nature. But still I stayed inside. Only after the officer drew his firearm and dispatched the dog to keep himself or someone else, especially a small child, from being viciously mauled did I decide to come out of my house. Damn you SPD, it's all your fault that my large, mean, vicious, snarling, people chasing dog is dead. He was just "misunderstood!"

BULLISDEEP's picture

Owner is at work.
Boyfriend is in house ,doesn't hear anything,dog barking , gun shot.
Where was the little girl . Was she at home ?


I'm with the Police on this one.........

Eda M. Handly

I really didn't want to watch this video. I hate to see harm come to any animal. But I had to just to see for myself whose side I should take. I am absolutely disgusted at the actions of this officer. The dog did not and was not, in any type of "attack mode." Granted, I will be the first to complain when I see a dog of a lead or leash. Dog owners lack responsibility in this area and it has become a problem. But there is NO excuse for this what-so-ever. He didn't even attempt to gain the control of the dog with the tool provided to him. Sad... I own a dog and dogs DO get loose. It happens. Never happened to me, but it does happen. I would hope officers in the future use a bit more sense when faced with a similar situation.


I've posted on here about this before about this , but have to say I never watched the video. I finally got a chance to watch it and I was devastated and take back everything I said backing this officer!

There was no just cause at all! I have a pug dog that would of acted the exact same way if he was approached by somebody he did not know.

I have alot of respect for police officers, but this should not of happened.

Watch after he shoots the dog, he looks lost, almost like he knew he made a big mistake.

And WHY the hell could he not shot the dog in the leg? Then to let him sit there and suffer is inhumane!

The owner was still in the wrong on this and should step up to responsibility of not taking care of the animal, but she has every right to be upset about this!