VIDEO: Cop shoots, kills dog

A Sandusky police officer shoots, kills woman's dog.
Emil Whitis
Feb 26, 2013

The woman. Donna Hansen, 22, hopes to rally a protest at Sandusky Municipal Court Wednesday morning when she is scheduled to be arraigned on a loose dog charge at 8:30 a.m.. 

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Why didnt he just contain Lucy till the dog warden could get there??? Let the dog warden do their job!!!! Thats what we pay them for !!!!!


OMG!! I am sickened by what I just saw. The officer shot the dog while the dog was looking away and not even barking. What is wrong with him??!!! SOMETHING needs to be done to that officer. When I first heard of this, I thought the dog was growling and jumping up on the officer--I didn't realize Barney Fife just shot him for no reason. So if an aggressive child is yelling and screaming at police, can they just shoot them? SPD is a big JOKE! Glad I don't live there.


Right after court, and the tatoo session, the dogs owner will announce her intentions to run for City Commissioner. She can sit right in between Hamilton and Cole.


She would probably do a better job. None of the fools of Sandusky are doing a job worth paying them for! Obvious point just take a look at that run down town, with constant violence, and now the police are contributing instead of preventing!


Donna and Jesse are part of the problem!


I have an honest question that maybe someone with law enforcement knowledge can answer. If an officer gets called to an aggressive dog at large such as this one & he's afraid of dogs, can he request another officer be dispatched or go with him? I'm not saying he's afraid of dogs...I'm just wondering. Because if he was afraid & asked for back up maybe this could've been avoided. Idk just looking for answers to this tragedy.


Certainly, officers can request back up at any time. However, sometimes back up is 5-10 minutes away, or on another call, and instead, this officer was on his own, with a dog moving toward him, and he shot her. Better that than he sit in the car, and someone else walk by and get bit by this dog. Can you imagine the headline then? "Officer waiting for backup sits in car as 60 yr old neighbor is mulled by aggressive Rot" Damned if they do, damned if they don't.


The same people on here screaming about the dog being shot would be screaming about the officer being lazy/a coward and not doing his job. Some people are never pleased.


Agree 100%


This story embodies precisely what is wrong with our society today. There are too many among us who have zero personal accountability in there personal lives, and countless family and friends who support them in the wrong way.

Pastor Ron

I think this officer saved this dog from years of neglect and abuse. If her owners don't bother getting her licensed, prevent her from roaming the neighborhood, or even bother to see what is making her many times do you think they would forget to feed her, provide her with water, take her for walks or make sure she has proper medical care? The officer provided an act of humanity. What I don't understand is why this unfit mother would want more attention brought on her and her failings as an owner and human being? Some people just don't have any common sense!

swiss cheese kat

What you think is irrelevant in this case. You are proof that some people just don't have any common sense!

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There was no justifiable reason for shooting this dog.... Shooting this dog. Clearly, if he had given her a dog biscuit, she would have clamed way dow,. ALSO, people have to understand the DOG HEARS THE RADIO ON THE COP, AND HIS VEHICLE, SO THESE HIGH FREQ NOISES SCARE ANIMALS.... The reson she barked most likely and why she stood her ground was due to the frequency levels the dog heard...


the guide lines for putting down an aggressive dog are it has to have bitten someone. we got enough of the pitbull hate mongering stories to know that. a dog at large barking isn't enough. the only "signs of aggression" this dog had shown in the video was out of fear.

of course someone is going to back away from an unfamiliar dog, especially one of this size, but since the dog caused no physical harm to anyone in any way shape or form, even though it is said that the dog had ample opportunities to do so. mail carrier, ups guy, the cop... if that dog was vicious and was going to bite someone, it would have. but since, it didn,t there is no reason to do so.

so do we stand around and wait for it to happen? according to the law we have no choice but to do that. is it a bit twisted? sure it is, but it prevents a gun slinger cop from needlessly killing a dog that could have mauled 3 people and instead didnt.


NOT TRUE! Educate yourself on Ohio Code before you show your ignorance!

Super Judge

This "cop" needs to be put on desk duty and stay there, and the "lady" should never be allowed to own another dog again!


Over 600 comments about a dog. Look at the amount of comments on really important things. Where are our priorities?


I believe there are so many comments because there are alot of police and their buddies trying to justify this horrible act. That's got to be it~there just can't be this many cruel people out there~He was wrong, dead wrong~ He shot that dog almost immediately when there was no need~


Just because you don't think dogs are important, doesn't mean everyone feels the same


The office saved the owner of the dog from being sued. It was only a matter of time before the dog bit someone in the area and then the owner would be the one under the microscope.


the dog had plenty of opportunity to bite someone, it supposedly cornered a mail carrier.... if it was going to bite, it would have. looked like the literal translation all all bark and no bite... for all of the "Charging" the dog did, it never got within arms reach of the officer. when the officer took the shot he was standing in the middle of the street and the dog was still in the driveway... about 10 ft away... if the dog would have been close enough to do anything to the officer he would have used the baton that he had, but as the video shows, he never had to even raise the baton because the dog never got that close on it's own accord. the only time the dog was near enough to even use the stick was when the officer was going after it... seems like a provoking gesture to me... pretty easy to piss off a dog when you have a stick and you're calling for it to come to you... seems a bit counter intuitive... "come here doggie doggie so i can whack you with my stick."


Solution: keep your dog in a secure place.

This wasn't an ideal end to this story but the officer is not to blame. The fact that the dog "conered a mail carrier" is even further justification for the police officer to eliminate the threat.

Also, had the police officer used his baton on the animal, that would be seen as less humane than subduing the creature with a bullet.

If I was the owner I would also be upset at losing my pet but blaming the officer is just misplaced. I would probably be most mad at myself.

dire wolf

so the dog deserved a bullet to the head? no record of the dog ever biting anyone before?? Thats like saying it's ok for a cop to shoot a homeless man in the head because it was just a matter of time until he robbed someone. some people just don't get it.


this comparison is flawed in more ways than one:

1. just b/c the dog had not bitten someone before it does not mean that it was incapable of biting someone that day. we do not know what the intentions of the dog were. all we can do is speculate based on the video. the officer had to judge how threatening the dog was being within a minute or two and make a real-time judgement call.
2. the dog's teeth and ability to bite are a lethal weapon, a homeless person with a lethal weapon making threatening and unpredictable gestures could be subdued using force

dire wolf

so you say we can put a bullet to the head of a dog/someone just because you can "speculate" what they are capable of doing, "without knowing what their intentions are"? If the officer felt threatened, maybe retreat and reasses the situation would have been a better option. how about a stun gun? mace? pepper spray? the stick in his hand? dog treats which they accept as a friendly gesture? how about being properly prepared to handle the situation you should have been trained to handle. He showed up with his gun as option number 1. Wrong job for the wrong guy. This will cost the taxpayers a large sum to settle in court.


#1 pepper spray does not work on animals.
#2 it is entirely possible he had not been trained to use a taser yet
#3 he did what he thought was right at the time to protect and serve ( which is his JOB)

The dog could have at any given moment turned on him, or a child. It takes 2 seconds for a dog to lunge.


#1 pepper spray works on anything with fleshy eyes and most things with shelled eyes.
#2 tasers are fairly simple machines... push aim and pull a trigger, much like a gun, and to say that this cop is poorly trained might be an understatement.
#3 just because one thinks what they are doing is right doesn't justify the action. think about mercy killings and racism.

again... the dog supposedly cornered 2 other people before the cop had gotten there. if it was going to bite someone it had plenty of opportunity to bite those people who wernt carrying a stick and encroaching the dog.


UGH the ignorance. Pepper spray/mace does NOT work on dogs.

The officer did the right thing to protect the public.

Why should I be afraid to leave my house because Donna and Jesse keep breaking the law?


Thank you!!! I agree 100%.


if pepper spray and mace doesnt work on dogs why does every mail carrier carry it? are they all ignorant? c'mon? really? take a shot of mace to the face and tell me if you think it wouldnt stop anything in it's tracks. mace not only effects the eyes but air passages as well. plus, a dog cant bite what it can't see. thank you, try something else.

and protect the public from what? a barking dog? notice how the dog ran from the cop until it got into it's yard? notice how easily it backed away?

sounds to me like some bitter neighbor that's afraid of any dog that wont fit into a purse...