Sandusky woman, friends plan to protest cop killing dog

A woman whose dog was killed Thursday will be arraigned Wednesday in Sandusky Municipal Court, but she's aiming to rally support from the communty for "Lucy," a large-breed Rottweiller.
Feb 26, 2013

Sandusky police Chief Jim Lang said an officer who shot and killed the dog on Thursday took appropriate action.

“I think he did everything right,” Lang said. “If it’s between the dog and the officer getting bit, the officer’s safety comes first."

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The dog’s outraged owner, Donna Hansen, 22, and her friends and family have sent up a rallying cry: “Justice for Lucy.”

Hansen said she has contacted PETA, Animal Planet and the Erie County Humane Society, and she also started up a Facebook page to organize a rally on behalf of Lucy, who was a Rottweiler.   

“There are so many people getting a hold of me saying they’re bringing their dogs,” Hansen said. “I want to make it so an officer can’t just walk up and shoot your dog.” 

The protesters plan to meet at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in front of Sandusky Municipal Court. That’s just before Hansen’s 9 a.m. arraignment on charges of no dog tags and dog at large, both citations that Wilson issued after he killed Lucy. 

“I don’t think it’s right that I’m getting cited after he killed my dog,” Hansen said. “How am I supposed to get tags for a dog that’s dead?” 

Hansen maintains Wilson had several other options.  The city plans to bill Hansen for disposal of Lucy’s carcass. 

“I’m truly sorry the whole thing happened,” Lang said. “If the dog would have been tied up and in its yard like it should’ve been, we never would’ve got the call.”



I like dogs. And I feel really bad that this dog is dead. But what nobody's talking about here is that this isn't the first time the dog went after somebody and the police had to be called! The dog, in fact, has been known to cross the street chasing people!

In fact, why do you suppose the police were called in the first place this last time? Because the dog was after somebody else, that's why. So can any of you who are critcizing the police tell me why it is you'd rather see somebody hurt? Possibly badly given the size and aggressive nature of this particular dog?

The worst part of this whole story is what a few people have had the good sense to point out: If the dog had been adequately confined, NONE of this would have happened.


I watched the dash cam. Officer Wilson did what he had to do. My question is, with all the barking going on with the dog barking at the mail person and then at Officer Wilson, Why did no one come out of the house until Officer Wilson shot the dog? Were they enjoying watching their dog chase every one?


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I do rescue work with dogs and I agree that the owner has to take her share of responsibility in the unfortuante death of Lucy. I have questions, why was this large breed dog on chain, if you do have a large dog they need to be WALKED and often, not put out on a chain. Why didnt she have a license? Had she been given proper vet care and shots? I can understand a dog getting loose, but it's YOUR responsibility to see that they are secure. Too many people see these large breed dogs as status symbols and have no idea the kind of care they need. I go to shelters and pounds all the time and see beautiful dogs large and small that are up for adoption ( or worse) if they cant be placed, you know what their outcome is going to be. As far as the cop goes, I dont understand why he felt like he was so threatened, he should have called dog warden for back-up. There is enough blame her to go around, but bottom line is, THERE ARE NO BAD DOGS, ONLY BAD OWNERS, or irresponsible, foolish ones. I have one other gripe with people that get dogs, keep them crated 8 to 12 hrs a day while they work or whatever, and wonder why they are so crazy and uncontrollable when they get loose. It's as bad as chaining them up. They are live animals,not toys to be taken out when you or your kids feel like playing with them. Get a goldfish. Both parties are to blame for this, the owner and the cop, learn something from this and move on, both of you


I agree the owner AND the trigger happy police office need to learn from this. The dog warden should have been notified and the appropriate measures would have been taken. The owner wouuld have been cited and then paid a fee to get her dog back. This was a senseless killing.


Love it! Keep deleting other opinions whether you agree or not S.R. The cop was right. Her past actions validate why she is not responsible.


Doesn't change the fact that she is HOT!


The dog "should have been tied up in his yard like he is supposed to be"??? Since when is it appropriate to "tie up" a dog. I don't believe in that. Granted the dog shouldn't have been wondering it was in the vicinity of his yard AND the dog warden should have been called. I watched the horrific video of the ridiculous GUN HAPPY officer. The dog DID NOT charge him!!! HE LIED!! My Miniature Schnauzer would have growled at anybody walking toward her with a stick in their hand!!!! The dog was scared. Dogs bark at people. The dog didn't "charge". I'm so sick and outraged. This is horrible. The dog was someone's pet and didn't have to die. THIS is why it is hard for me to respect certain police officers. He was NOT justified in firing his weapon.


What if Lucy had been run over by a car while wandering loose. Would it have been the car owner's fault?


If the driver intentionally swerved to hit the dog, yes.
Apples and oranges, try again.


Excellent point!


This video is so hard to watch, I to am a Rott owner and to see this breaks my heart! Yes she slipped her collar and was wandering out of her yard but that is not grounds to shoot and kill her. From the video she looks like she was going back and forth between the houses, but in no way does it appear she was charging him. This is a sad situation yes the owner may be at fault for what one would conside neglect of law by having a dog at large but what about the officer? What he did in front of his dash cam showed just as much neglect?!?!?! Don't judge a book by it's cover!
Sorry for your loss of your beloved pet!


Her dog should have been confined but some dogs are pretty slick ( I know of dogs that can open doors) and make that difficult. It's frustrating to me that if Lucy was a different breed she would be alive. I've never encountered an aggressive Rottweiler. However I had a Dalmatian that bit someone and was bitten by a chihuahua hard enough to break the skin


No matter what, that was all the officer could do. The dog was advancing toward the officer in a crouching position. What more could he have done? Without a tranquilizer gun, he had very little choice but to fire. Had the owner done what was right, no one would be having this discussion.

Does anyone think this officer didn't hate having to do what he did? I really doubt it. It probably made him sick that he had to fire, but he wan't given much choice. Either fire or get bit. I don't blame him either. Nope, he did what was necessary because the owner didn't.


ROFL .. no i dont think he cared at all DUH if he did he wouldnt have done it DUH

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1. The dog was not advancing. It was standing upright and barking, in its own yard.
2. What more he could have done was to keep his weapon holstered, so it wasn't his first impulse to fire. He's a big guy - he doesn't need a gun to subdue a dog.


Re: Just Saying IMHO- Totally agree with you. All I saw was a cop that shot a dog who was barking at him- not charging and not looking to be agressive,been around dogs all my life and 90% of the time you know when a dog is likely to charge.The cop was not trying to restrain the dog at all and dispatch should have called the dog warden to do his job. To leave that dog there on the ground dying is also unforgivable.As for her past record- plz if that's the least of her problems with the law compared to what has been happening in Sandtown ... RIP Lucy sorry you had to die because of SPD ignorance.


Bottom line folks .. Animal control officers handle calls like this on a daily basis and dont use deadly force . Many dont even have a gun- be cause they use their brains and training . This cop was defiantely in the wrong - no contest. If you dont know how to handle a dog then dont go on the call and get someone that DOES KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING respond. PERIOD. The city is at fault for NOT having a animal control officer and for not training poice officers on handling such situation PERIOD .
there was NO need to shoot this dog irregardless if the dog runs loose, irrgardless if the dog has vaccinations ( to the idoit writing shots) or a license. Totally handled improper but the stupid chief wont put fault on his cops .. EVER


If "boyfriend" had come out and gotten the dog, this could have been prevented. SR failed to report that he was arrested on a bench warrant for CRB 1201549B following this incident and paid fine for Disorderly Conduct case from 2012 after arrest.


#1. Im not an idiot. #2 I was only pointing out that there seems to be a pattern here with the owner not being responsible, and that means not chaining it out, taking proper care of the animal, as in walking it vet care, license. Nor was it the first time dog had gotten loose. #3 yes, I pointed out that officer wasn't totally blameless in all this. #4 Sandusky does have an animal control officer, don't know why he wasn't called. #5 if you have some much time, go to your local shelter and volunteer to care for all these dogs who are there because of irresponsible breeders and clueless owners. Look into the eyes of a dog sentenced to be put down through no fault of it's own for being aggressive or ill or unwanted. Their fate is the same as Lucy's just by a different route, and it happens everyday, where's your moral outrage there?


she works the computer at the Register ....we are all screwed