Sandusky woman, friends plan to protest cop killing dog

A woman whose dog was killed Thursday will be arraigned Wednesday in Sandusky Municipal Court, but she's aiming to rally support from the communty for "Lucy," a large-breed Rottweiller.
Feb 26, 2013

Sandusky police Chief Jim Lang said an officer who shot and killed the dog on Thursday took appropriate action.

“I think he did everything right,” Lang said. “If it’s between the dog and the officer getting bit, the officer’s safety comes first."

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The dog’s outraged owner, Donna Hansen, 22, and her friends and family have sent up a rallying cry: “Justice for Lucy.”

Hansen said she has contacted PETA, Animal Planet and the Erie County Humane Society, and she also started up a Facebook page to organize a rally on behalf of Lucy, who was a Rottweiler.   

“There are so many people getting a hold of me saying they’re bringing their dogs,” Hansen said. “I want to make it so an officer can’t just walk up and shoot your dog.” 

The protesters plan to meet at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in front of Sandusky Municipal Court. That’s just before Hansen’s 9 a.m. arraignment on charges of no dog tags and dog at large, both citations that Wilson issued after he killed Lucy. 

“I don’t think it’s right that I’m getting cited after he killed my dog,” Hansen said. “How am I supposed to get tags for a dog that’s dead?” 

Hansen maintains Wilson had several other options.  The city plans to bill Hansen for disposal of Lucy’s carcass. 

“I’m truly sorry the whole thing happened,” Lang said. “If the dog would have been tied up and in its yard like it should’ve been, we never would’ve got the call.”



Wow..really...get a life


Well, her history speaks for itself. Too bad the dog had to pay the price for her abuse of the law.


really so if you break the law you can be shot .. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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Get a life lady you and only you are responsible for the dog's demise. Ever hear of a leash? A license? It is unfortunate, but finally take some responsibility for your pet's and your action, if you had, you would still have the dog.


none the less .. if the dog was running or not - ok so if a person breaks the law its their fault shoot them .. free ride to kill .. I DONT THINK SO ...again the cop was is not trained properly to respond to a dog call . its the dept chiefs fault for not having someone that KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING period. TRAIN the cops if they are going to go on animal calls .


It would appear that she had plenty of money to get both of her arms sleeved with tattoos, yet she didn't buy dog tags. Interesting, where her priorities stand!!


Best comment so far!!1 Watch out though, the Register is deleting comments that support the police officer's actions and the owner's inaction.


doesnt matter .. if the dog had a license .. that is no reason to shoot it .. all this crap is incidental to the fact that the cop over reacted and didnt know how to handle the situation. He knows nothing about reading a dog or handling a dog and should NOT have been the one to respond. If the dog has been out many times and not bitten what does that tell you . The moron cop went on the dogs property of course the dog was going to react as he did . The cop has NO CLUE what he was doing PERIOD .. ignorance is ok if its a stupid cop ... right .. yeah shoot the dog .. easy way out


Keep your dog on a chain!!!!! The rules do apply to you too!!!


Good thing the cops in my town have been on my porch WITH my dogs and know them. I have a rottie, as an owner of a "vicious" breed you need to be RESPONSIBLE for your animal. I know her, the neighbors know her, the kids friends know her. If someone strange comes near I have my dog under my control, whether I put her in the house or a seperate room, or put her on a leash. Anyone that does not is asking for it. If you take the challenge of having a BIG DOG, you need to accept the risks and paranoia that comes with them. I do NOT leash my dog for your protection, I leash her for HER OWN.


I 100% agree with Ladydye _5.


oh poor me! i let my dog run loose. i didn't have a license for it. BOOOOOMMMM! keep it on a chain.


So agree...


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YOU are the reason your dog is dead. Take some responsibility!


This girl needs to grow up!


Bingo!!!!!! Attention seeker....that's about it!!!!


What 007 said......


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Not once in this article did I read where this dog charged the officer, it read that the dog walked up to him. Sounds so mean!

Blame who you want, she is wrong and so was he. I fear an officer before an animal just due to their past history of beating, verbal abuse, lying, and judgemental ways so I guess by the rest of these posts they are just as bad as the dog owner because of past practices and all other badged people.

he said she said

IMO it's the owners fault all the way around. Just because my dog doesn't bite me or my family it doesn't mean that she won't bite another person. She has her shots, she has her tags and she stays on the leash at all times.

According to the website pits and rots were responsible for 68% of dog bite fatalities in 2012.


Too bad for the dog. If she loved that dog she would of made sure it was watched or chained up. If it had bitten the cop or someone else she'd have to deal with possible law suits, etc. Now she'll waste tax payer money while she sucks up all the attention she can. I was pissed when I got a speeding ticket and was going to go to court to fight it. My wife told me I was wrong, I was speeding, to deal with it. This gal needs to own up, and deal with it! Public apoligies and community service at the dog shelter are in order. Or better yet, put her on a corner with a sign..."I got my dog killed."


Her dog, it gets out, her fault. If she was that irresponsable as a pet owner the dog is prolly better off. Who knows when the last time its had its shots.


REEALLY what does having " shots " have anything to do with this .. like i am so sure the stupid cop though the dogs had rabies .. RIGHT .. totally irrevelent to the situation duh

Father of 1

The call came from a postal worker who felt threatened. The police officer did what he had to. If the dog warden would do her job maybe officers wouldn't have to. She broke the law before and broke it again. Sad the dog had to die but if you don't have tags and don't keep it in your yard chained or fenced what do you expect? The boyfriend has multiple domestics for beating women. But he is upset about the dog being shot? If you were home get off your lazy butt and get your dog. Another example of idiots in society. The police aren't corrupt like some say the people are the problem. Grow up.


Agreed. The dog warden in this county is awful. If you can ever reach them, they then give you the run around and clearly have no desire to actually do any work.


We have 2 dogs & even when they're out in our fenced in yard I still watch them until they're ready to come in. But ONE time our pit bull did get out because the meter reader came that day & when he left he didn't latch our gate that day. I didn't know he had been there that day & had no reason to believe our yard was not secured. Thank God our neighbors were outside & called him. It all happened within like 30 seconds but I realized that day to check our gates regularly to make sure they're latched. I don't know this girl or the dog but I know how quickly things can happen. I had a rottie...beautiful dogs. I really wish cops would stop shooting at dogs...seems to happen way too much. Yes, I have a bleeding heart for dogs & these situations sicken me. I'm 110 lb girl & I would've called that dog to me...GROW SOME HUEVOS PEOPLE!!!


I'm with 95% of the posters on this subject. Her fault. Plain and simple. Too bad about the dog but ask the CCW carriers who post on this board what they would have done had it came towards them while they were with a small child(ren) and the odds are, they would have also shot it. Sorry, I value my windpipe too much to want to take that chance.



Anyone knowing Somebody that has a dog without a license should turn them in you have to pay why don't they pay…

Was the dog tagged last year when it was running at large…

The boyfriend should be charged for putting the officer in harms way…

Also we Have a person in our neighborhood that had as many as 11 dogs and no dogtags these shelters should not allow this to happen they are the problem