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Feb 25, 2013


Headline: Church looks at questions for God

Feb. 25, 2013 - 4:40 a.m.
luvblues2 says
"I really hope none of you were really expecting another man or the newspaper to give you answers from God. If "it isn't" in YOU, you will receive nothing. We live together or die apart."

Feb. 23, 2013 - 5:08 p.m.
QuestionEverything says
"Atheists should be on parade.... Our intelligence and skepticism opens eyes for indoctrinated masses."



neither one of those comments makes any sense


LOL @ reporter54...Would you care to ask questions and write them down to make a significant statement to the press?

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SR chose to highlight two atheist’s comments to demonstrate their “fair and balanced” approach?


Why am I considered an atheist, thinkagain?


Lemme explain something to you both, reporter54 and thinkagain. When the press starts running out of important things to report, they often refer to politics and/or religion. It's certain to raise hairs on the back of any neck. And it's real simple and easy to do. Just look at this thread. They sucked us all in. I enjoy it, though. You two don't seem to. Sorry bout your luck.

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Sorry if I’ve misclassified your position. Maybe in your case, atheist doesn’t quite fit. Maybe I should have said one atheist and one agnostic?

I guess they didn’t get enough hit counts the first go around?

By the way, I don’t believe in your luck religion. I believe everything happens for a reason. ;)


I enjoy all the comments. I just don't always understand them. I do feel that no matter what one believes or doesn't is fine. Also, we can ask God questions any time we like and some people probably do on a regular basis. But the answers come in God's time, not ours.


I feel sorry for atheiests. Nothing to look forward to for them. I intend to meet up with the loved ones I miss so much. Bible supports evolution,


I do not need to believe in GOD to think there is an "afterlife". Many religions have this belief. Do not feel sorry for me, I have a wonderful life.


Amen, sister.




Q. What's the problem an atheist woman has during sex? A. She has no 1 to talk to.