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Feb 24, 2013


Headline: Sandusky police: Woman duct-taped son's face

9:29 a.m. Feb. 24, 2013
arnmcrmn says
I put handcuffs on my kid because we were playing cops and robbers in my house...I suppose Im a bad parent now.Ban Duct tape. lol

9:41 a.m.
Mum-of-One says:
This picture would be especially alarming to the parent who is not with the children. To all the people on here who think it was some good fun. You all need a reality check. This is what happens to kidnap victims and victims of abuse. Taking a picture of a child like this is cause for concern. It's not funny, it's not good fun. There is something very very wrong with the "Mother" who did this and with the people who think it is fun to take a picture of a child taped up like this. Who could possibly enjoy this picture?


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Professor Playdoh

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Mum-of-one, I agree with you 100%. There are many, many appropriate ways for a parent to play with a child. She could have taken him sledding, built a snowman, or flown a kite. She could have baked cookies with him, played a board game, or built a fort out of blankets. Instead, she saw a roll of duct tape and decided to tape his eyes and mouth shut. Even if she thought it was funny, or even if her son thought it was funny, it wasn't the right thing to do. I think she would benefit from parenting classes.

Those of you who think it was funny, allow me teach you something here:
Parents teach their children not just with their words, but with their actions. What has this mother just taught him? Think about it. (The correct answer is NOT that he has a fun mother.)

For those of you who think this was an ok thing to do, I guess you wouldn't get upset if a teacher taped up a child's eyes and mouth as long as it was just for fun.


This is a mother and HER child not a stranger . People sometimes really need to mind their own business. Who decides "it's not the right thing to do"? The dad was simply trying to get her in trouble.


You are ignorant, plain and simple.


You sir are correct! He is ignorant. But unfortunately on this one, he has it right. People should do a little more minding their own business and a little less demanding answers and consequences to every little situation. I guarantee if I thought someone had duct taped my kids face out a of anger, they would be the ones calling the police. The dad needs smacked around and taped up!


police forwarded their findings to the prosecutor’s office, which approved the charges on Wednesday. LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS.


Nothing will happen, the charges will be dropped. As I said before, this is nothing more than a non-custodial parent looking for a way to stop paying child support. It amazes me how many people on here support divorced parents using their kids as a pawn in their childish games.

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More maybes, assuming and speculation. Compilation? More like a rehash...


Would any of you duct tape your childs eyes and mouth... This is just so sad and disgusting... I hope they make her serve some time..and the father was not over reacting and didn't do this just to get her into trouble... this was just wrong on her part!


Agreed. I'm not being mean, but I have to wonder if the people that think this is ok parenting behavior know the mother?
The mother was WRONG!


I wouldn't want to be the kid when the tape is pulled off my eye lashes, eye brows, and hair. I have had duct tape pulled off my arms and it was uncomfortable doing that. I wouldn't want to have it pulled off my eyelashes and brows. But then some might enjoy it, but I doubt many children would.


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Why have the truth when we can speculate and make our own ruling on here where it really matters?


Why have the truth when we can speculate and make our own ruling on here where it really matters?


Well, so much for role playing!

Darwin's choice

With the ever popular "honey boo-boo", "toddlers and tiara's", "housewives of any idiot city",or any one of the "popular" reality shows that are consuming people now,common sense is out the window. Sometimes, people just need to shut up............


If he would have started vomiting while his mouth was duct taped he would have drown in his own vomit very quickly. The nostrils are not wide enough to facilitate a quick exit and the vomit would have rapidly filled his lungs. This was not a smart move by the mother, and she should have known better. Abuse? Thats not for me to decide but most definitely a bad case of sheer stupidity.


Well, If ya can't fix it - Duck it ( old saying)

Wasn't there a Duck brand of duct tape at one time?

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I am so glad some of you think your stupid comments are funny! Say your child was at a sitter cause you couldn't be home and the sitter (a family member, aunt, uncle ect..) did this to your child... would you think its funny and would you be making these stupid comments? NO..she was wrong..


@ Blue... do you not understand sarcasm ?


well I am going to chime in here, the child did not get the duct tape just over his eyes and mouth, the tape is wrapped around his eyes and mouth and it does look very tight on him. I do not feel this was just a joke. Look at his cheeks, that tape is tight and that to me is not funny.


Are you looking at the same picture I am? The puffed up cheeks are obviously from the kid smiling and or laughing. A tight wrapping of duct tape around the mouth would not cause the defined lines along the bottom of the cheeks. This is only caused by one smiling.


Read some of the comments on the other thread.


It was an inappropriate thing to do but not a matter for the courts. They do nothing to people that let their kids run around the neighborhood half-dressed or with no shoes or coats. They do little to parents that leave their children unsupervised alone at home. Both of which are more serious. A stranger duct taping one's child is totally different than a member of one's own family doing it. I don't condone it or think it's funny, but it's not child endangering.