Clyde toddler skull fractures; mother charged

A Clyde mother faces felony charges after doctors discovered her 15-month-old son suffered a skull fracture and a lacerated liver.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 21, 2013

Taemar McDonald, 22, remains in the Sandusky County jail on $250,000 bond.

Police arrested her Feb. 7, after she took her son, Xion, to the emergency room at Bellevue Hospital, according to a police report. Medical staff told Clyde police Chief Bruce Gower the boy had several skull fractures and bruising on his arms and his back.

McDonald told police she hit Xion a few days before seeking treatment, but she denied shaking him, the report said.

As medical staff prepared to take Xion to a Toledo hospital for treatment, McDonald told Gower she had "anger management problems," the report said. 

"It is like I'm losing my mind," she told police, adding that she wanted her children away from her so she wouldn't harm them, the report said.

Her other son, 7 months old, was with his father in Fremont at the time.

McDonald told police she "mushed" her son, demonstrating a tap to the head with her palm.

Toledo doctors kept Xion at the hospital for about a week after they discovered at least one skull fracture, bruises and the lacerated liver, Clyde police Detective Brian Weaver said. 

Sandusky County prosecutors authorized a felonious assault charge against McDonald the day she was arrested. Her case was bound over to a grand jury.

Jon Ickes is her court-appointed attorney.

While McDonald has no felony record as an adult, her juvenile records are substantial, authorities said. She previously lived in Green Springs, Fremont and Toledo.

According to Toledo Municipal Court records, she was convicted twice on misdemeanor crimes. In November 2010, she was part of a large crowd fighting outside a Toledo club when she threw a chair through a window and allegedly threatened police. She was convicted of rioting and criminal damaging.

A month later she fought with her brother outside a Toledo home. She was later convicted of disorderly conduct, although criminal damaging charges were dismissed. She had finished her probation in October 2012.



Tsu Dho Nimh

You are probably right but let's pray it doesn't happen!

There you go again

It's ok. Obama will take care of all the medical bills. No worries.


Wrong. You will!


So sad! How could anyone hurt a child? I would hope she never sees her children again and has NO MORE!


No comment, it would probably get yanked anyway!!!!!!!




Another one of the areas upstanding young citizens. Who is breeding these scumbags? I am tired of seeing these young people who are violent against young children. Take them in a room of their peers or some one 20 years older and let them get the crap beat out of them daily and see how they like it. I don't have patience or grace for those who commit crimes against children. This should be a hate crime and let them go to prison for 30 years in general pop.


Here we go again, still another one who appears to not be able to deal with the "stress" of children. Then why have them in the first place? Reminds me of the one in Cleveland recently that apparently killed her son but then reported him "missing". She couldn't deal with him either.


it's much harder to handle stress when these people are under the influence of whatever they're taking or drinking.


;] ;]


I think there's a case to be made that some people simply should not be allowed to breed... Personally, I'm for jail time AND mandatory sterilization in cases like this one. The woman is a clear and present danger to children, even if "only" her own.

devilsadvocate, I wish like crazy that you were wrong. Unfortunately, numerous past cases prove otherwise.


why didn't we just pick our own cotton?


Because you are lazy


Hitting a 7 month old or even a toddler for that matter is just wrong. Poor babies hardly even know anything about the world yet and the parents introduce them to cruelty at such an innocent time in their lives... plain sickening. Parents need to remember back to when they were kids and how they felt about being disciplined, and what worked for them and what didn't. It sickens me how parents hit their kids, swear at them, put soap/hot sauce in their mouth without a thought in the world about how their child feels about it. Discipline is often needed no doubt, but parents need to know when they are going too far. And I know because I was raised without that kind of strict discipline and I'm now a 23 year old without a criminal record or even an intention to start one. I hope the baby is okay and the mother becomes a better parent in the future for what resulted, and I'm glad she at least had the heart to take him to the hospital.


Its a real simple solution. No more funding after one child. You have another, its on the person to figure out how to make things work. Time for some real tough love in this country.