Couple says mistaken buckeye leaf got them stopped

A Texas couple says a Tennessee sheriff's deputy pulled them over after mistaking a car decal of the buckeye leaf for a marijuana leaf.
Associated Press
Feb 19, 2013


Bonnie and Guido Jonas-Boggioni told The Commercial Appeal ( ) that they are laughing about it now, but back on Feb. 4, they were confused when a Shelby County Sheriff's deputy pulled them over as they were driving on Interstate 40 after coming back from a family member's funeral in Ohio.

Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni said the deputy asked her why she had a marijuana sticker on the back of her car. He was referring to her Ohio State Buckeyes sticker, featuring a five-pointed leaf that is different than the seven-pointed marijuana leaf. She said after explaining the difference to the deputy, they continued their trip.




Don't forget, the Horse Chesnut is similar. "A couple of leaves different." Its a Northern life.

Phil Packer

One more reason to avoid Tennessee(as if I needed any more).


Looks more like a false aralia.

TN: No state income tax and a RTW state. Might be smarter than OH.

Pterocarya frax...

Unemployment rate in Ohio: 6.7%
Unemployment rate in Tenn: 7.6%
Median household income in Ohio: $48,071
Median household income in Tenn: $43,989

Yep...Tennessee is smarter than Ohio, alright.

Oh, and a buckeye leaf looks nothing like a false aralia leaf.



Pterocarya frax...

Median incomes from:

Unemployment figures from Bureau of Labor Statistics:


@ Pterocarya frax...:

So you votin' for Kasich for re-election?

Left Sandtown

Gooooo Buds,I mean Gooooooooo Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!


What the....? Since when is having a particular car decal a reason to be stopped by the cops?????

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LOL, I'm waiting but it won't be in TN.

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The First Amendment is void where prohibited by law.

The Big Dog's back

Especially in Red states.

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I can match case for case in blue states.

wiredmama222 husband just joked about this on Sunday. It finally happened to someone. LOL. Got to love those cops in Tenn. Perhaps we should put out an show the OSU logo just to inform all states that this is NOT a mary jane leaf! LOL Go Bucks!

Don S

When has it become against the law to have a decal on your car? I think I would've gotten the officers badge number and make a complaint of unlawful search and seizure. This was a bogus stop !!!!!


Absolutely. But they just laugh about it. This passivity is exactly how our rights are being eroded little by little, more and more each day.




Besides the plants mentioned by others, there are many plants and trees that have leaves that could be mistaken for cannabis by those who have no idea what cannabis looks like. Look at these pictures of Japanese Maples.

There are many plants and trees that one might mistake for cannabis. Cleome, Jatropha multifida, Kenaf, Texas Star Hibiscus, Vitex and Potentilla recta to name a few.

If you travel through Tennessee, stay away from these guys.

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The Hero Zone

The Japanese Maple has a similar shape, too. I remember back at OU I was stopped by campus police and asked about what I was carrying around with me as a didjeridoo apparently appears similar to a bong.


"Play your didgeridoo, Blue
Play your didgeridoo
Ah, like, keep playin' 'til I shoot thru, Blue
Play your didgeridoo
Altogether now!"

Parents had this 45 RPM when I was a kid, HZ. Much fun.


If you buy a green Japanese Maple with leaves that may resemble cannabis and plant it in your yard, be prepared for a police raid by some storm trooper police. I have read a few stories about storm trooper police using the no knock policy and break into your home. That also goes for anybody who grows plants that might resemble cannabis. Look up the name Ryan Frederick.
"A Cop is Dead Because An Informant Mistook Japanese Maple Trees For Marijuana"
"It later came out -- at least as claimed by Frederick -- that the anonymous informant police relied upon before battering open Frederick's door had probably mistaken the Japanese maple trees he grew as a hobby for marijuana."
"Facing the Death Penalty for defending his home"