Fire marshal finds 54 violations at Perkins High School

The state fire marshal’s investigators found 54 violations during a January inspection of Perkins High School.
Tom Jackson
Feb 18, 2013

The number is considered rather large for that kind of building, said Matt Mullins, a spokesman for the fire marshal’s office.

But of 54 violations, 51 have already been fixed, school principal Mark Dahlmann said, and the school is moving rapidly to address all of the issues.  
Of the more serious violations in the January inspection: a failure to post fire evacuation plans; failure to have a fire-resistant door leading to the stairs in the band room; and stage curtains that did not receive fire-retardant treatment, Mullins said.
State fire marshal’s inspector Edward Hazel conducted the checkup, with help from Perkins Fire Department. Mullins said the fire marshal returned for a follow-up inspection Feb. 8, finding 50 violations had been fixed and three remained uncorrected.
“Ed Hazel gave high praise to our maintenance staff for doing that many things in one week’s time,” Dahlmann said. 
Read more about the violations and corrections in today's Register or e-paper.




Someone please inform Mr. Gunner, and the rest of the school board, that the people in Perkins township are not as stupid as they seem to think we are!


Observer, you hit the nail on the head.


A few violations in a large building happens. But when that many are documented, there is a communication break down between matrons, custodians, supervisors and principles. Principles, and work force supervisors receive these reports in writing and are expected to resolve the issues in question. Sounds like the LAZY BUG bit the ones in charge of overseeing the laborers and issues in questions. These people make pretty good money. Hey Perkins, your tax money at work. I'm just saying........


Where were the violations last year? Who wasn't doing their job last year at the Fire Dept. 54 violations didn't just happen or did they?

Azure Ray

Yes, Perkins is under fire. (No pun intended). If the state fire marshall conducted investigations as thorough as this one at ANY OTHER high school in the area, I guarantee you the violations would be much, much worse. Perkins has always been a target for the Sandumpy Register, as well as the many trolls that seem to spend all of their time in front of a computer screen. This issue isn't the end-all-be-all issue in life, and if it is for you, I feel very sorry for your lack of interests. As the kid stated above, there's a board meeting tonight. If you don't go to get facts, your opinion is worthless. I don't think anyone cares if you're voting yes or no - what is worrisome is the fact that so many people will be voting on this levy based on what they read in comment sections of the newspaper and what they hear from friends and family. People don't want to think anymore, nor do they seem to want to work for the facts. Every article about Perkins schools has a comment section that sounds like an uniformed broken record. God save us all.


This is getting good! I've been waiting for one of the liberal yes voters to get on here and bash the no voters! Keep up the good work Azure Ray! You are helping the no voters cause!

Azure Ray

I'm not sure if the asbestos from the school is fogging your vision, but I never once mentioned a "cause" other than to be informed. This does not mean a "yes" or a "no" vote. It means an informed vote. If, after doing the research and getting the info straight from the source, you want to vote no, by all means, please do. And if you feel that supporting the levy is what's best for the community and kids after looking into the situation, do that. Please quit reading what you want to respond (troll) to. Your ignorance is showing.


Please Azure continue to show how superior you are to all us dumb folk out here in the Township. I can hear the no votes adding up with every word you type!


Azure Ray, it seems to me that you are using reverse psychology to sway yes votes to no votes. Please keep up the good work.

Azure Ray

Thanks, I do what I can. With your logic, tomorrow there will be millions of purple pears that will fall all over PHS from little spotted canons that are being flown behind porcupine-shaped airplanes carrying fifty Irish fisherman who all are hungry for some fried okra. I'm voting no because that makes sense.


I like you Azure.


2 ANONYMOUS LETTER were SENT out, one to the STATE and one to THE HEALTH DEPT. saying there were UNSAFE CONDITIONS. The State didnt just show up to pick on Perkins. Now who do you think mailed those letters off? It sure did back fire on them.


Is this true?




That is crazy! Is it true the board hired consultants to get the levy passed?


I have heard that is what they did yes.


It would be interesting to know how many consultants and what we are paying them. It would also be interesting to know how much it costs every time the board puts a levy on the ballot.


I think that the whole issuue of planning the future for our schools deserves our serious attention.


Sandusky has no problems passing levies as the majority of the houses are not owner occupied. It is just the opposite in Perkins Township. Also, if we are getting so much money for open enrollment we don't need a levy. Now, if the argument is we are running out of room then send the open enrollment kids back home because the way you are going about it you will never get any levies passed.




Here! Here! 2060! Exactly!

Darwin's choice

Maybe some of you should go to the meeting tonite and see the interior of the school firsthand.........check for violations while you're there.........


Was in the blgd. last week, other then the section that was built in the early 1900s there is nuthing wrong with it.. 60% of the bldg. trouble, is only 10% of the bldg..


Voting no until Gunner goes.


I am looking at my most recent tax bill compared to my tax bill from last year. On my tax bill there is a pie shaped picture graph and figures under the WHERE YOUR TAXES GO. I am one of the not so lucky tax payers who has a large increase in my tax bill. The county gets a huge increase, the township gets a huge increase, the schools got the largest increase and JVS got a large increase of my increased taxes. Why am I paying over $400 more to the schools, more to the county and more to the township when I didn't vote for any levy or taxes? I already know and you cannot fight city hall as they say. My qestion to the students is look at your parents taxes and the difference from last year? Did they decrease? If so you want me to pay more taxes because your parents pay less? How about the teachers and other school employees, did their taxes go down? Mine shot up and the auditor and his staff refuse to look at my papers and evidence that I took to them. Since I am already paying a large increase in my taxes without any vote and without my approval, I will be voting down every damn tax levy in the future. I am also going to get a large card board box and live in it. I have no fun, no vacation, no new car, no Cedar Point tickets no nothing except to pay more taxes so the kids can have more fun like clubs, band, sports, amusements, laptops and whatever things I don't have. You kids want more money? Go and have a paper drive and collect aluminum cans. You kids want to have fun but you want me to pay for it? If I want to have fun, I have to pay and since my taxes increased, I don't have any more money to give. Go ahead kiddies and look at your parents tax decrease. More money in their pockets so you kiddie can have a nice vacation this summer. Since my taxes increased and the schools are already getting a fat chunk of my increased taxes, I will vote down every tax levy until I too get a decrease in taxes like the students parents and school employees got. When is Gunner going to move into the school district and pay his fair share of taxes? Every body wants to take but nobody wants to give and I for one am not giving any more until my taxes drop like every body else.




Well said. ✰VOTE NO✰.


We already voted NO!


You people are stupid...

Pirate Mom

I attended the meeting tonight. Not one person stood to ask a question. You ask questions on here that you really don't want answered. These "overpaid teachers" are going to lose their jobs so the board can stay in the black. These teachers' taxes did go up, but they won't have paychecks from Perkins to pay them. Mine went up and we will pay more taxes. There is a levy on the ballot in May and if it doesn't pass it will go on again in August and one more time in November. Get out and vote. I for one will be working for the levy. If our schools lose all of these teachers (even more if the levy fails) your houses will lose more value.