Local Sierra Lobo facilities awarded $98M NASA contract

NASA administrators recently signed a multimillion-dollar deal with a local company now entrusted to develop equipment for groundbreaking space exploration projects.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 17, 2013


Federal space officials selected Sierra Lobo to supervise hardware manufacturing for both flight and non-flight purposes at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Sierra Lobo executives signed a contract with a maximum value of $98 million over five years.

The engineering and technical services company employs about 550 nationwide, including almost 40 combined in Fremont and Milan Township.

For more on the local investment and what it means, pick up a copy of Sunday's Register.



That gosh darn gov't. What business does it have spending our tax dollars creating jobs and spending money on research.

dayton flyer fan

Congratulations to everyone at Sierra Lobo! A great asset to this community.


Good for them. The government is getting serious about creating jobs. Congrats to the company


Not a big fan of the print version of this paper seeing as how I'm way down here in Florida, but the online article makes no mention of hiring new people. If they did, they wouldn't be local,sounds like they would be looking for engineering graduates from Purdue University.

dayton flyer fan

Regardless of how many local hires it's still good news for a local company doing high level engineering work for NASA. As they increase their business, their company will grow and that helps everyone in Erie & Huron (and surrounding) counties. Growing companies create jobs & hire people.